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Home Education Road Map Workbook

Use my Home Education Road Map to set up your homeschool with the right foundational steps. This workbook is an organizational tool for your homeschool. Use annually or each semester to keep your homeschool organized and on track!
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  • From our first phone call about my homeschool concerns to our current coaching relationship, Courtney has extended grace, helped me to grow and been edifying in the process. She has been extremely understanding about my challenges, encouraging both me and my son, and has been extremely knowledgeable about homeschool resources. She was flexible in scheduling and the logistics of our meetings. She has been adept at getting to the heart of this homeschooling mom’s challenges and finding creative solutions. Her approach has empowered me to move forward with confidence and find joy in homeschooling again. I am thrilled to have found Courtney.

  • I felt overwhelmed and under equipped. I was about to give up and send my daughter to traditional school for kindergarten but kept feeling a tug on my heart to homeschool. I shared with Courtney my struggles. She gave me some wonderful guidance of things that could work for our family. It has been wonderful so far and my daughter is flourishing and I don't feel as overwhelmed. I'm so thankful to her for pointing me in the right direction because without that conversation that day, I might have given up.