Homeschool And Work From Home

Yes You Can Absolutely Homeschool And Work From Home

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Yes You Can Absolutely Homeschool And Work From Home

When you work from home, it can be hard to keep up with everything on your plate. Especially if you are homeschooling! Your home and family can suffer if you put too much energy into your business and the other way around. But too many families are worried that you can’t homeschool AND work from home. But you absolutely can!

Most tricks people have for work at home moms don’t do much good because they require you to burn the candle at both ends. These productivity tricks for work at home moms will help you do more with less stress.

Homeschool And Work From Home

Tips To Help You Work From Home While Homeschooling

Use technology to your advantage. Think about what types of tools can save you time and sanity. Get a Bluetooth headset for making phone calls, for example. This frees up your hands to give you the opportunity to work on projects or care for your children while you work. If your children can get a bit loud, look for one with a noise-canceling microphone.

Get some help. Just like when you have a baby, many work at home moms are told to work when their children are asleep or doing other things like eating. But let’s face it. That is not nearly enough time to get anything done. A local teen to work as a mother’s helper playing with the kids, doing laundry, and making lunch is a great way to have a little help while you work in your office to make phone calls or catch up on work. These young teens can handle most tasks with you in the house, and their rates are rather affordable.

Take good care of yourself. While it can be hard to find time for yourself, the truth is a well-rested mom that has had some sleep, and enough to eat and drink can function so much better. The better you function the more productive you can be for both your work and your family.

Take steps to save time during the day. From meal prepping to prepping homeschool activities the night before and setting up your morning work on your computer, there are a lot of things you can do that can give you a running start on a new day. This can set the right tone for a productive day. The key is to stay as organized as possible!

Create a routine or learn to work in the margins. If you are at a point where your lifestyle will allow you a set routine, by all means, create one now. Otherwise, get comfortable with working in the margins. Luckily, I create my own hours, so that helps with flexibility and working in-between things around home and family. I have learned to work on projects for set amounts of time and in-between time blocks of the day.

Tips For Homeschooling While You Work From Home

Utilize tools like Audible and other learning apps. When you need a few uninterrupted minutes and audiobook can be a lifesaver. Create a “quiet time” for the kids where they sit and play with playdough or Legos and listen to an awesome audiobook. Use learning apps to practice math facts while you complete a project. There are so many ways to utilize technology without going overboard with media at home.



Use games and projects. When homeschool is over, use projects or games that the kids can play or work on independently. Things that you can monitor from a distance, depending on the age of your children. Think board games, subscription boxes, creative projects, hobbies, and more! If you have toddlers, here are my top activities to homeschool with toddlers in tow.

Let a teacher do the work for you. There are some fantastic websites that can teach your children art while you work. Masterpiece Studio and You Are An Artist are our favorites. There is something for every age, and you can set up the supplies while the teacher does all of the work for you.

Work outside. If you can work remotely, take your laptop to the park or in the back yard. Allow the kids to play while you all get some fresh air! It’s working from home at it’s finest.

Check out this set of planner pages for mom to help you organize your home life. Also, if you are brand new to working at home while homeschooling – check out the conference below. It’s completely online and packed with tips – all from moms that work from home and homeschool their kids.

For a fantastic go-to website for working homeschool moms, visit my friend Jen at Practical By Default. She has all the tips and tricks.

But I should leave you with this – you can work from home and homeschool!



Homeschool And Work From Home


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