101 Reasons to Organize Your Homeschool

101 Benefits and Reasons to Organize Your Homeschool

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Organizing your homeschool has infinite benefits! It may not always be fun or easy, but beneficial…YES!

When I say Homeschool – I mean it inclusively; your homeschool space, supplies, curriculum, schedule or routine, homeschool lifestyle, all of it. Your entire homeschool.

101 Benefits and Reasons to Organize Your Homeschool

It’s possible you have heard “clear space = clear mind,” and honestly, I agree. I am more productive, creative, and mindful when things around me are orderly. Take note I said orderly, not perfect.

You can organize your entire life and start to reap the benefits of mental clarity, plan with intention, and live out the life you desire! But we will focus on the homeschool, and all that encompasses for homeschool moms.

There are so many benefits to organizing your homeschool?

Here we go!

    • Your Sanity. Let’s face it; we feel better when things are organized.
    • You Can Locate Things. Yes, you can actually find what you are looking for.
    • Control. (Not in a negative way) The healthy kind of “I am in control.”
    • Sets An Example. Yep, we want our children to go into adulthood with some level of cleanliness and order. (Future dorm roommates you are welcome!)
    • Mental Clarity. When things around you are organized, don’t you think better? I know I do.
    • Record Keeping Skills. This is important if you have regular evaluations, or need to keep a homeschooling portfolio. It’s so much easier to do with organized record keeping.
    • Supplies. Do your kids go to use the markers and every single one of them is dry? Organizing your supplies on a regular basis can help you to know what you need or need to toss.
    • Crafts. If you want to do a craft or project, but never have the supplies; refer to #7.
    • Image. Yes, we don’t care what people think of us and of course, we shouldn’t however, if you want to represent the image of an organized mom it helps to be organized.
    • Overwhelm. Feelings of overwhelm can be lessened when we cut down the clutter and lack of organization in our lives.
    • Time. When you are organized you actually spend less time floundering and more time enjoying the things you want to do.
    • Skill Set. Having a grasp of organization adds to your unique skill set as a mom and teacher.
    • Management. Most moms are the manager of the home, be an organized manager!
    • Leadership. We are leaders of younger humans; it’s a fact. People are more willing to follow organized leaders.
    • Human Improvement. We are human and not striving for perfection, but improving ourselves or surroundings in any capacity makes us better humans.
    • Meal Planning. Yes, we are also lunch ladies! If we are organized and intentional about planning meals for our families they will reap the benefits of healthy nourishment.
    • Make Your Husband Proud. Most husbands appreciate an organized wife; it benefits them in more ways than one.
    • Lesson Planning. Organized lesson planning doesn’t need much explaining, but if you continually have days that you have to fly by the seat of your pants; you should consider planning ahead a bit. You will see the benefits.
    • Hobbies. You can make time and plan for your favorite hobby.
    • Projects. Scheduling and planning projects around the house are far more productive than wishing them to be.
    • Prioritizing. Part of being an organized individual is knowing what to prioritize. This comes in handy when you feel like there is too much to do, rather than shut down you learn to prioritize. Determine what can get put off until tomorrow and what needs immediate attention.
    • Appointments. Staying organized keeps you from forgetting important appointments.
    • Co-op. You won’t forget what to bring to co-op or what day you are supposed to be there.
    • Chores. The organization allows for chores to actually happen, and assign them to the rightful chore doers.
    • Delegate. Being organized doesn’t mean you do it all, it means you delegate who, what, and when.

