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5 of the Best Teen Bible Studies for You and Your Daughter

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5 of the Best Teen Bible Studies for You and Your Daughter

Finding teen bible studies to work through along with your daughter can be difficult. Most of the teen bible studies available are either structured to do alone or in a group setting. Not to mention that if you are raising a Christian teen, they may be spiritually mature and need something to dig a bit deeper.

Like you, I am passionate about praying and digging deeper into the word WITH my teen. I think that it is imperative that she and I spend time in the word together each week and pray together too.

When our children see us studying the word, the impact is far more significant than us telling them to get in the word.

I can’t encourage my child to learn something that I am not willing to do right alongside her. It’s easy to tell our children to pray daily and study God’s word, but I also want to model it.

When our children see us studying the word the impact is far more significant. Here are 5 teen Bible studies to enjoy togehter.


Teen Bible Studies Together Benefit the Entire Family

  • Encouraging Better Moods for Teens. My daughter may seem occasionally resistant or give me an eye roll when I say it’s time to study the word together. But guaranteed, every time we finish, she is smiling and encouraged by the end.
  • Creating Stronger Bonds. She and I experience a stronger bond when we share our faith each day.
  • Setting the Tone in the Home. We set a positive tone for the day by beginning with prayer and God. We may not “start” each day this way, but we manage to find the time consistently, and that’s what counts.
  • Building Faith. Ultimately we want to grow the faith of our teens, and there is no better way than to do it right alongside them each day.

Over the years, we have tried all types of Bible studies. So today I want to share with you what we have enjoyed through the years.

5 Teen Bible Studies That Are Worth Trying Out

Growing Faith: Establishing Strong Deep Roots I am mentioning this one first because I believe equipping our teens with the right skills to study the Bible is essential. We can say “study your Bible,” but what does that mean and how do they do that? The Growing Faith study is not only a Bible study but teaches you how to dig deeper. It can be set up in a binder and also used along with a journaling system. The Growing Faith study by Kay Chance is a fantastic spiritual journey to take along with your teen son or daughter.

teen bible studies

The Armor of God Bible Study By Pricilla Shirer is another study I think we should be doing with our teens. Sending them out into the world without knowing the importance of putting on your spiritual armor is dangerous. In addition to the teen study, you can get the adult study and work through it together.

Rachel & Leah – Teen Girls’ Bible Study: What Two Sisters Teach Us about Combating Comparison I think the title says it all here. Females and comparison is a serious topic that we should be covering with our daughters. It also helps to do this one with your daughter and let her see your transparency. We all have struggled with this at some point in our lives; your honesty about it can bring you and your daughter closer together.


The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is a fantastic book to help teens understand Satan’s ultimate plans. He is indeed here to destroy and manipulate our lives and inner thoughts. Often, teens read the book but need a bit of help understanding the in-depth meaning. That’s where the study guide comes in! I highly recommend reading this one for teens and parents.

Worth it! a teen girl’s journey to discovering her worth in Christ: a 7-week study brought to you by P31 Fitness I chose this one because without knowing your worth in Christ as a teen you will struggle in many areas of life. Trying to grow without the security of knowing that you are loved and accepted as a daughter of the king is like trying to swim without your legs. We females especially need that security as we mature and grow in Christ.

She Reads Truth  We have been trying out various studies from @SheReadsTruth recently and are really enjoying them together. They have topical studies or studies on specific books of the Bible. We like them so much we have also been giving them as gifts! There are so many options to choose from. If you want to try out a study or even sign up for a monthly subscription, I would love to offer you $5 OFF your first order – just click the link above and you will automatically receive $5.00 OFF.

Bible Studies for Teens

Journals to Help Teens Dig Deeper into God’s Word

Journals are a great way to dig deeper into God’s word and to practice things like gratitude and thankfulness. Prayer and gratitude journals with prompts are perfect for teens who need a little nudge about what to write. 



My daughter and I each kept a daily gratitude journal during her sophomore and junior year. And we kept the books as keepsakes. 


It can be hard to decide which type of study you want to do first. I recommend starting with one that you think your teen will enjoy and benefit the most from where they are currently at. Enjoy the study right alongside your daughter. You and your daughter doing a bible study together is so much more beneficial for her and your relationship. These studies will bring up deep conversations and meaningful questions.

Make it even more fun by adding a Bible she can color or journaling pens to decorate her spiritual journal. Enjoy your time together in the word!


  1. Michelle

    Hi. I’m starting up a bible study for girls ages 10-14. What would you recommend a good beginning study to do. Thanks.

    1. That’s awesome! For teen girls, the Rachel and Leah Bible Study I mention here in the post is great, it covers comparison and jealousy between women. So I would definitely recommend that one. Also great for that age range, Lies Young Women Believe touches on so many current issues for young girls today. We enjoyed them both, best of luck with the new Bible Study! Let me know if I can help in any other way. -Courtney

  2. Renee Carson

    Lord Women (Teens) Believe – EXCELLENT STUDY!

  3. Guillermina Otero

    Hi, I’m new born Christian April would be 3 years me and my daughter. I’m still learning I go to prayer nite and woman Bible study, but my Church doesn’t really any teens at church and they don’t offer teen Bible study. I use bring my daughter to prayer nite with grown up she gets bored. I try to do Bible study just me and her and became I try to study the word in morning before my daughter get up for school. I try to do with her once week but I get so busy as a single mom with things I need to before bed time. Before we use to do 30 mins a day. I really want her to continue trusting Godand having faith God. Even she see study the word play whrosip music. I really want her to be with other teen who study the word and is in her level. Can you give ideas of what should I do.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for reaching out, I would first like to say I am so happy that you decided to give your life to the Lord! I understand that it can be difficult to sit down with your teen and study the Bible. But I have found that I have to make Bible study with my kids a top priority or there will always be something that distracts us. Some of the ways I have done this over the years is to start our day with the Bible together if we can, or my daughter and I have also used our mealtime together to study the Bible. So, either at dinner or lunch we would read together and discuss the Bible or our study. You have to be diligent to carve out a time so that you can create a consistent habit. It may take some trial and error to find a good routine but stick with it and you will eventually have a solid habit of reading together. I hope this helps give you some ideas on how you can cultivate a routine in studying the Bible together. – Courtney

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