Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

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Do you have a creative child? One that gobbles up creative projects, and you work to keep up with all that inspires them artistically. My oldest is a creative soul; she thrives on using her hands, making projects from scratch, and using her artistic ability to complete a project.

She needs projects and activities to keep her going, or her creative light starts to dim. When she is inspired, her artsy realm her cup is full, which means her attitude is better, and she has motivation. She can’t wait to draw another picture, paint another canvas, or create a masterpiece with mixed media!

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

Here is the problem, I am not as creative minded as she is, so I can’t possibly dream all the things she is capable of making. Not to mention I have younger and needier kiddos in this current season. So I am short on time.

It takes time to search out projects online, collect all the materials, and help her see the project through. But I know I need endless projects, tutorials, and art to keep her inspired. I want to foster this area of education that she enjoys so much, and excels in.

I have found a solution! An awesome art program recently launched online called Masterpiece Society Studio. It is comparative to having an art teacher visit your home at your convenience.

You can work at your own pace, choose which projects you want to work on from a vast variety of options, and the teacher does the rest.

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

My favorite feature was the supply list, you can lookup the supply list right inside your curriculum portal and decide if you have the necessary items before you choose the project. There is nothing worse than getting the kids excited about an art project, then realizing we don’t have the supplies on hand. The supply list also made it convenient to plan and order the necessary supplies before we decided to begin a project. I say “order” because I love the convenience of Amazon Prime. But all the items necessary you probably already have in your homeschool art supplies or they are all available at your local craft supply.

That is a huge perk for a homeschool mom of multiple kiddos, no lesson prep!

We have done a lot of online art programs and DVDs in our past 10 years of homeschooling. Some of the instruction was bland and robotic, or not as creative and exciting as you would hope. The instructor for this course Alisha Gratehouse is a wonderful teacher! You will fall in love with her; she is kind, not at all boring, and enjoys talking about the various artistic methods and styles. So the kids are learning art terms and information as they are creating. If you choose any of the Mixing with the Master’s courses, they each have a bio on the artist which I think is a fantastic value as well.

Masterpiece Society Studio

You can choose an annual membership that includes:

Mixing with the Masters Volume 1 & 2

Create & Connect for Moms

Step By Step Drawing Pre-K – 2nd

Coloring Pages to Keep the Littles Included

Summer Mixed Media Workshop

Playful Pet Portraits Mixed Media Workshop

Springtime Splendor Mixed Media Workshop

The Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop

Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Workshop

Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop

Art School – Drawing 101 (Coming March 2018)

Art School – Water Colors 101 (Coming April 2018)

Art School – Acrylics & Oils (Coming May 2018)

Art School – Pastels (Coming June 2018)

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

I highly recommend you go check out this course! My kids love it, and by purchasing an annual membership; we will not need another art curriculum or supplemental material for an entire year! There are plenty of holiday & seasonal related items to keep us busy too.

If you decide you do not want the Masterpiece Society Studio Annual Membership, you can certainly choose or try out courses one at a time. But the best value is in the Studio Membership.

Join Now, and you will receive access to all of the upcoming new Art School additions as they come available.

Masterpiece Society Studio

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