Practical Planner Pages That Will Make You An Organized Mom


    • Business. If you have your own business and homeschool, you know organization is KEY. Your business will grow, become more organized, and you will have more time to work on it.
    • Teaching. Organizing time and shifts between which kids and what subjects to teach when, calls for some creative organization on your part, but can happen without chaos (usually) when planned.
    • Fun. When you are organized, you can add in fun to the homeschool and have time for it!
    • Prepared. Organization means you are prepared for what’s on the agenda the next day.
    • Service. You can plan and coordinate service projects or time that your children can spend serving others.
    • Creativity. Organizing your time, schedule, lesson plans can be done in creative ways. You can create customized plans tailored to your family.
    • Research. Organized people know that planning ahead and researching is an asset to the big picture.
    • Sales. When you are super organized, you can plan ahead and take advantage of seasonal sales and get the best deals for your family.
    • Money. You save money, no doubt. If you are unorganized, you might end up buying things you already have and can’t find. You might waste money on items that aren’t well researched because you didn’t have the time or research in advance.
    • Field Trips. You can plan with intention, and not accidentally show up on a day that the museum is closed or too busy to enjoy.
    • Field Trips (2). You can plan to actually go on field trips.
    • Routine. Kids thrive on a routine and knowing what to expect.
    • Slumps. You may experience fewer opportunities for feeling like you have failed and want to just send your child back to public school.
    • Exercise. Another fantastic reason to organize your homeschool may be to incorporate time to be active and exercise.
    • Lifestyle. Create a plan for the homeschool lifestyle you desire.
    • Nature. When you are organized, you can plan nature walks, bring your journals, and experience nature.
    • Art. Organize art projects, plan to study the artist and their work before executing the project, and enjoy the creativity it can bring.
    • Soul. Organization is good for your soul, get in touch with yourself and evaluate your needs.
    • Health. Organize your health needs and schedule overdue appointments.
    • Explore Natural Health Options. See what all the essential oil hype is really about, or how you can slowly integrate to natural cleaning supplies and the benefits of.
    • Classes. Organize your schedule to fit the classes you want to take (or the kids), but feel like you are never organized enough to fit in.
    • Quality Time. When you have a handle on your organization of the home + homeschool, you will have time for authentic quality time with your family.
    • Self Care. Plan out self-care. Mom is the key to a Healthy Homeschool.
    • Weight Loss. When you can organize meals plans, time and scheduling of your home + homeschool, you can stop eating on the fly and intentionally plan for healthy eating that will result in natural weight loss.
    • Environment. An organized and orderly environment is beneficial for the entire family.

Praying Before Planning for Your Homeschool

    • Intentionality. When you are organized, you can be intentional about planning for your family.
    • Plan your Holidays with Intention. If you ever feel regret that the holidays pass you by, and you didn’t get to do all the things you wanted; then you should organize to plan your holidays with intention.
    • Holiday Studies. Besides planning your holiday itself with intention, there is also the matter of planning holiday related studies into your homeschool. Kids love to shake up the homeschool and learn about holiday specific topics, create holiday projects, and have fun while incorporating the upcoming holiday.
    • Organize Your Homeschool Before the New Semester or Year. This system of organizing your homeschool before you take a break leaves you completely prepared for the new year.
    • It’s Fun to Organize Your Homeschool Space. Take a look at these organized homeschool space examples, they prove it is obtainable to have a lived in and useful homeschooling space.
    • Include Extended Family. You can organize and plan to include grandparents and extended family in areas of your homeschool. Maybe for research of a project, they might teach a class or skill, and also ensuring they are present in the lives of your children. Genealogy is also a fun way to incorporate family.
    • Faith & Spiritual Study. Plan time with the Bible, lessons about faith, and cultivate the spiritual intimacy you want your family to experience on a daily basis.
    •  Photobooks. Organize all those photos you take all year long. Create a homeschool yearbook or memory book of all the events in your home or homeschool each year.
    • Utilize your Planner. Put that planner to use for you! Create the organization you want, project by project, day by day, and make a big picture plan to work through.
    • Resources. Organize a list of books, movies, and other resources you want to use in your homeschool or studies and start to work on the list one by one.
    • Make It Happen. You have to put it on a calendar, write it in the planner, and follow through. Stop wishing and start doing.
    • Utilize Online Planning Programs. Homeschool Planet is created for homeschool families to organize their lives! Try it FREE for 30 Days.
    • Science Projects. Plan ahead and finally do all those projects you wish you could.
    • Teach Your Teen How To Plan. Teach your teen or tween how to utilize a planner. This will help them learn to manage time, projects, and plan.
    • Minimize Frustration. If you experience a lot of frustrating moments of not having the right materials when you go to teach a lesson or feel like you are never prepared it can be minimized by organizing your homeschool and lesson planning.
    • School On The Go. Organize to take your lessons on the road, plan a trip, or bring your lessons to the doctor’s office. The waiting room is a great place to complete a lesson or get some reading done.
    • Life Skills. Organize some time to teach life skills; laundry, cooking, and this could be an entirely new list! Too many to list.
    • Idle Time. When you have planned and organized the day, and its activities for positivity, there is less time for idle play like video games, tablets, and idle time that can lead to trouble. We usually hand over a tablet or allow a video game when we lack in well-planned activities. (Yes I believe tablets and video games are ok in moderation)
    • Curriculum. An organized homeschool has done the footwork in researching curriculum that fits the family’s lifestyle, learning styles, and budget.
    • Simplicity. I love the feel of simplistic organization. Maybe not minimalistic, but just a simpler way to live and get things done. But clutter does not bring simplicity.
    • Elimination. To get to simplicity, we have to eliminate time wasters and suckers. When you sit down to work or school, make sure that you don’t answer phone calls, emails, or look at social media. Those things can suck you in, waste your time, and derail your plan.
    • Time Blocking. Blocking off homeschool hours will help you to feel like you are completing and accomplishing actual tasks. Create a block of time for 3-5 days a week to create hours that you will honor for school only. This can also work for time blocking office hours at home, or a period of time you want to dedicate to any specific project or ongoing hobby.
    • Use a Timer. In addition to blocking off a chunk of time, an actual timer comes in handy too! In the homeschool some children do really well and can eliminate dawdling if they know the timer has been set, they can complete an assignment or worksheet with a more focused approach. This can also work for various subjects that you want them to work on for at least x minutes, ex. read for 15 minutes daily. However, some children may feel anxiety or pressure with a timer, always be sensitive and aware of differences between children.
    • Littles Are Occupied. Homeschooling with littles can be a challenge. Organize activities in advance that they can use to stay occupied while you homeschool older children.
    • Less Time Cooking. We mentioned meal planning, but also utilize things like a crockpot or instapot to help get healthy meals cooked for you without spending hours in the kitchen.


