10 Best Board Games to Gift Your Favorite Teens

10 Best Board Games to Gift Your Favorite Teens

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10 Best Board Games to Gift Your Favorite Teens

One of the best ways to try and connect with your teens is through board games. I know it may seem silly to some, but teens love games and playing board games as a family just might up your cool factor a bit.

Board games are like a secret tool to bring your family together! Seriously, they help you bond with your teens and studies show that playing board games are good for your health. Win-win.

But, if you want to keep that coolness factor as a parent then make sure you choose cool games. Board games have come a long way since we were kids. There are all sorts of interesting new board games on the market now in all genres.

10 Best Board Games to Gift Your Favorite Teen

These games include mystery, strategy, critical thinking, and just plain excitement! Without further ado, here are the

 10 Best Board Games for Teens

Monopoly Fortnite Edition – Monopoly is a classic but upgraded with the latest craze, Fortnite! Hours of fun guaranteed with this one and the beauty is the kids are enjoying Fortnite and not on a media device.



Pandemic – Excitement is written all over this one. Infectious disease is spreading all over the world, and you must save humanity.


Catan – You have just landed on new territory by ship, you will race fellow players to settle this island.


Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride – Embark on a cross-country train adventure to see who can travel by rail through the most cities in North America.


Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It – Talent NOT Required  (Get ready to laugh. The title tells you everything you need to know.)


Pick Your Poison Card Game – Yes I know it’s more of a card game, but if you enjoy “would you rather” type games, this one is tons of fun. Just make sure you get the family version.


Ideal Bible Trivia Game – One of my personal favorite board games for teens. It warms my momma heart when I see my children sharing and learning biblical knowledge.


Trekking National Parks – This game is perfect for teens and tweens, not to mention all nature loving families! Trekking National Parks is competitive and educational, wonderful combinations for families to enjoy.



Escape Room the Game – Escape rooms are all the rage lately, with this game you can bring the fun right into your own home.


Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Game – This stem game includes logic and coding, and is a perfect board game for your teen and cyber lover.

Enjoy gifting these cool board games for teens! These suggestions will vary depending on the age and maturity of your teen. Make good memories playing board games and spending quality time with your teens.




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