Sound Familiar?

Falling into bed at night, exhausted, you wonder, “What did we even accomplish today?” You feel overwhelmed with homeschooling your children, keeping up with cooking meals, cleaning, and all the other things life brings. Maybe you spend more time looking for things than you care to admit before you even start school each day. And this homeschooling thing just doesn’t look like you imagined. Your lack of organization is keeping you from homeschooling the way you want. The way your children need.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m Courtney Messick, mom of three, and I get it! When I first began homeschooling we had a lot of tear filled-days. But now that I’ve been homeschooling for a decade, I’ve learned a few things that have helped us thrive in our homeschooling. Things I want to share with you.

Let me help you create a more peaceful and productive homeschool experience through time management, organizational skills, and individualized teaching techniques.

You can have a joy-filled, peace-filled, organized-yet-flexible homeschool.

And best of all, you don’t have to struggle alone. Let’s chat!

I’ve been meeting with local homeschool families since 2013 — both in one-on-one consulting sessions and as a speaker — sharing what I’ve learned about utilizing schedules, routines, rhythms to create a peaceful, joy-filled homeschool environment. And now, I’m extending those same encouragements to you, no matter where you are geographically, and no matter where you are in your homeschool journey.

Are YOU Ready?

Are you ready to tune out the noise and distraction?

Are you ready to stop worrying about other homeschool families are doing?

Are you ready to transform your homeschool from chaotic to peaceful, and your time management from stressed to joyful?

Are you ready to leave overwhelm and discord behind?

Are you ready to lead a more organized, more productive homeschool life?

Let’s tackle these obstacles together.

Here’s how I can help.

The Home Education Road Map

I’ve created a workbook with the foundational steps to start homeschooling. Learn more about the Home Education Road Map Workbook here.


Homeschool Coaching & Consulting

Have specific questions or a unique situation? I’d love to chat with you personally, through my customized coaching and strategy sessions. Learn how to schedule a Homeschool Teacher In Service Training Session today.

Homeschool Organization Strategies and Time Management Tips

Through my blog, Grace, Grow, and Edify, I share homeschool organization strategies and time management tips — and they’re always free of charge.

It’s time to leave overwhelm behind.

Let’s Work Together!

• Create a Routine that Aids Consistency in your Homeschool

• Learn to Choose Curriculum Based on your Children’s Learning Styles and SAVE Money!

• Learn Crucial Time Management Skills for Homeschool Parents

Our Mission

At Grace, Grow & Edify we help new and not-so-new home school parents get home schooling right by teaching them the steps to creating highly engaged children through time management, organizational strategies, and education tailored to each child’s learning style so that the entire family can embrace the homeschool experience with ease.


Latest Testimonial


 From our first phone call about my homeschool concerns to our current coaching relationship, Courtney has extended grace, helped me to grow and been edifying in the process. She has been extremely understanding about my challenges, encouraging both me and my son, and has been extremely knowledgeable about homeschool resources.  She was flexible in scheduling and the logistics of our meetings. She has been adept at getting to the heart of this homeschooling mom’s challenges and finding creative solutions. Her approach has empowered me to move forward with confidence and find joy in homeschooling again.  I am thrilled to have found Courtney.


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Courtney Messick


Hi there! I am Courtney, a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and I believe homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. As a speaker, consultant, homeschool community leader, and small business owner, I couldn’t do what I do without optimal time-management practices – or without coffee. Since 2013, I’ve coached new and not-so new homeschoolers on streamlining homeschooling through implementing organizational strategies and identifying individual learning styles, so the entire family can embrace the homeschool experience with ease.