  • Create An Organizing Day. One day a week you should set aside a couple of hours or more to organize for the upcoming week. It will set you up for less stress and head off into Monday on the right foot. You can do some chores, meal plan for the week, lesson plan for the homeschool and more.
  • Game Plan With Your Husband. There is no better feeling than having your husband on board for your homeschool and lifestyle plan. Get on the same page, ask for his input, and plan together for the success of your family.
  • Flexibility. Plan for flexibility in your homeschool. Don’t pack your schedule so full that you can’t fit in a friend that needs help or an unforeseen situation that arises.
  • Volunteer. When you are organized you can help another group, organization, or non-profit. Other organizations love to have organized people volunteer, your skill to organize and plan is an asset to them.
  • Trust. Your family depends on you, earn their trust by being organized with the family plans.
  • Evaluations. Take time to evaluate your systems within the homeschool. Find out what works, what doesn’t and be willing to make a shift when necessary.
  • Declutter. Know when it’s time to declutter for the betterment of the home and homeschool.
  • Grace. Give yourself grace when needed, organization does not require perfection. Learning when to give yourself grace is also a benefit.
  • Self Awareness. Part of being organized does require a level of self-awareness. We have to be self-aware of whether or not we are good stewards of our time. Self-aware if we think we may be dealing with laziness. Self-aware that we are giving our families our best selves. But what a benefit in the long run to have self-awareness.
  • Consistency. Many homeschool moms struggle with consistency, but if you are organized, you can seamlessly plug right back into your routine and keep up the consistency level after any derailment in the day or week.
  • Rhythm. When you create a rhythm to cultivate an organized homeschool and maintain it, that will bleed over into other areas of your life. Before you know it, you will just be an organized mom in general.
  • Action. Unfortunately we can’t “wish” things organized,  it takes real action to bring it to completion. A person of action has an advantage, they can get things done.
  • Inspiration. Just like the rhythm you can create to maintain an organized homeschool, you will also be inspired to maintain levels of organization in other areas of your life.
  • Peace. The organization brings you a level of peace and calm.
  • Space. By organizing your homeschool space, you have just might open up more space to use, or see how to utilize differently.
  • Library. Collect and organize all the books in the house and create a library.
  • Productivity. Another fantastic benefit of being organized is the allowance for more productivity.
  • Goal Setting. When you are organized, you are inclined to set more goals, or big picture plans.
  • Habits. Maintaining an organized homeschool forms good organizational habits within you.
  • Balance. When you are organized, and your homeschool is organized, you create a better balance for all those other things you want to do or experience. You are no longer weighted down by the overwhelm and stuck in the disorganization of life.
  • Focus. Too much clutter and disorganization do not allow one to focus well. Clear space = clear mind.
  • Confidence. As in anything we master or do well, it brings forth confidence.
  • Efficiency. Another benefit that will come with the new found organization is efficiency. You will spend less time working around clutter and the aftermath of disorganization, and more time efficiently homeschooling.
  • Tracking Progress. Having an organized homeschool allows for time to track progress, take assessments, or grade papers.
  • Communication. An organized home and homeschool has a better flow of communication when there are fewer mishaps and issues to discuss.
  • Reach Out For Help. If you are not gifted with organization that doesn’t mean that you can’t be organized. I assist homeschool moms every day; create routines, implement organizational strategies, and streamline their processes to cultivate their ideal homeschools. Reach out to a coach that specializes in helping you create systems that you can maintain in your homeschool.


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