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Homeschool Planet: Homeschool Lesson Planning with Technology

Homeschool Planet: Homeschool Lesson Planning with Technology

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Over the years, I have tried every type of homeschool lesson planner. Paper, digital, and all the cute “teacher’s” planners that can cost an arm and a leg. I am kind of a planner freak! But of course, homeschool planning takes some effort, and if you are planning for more than one child you know, that can be a lot to manage.

Homeschool Planet: Homeschool Lesson Planning with Technology

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I recently was introduced to The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op’s  Homeschool Planet Planner. It is an online printable planner with a multitude of desirable features.

I have to confess, I am generally a pen to paper type of homeschool mom, but once I got the chance to dive into all that Homeschool Planet had to offer, I was blown away! Why have I resisted the technology of online planning? It has so much to offer.

Homeschool Planet Homeschool Lesson Planning with Technology


Homeschool Planet: An Online AND Printable Homeschool Planner

I am so excited to share all the details with you, let’s start with my favorite features from Homeschool Buyers Co-op’s Homeschool Planet.

  • Calendars: You can create multiple calendars for yourself, or your students and view them all at once. This was convenient, and there is an option to view your Google calendar inside Homeschool Planet, so I could see my husband’s work schedule while I created lesson plans. This is important for us, because as a homeschool family we create our homeschool calendar around daddy’s schedule.
  • Resource View: This is where you can see ALL your teaching resources in one place, DVDs, websites, and books. I liked this feature, especially when you need to remember to go to the library and find a resource before you start the lesson. Have you ever sat down to homeschool a child and realized you don’t have the necessary materials? Yep, I am pretty sure it happens to the best of us, but this feature helps you keep a handle on that.

  • Separate Logins: You can create logins for children old enough to manage their own work. This is such a useful tool in cultivating independent homeschoolers. My daughter loved the fact that she could check off her homeschool lessons and work. She could also change the widgets of her planner, and personalize it to her. You, the parent can completely control what you allow them to have access to within the planner.

  • Daily Digest: Anyone who you have created a login for will receive a reminder email daily with their separate schedule, assignments, and chores. Yes, I just said chores! This was awesome, every day in my email box was a reminder that way I never forgot anything. This feature would be ideal for a large family.
  • Homeschool Lesson Planning: You can add your assignments, with the web-links, and notes. Now, this was especially impressive if you purchase one of their lesson plans like the Brave Writer Lifestyle Lesson Plan Bundle. (You can purchase items like this from the Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan Marketplace.) I purchased it and, it seamlessly integrated into my lesson plan calendar. Yes, I didn’t have to spend hours planning or writing things down, it dropped the lesson plans right into our homeschool calendar. Talk about a time saver!
  • Shopping Lists: Yes! I love this, home + schooling all in one. You can create multiple shopping lists in the same planner, and text it to your spouse on the way home from work or have it sent to your smartphone. I set up my grocery list and Costco list. It was so simple to set up and manage.

Those aren’t even ALL the features! There are grading options, attendance tracking, create a transcript, and multiple widgets for things like meal planning, send text messages, and research for projects. If you enjoy keeping track of grades, this is definitely beneficial for homeschool record keeping.

Oh, and I have to mention the weather widget! As homeschoolers, our day depends heavily on if we get to go outside. So having that widget right there saved me time from looking up the weather conditions each day!

I have never seen a planner with more options to integrate into one place, it feels like those super organized home command centers we all drool over on Pinterest, yet an online version. Being organized makes me a better mom, seriously.

I was so impressed with this planning system, you literally can plan home, school, and work or projects all in one place. Another wonderful perk, as if there aren’t enough yet, is that for the pen to paper gal in me…I can print it when needed! There is major flexibility in that for me, and flexibility is important to a homeschool family.

Homeschool Planet: Planning with Technology


I also have to confess I was a bit apprehensive when I thought about learning another new program, and I am not the most technologically inclined mom. I was worried I would waste a lot of time figuring it all out, but I promise you it took minutes to set up and go. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to try this out, it’s an easy and beneficial tool to add to my homeschooling toolbox. I love anything that saves time, and keeps my homeschool running smoothly.

I would definitely recommend this homeschool planner for organized moms and unorganized moms alike. I think it can help you stay organized, as well as help you to become more organized if you struggle in that area. 

ORGANIZE YOUR WORLD with Planet Homeschool 

Homeschool Planet Planning with Technology

Free Homeschool Lesson Plans

Another amazing offering from Homeschool Buyers Co-op are FREE lesson plans. One of my favorites as a Homeschool Group Leader was the free Virtual Field Trip Lesson Plans. I loved this idea! A virtual field trip already planned out for your student with a teacher’s guide to each trip, activities already planned and ready to use, and online resources already in place if you want to dive deeper into one of the trip’s information.

If you are wondering how you could incorporate this into your homeschool, or don’t see the full value of the Virtual Field Trip Lesson Plans yet…think about days when mom is sick! This is awesome, a full homeschool day already planned out. Or have you ever been scheduled for a field trip; good old mother nature strikes and the trip is canceled? Kids are so disappointed, you may be stuck inside for the day, but this is where you can turn the whole day around, and it’s waiting for you ready to use anytime.


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