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Here Is a Really Easy Way to Introduce Homeschool Math

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Here Is a Really Easy Way to Introduce Homeschool Math

Tears. That is how I describe teaching math to my oldest child. She has always homeschooled, and I was her first math teacher. It was rough. Even though we had a box curriculum that I thought would help us, we struggled.

A lot of frustration from her and I. We both struggled to the point of tears on many occasions. I have been open with all of you before, that math is not my jam! So teaching it was just as painful as it was for my daughter to learn it, I am sure.

However, one thing I was sure of was that I would not repeat the same mistakes with my youngest two children.

With multiple children, sometimes homeschooling presents opportunities for good old fashioned do-overs.

That is exactly why I wanted to approach math the second time around differently. I was fortunate enough to find out about Splash Math for homeschoolers recently. It is definitely different from anything we have tried so far. But crazy good different! I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

My youngest two have recently transitioned into Kindergarten. I wanted to introduce math to them both without going overboard for the first year. I love the simplicity of Splash Math.

My kids have no idea that Splash Math is part of their homeschool math. They actually think it is an app on the iPad that is just for fun. So shhhh, I am not telling yet.

Homeschool Math

The Benefits of Introducing Math with Splash Math

  •  Games. What kid doesn’t like to play games? Right. Your kids can collect and redeem coins, just like many video games. The games have a variety of themes to keep your student engaged. Splash math games are visually appealing and interactive. Games=fun.
  •  Devices. Use Splash Math on any device. I think this is perfect for younger children that like to use iPads occasionally. Or you can also use it on your computer. It comes in handy for learning on the go too.
  •  Goals. I was extremely impressed when we set up our Splash Math account, and we were asked to set goals. So cool! You could choose how often you want your children to practice, and they have suggestions for how long they should play at a time – such a wonderful idea.
  •  Accountability. Since I just mentioned goal setting, I thought I should mention accountability. If I would have set days/time goals and left the Splash Math account, it’s highly likely that I would have forgotten to use it consistently. But luckily, Splash Math thought of that! We receive perfectly timed reminders into my email to practice in case we have forgotten. I love reminders like that.
  •  Longevity. I am so excited that Splash Math is K-5th. Even though my children are just starting out with Splash Math, I am not a fan of switching up curriculum too often, especially if it works. My kids can use it through 5th grade. That is a perk for sure.
  •  Freedom. You can easily switch from either working through the concepts as the Splash Math curriculum introduces them. Or you can choose which concepts you would like to work through if you want to line up Splash Math as additional practice to supplement another curriculum. The choice is yours where to start and what to work through when.
You can monitor your children’s progress on the app too!


The parent dashboard gives you an overview of each week’s activity.

Our Experience with Splash Math For Homeschoolers So Far

My children have no experience with any homeschool math curriculum before Splash Math. Other than teaching them their numbers and general counting. We haven’t worked with any math concepts yet.

I was blown away by how quickly my kids began to work through various beginning math concepts. It was impressive.

Splash Math has perfected making math fun for children. It helped us introduce foundational concepts early that I know will stick with them forever.

My boys love using Splash Math, and so does this momma! I encourage you to give it a try.

You can receive a Free Trial and see how you like it here.

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Homeschool Math

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