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6 Awesome Homeschool Electives You’ll Want For Creative Teens

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6 Awesome Homeschool Electives You’ll Want For Creative Teens

Like so many of you, my teen is unique. And also, like many of you, we love homeschooling for the freedom to pursue passions and interests. So now that we are homeschooling through high school, we get the opportunity to choose awesome homeschool electives.

I love that homeschooling allows my children to choose electives that align with their purpose and how they are wonderfully made. My daughter is artsy and super creative. She happens to have her own set of unique skills and interests.

Nowadays, the options of homeschool electives to choose from are vast. There is such a wide range of choices available. What a great time to be a homeschooled teen! Right?

With all of that said, today I want to share some exciting homeschool elective ideas with you.

Homeschool Electives for Creative Teens

Selling on Etsy for Teens

I adore this idea! Maybe because my daughter is a creator and also has a bit of my entrepreneurial spirit. Either way, this is a wonderful class to take if your child has a talent or crafts they can market and sell on Etsy. My daughter took this one last year, and it was fantastic. By the end of the course, your students can have a fully operating Etsy shop up.

You can learn more here.ย 

Podcast Launch for Teens

Another cool idea! This class is really unique and appeals to many teens. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a useless class. There is so much that goes into creating, launching, and hosting a podcast. Your student will learn a lot of great technology skills while working on communication aspects as well.

Learn more here.ย 

Homeschool Electives

Art School

Your child could take online art classes as an elective and learn some fantastic new skills such as drawing, watercolors, acrylics, and pastels. We have used Masterpiece Society for a few years and still haven’t run out of classes to take and activities to do.

Check out individual classes here, or get all of the art courses in a monthly membership for the entire family. (Best value.)

Homeschool Elective

Creative Writing

Do you have a budding writer at home? Why not add a creative writing course as an elective. Your student can complete a fictional novel and receive a high school credit or half. Also, take a look at our favorite writing curriculum for teens if your student struggles with writing.

Check out Release the Novel in You here.ย 

Digital Photography

This one is not only fun but another course that your child can hone in on their digital skills. If your student has a passion for taking photos, this is another fantastic elective option.

Check it out here.

Visual Art 1 with Chalk Pastels

Visual Art 1 with Chalk Pastels is a brand new offering from You ARE An Artist! We are thrilled with the idea too. Not only are chalk pastels one of the more affordable art elective options, but they are also hands-on and so much fun! Check out how easy it is for your teen to get a half or full visual art credit here.

Determining What You Can Count As A High School Elective

A good general rule of thumb is that an elective can count as 1/2 credit for approximately 60 hours of work. Or a full credit for about 120 hours.

Your student could easily receive full or half credit for some of the electives I mention above. For example, the podcasting course above might not be a total 60 hours of “class-work,” but once your child begins to dive into all the technical and digital tasks, it will start to add up. There is so much to learn, including computer skills, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas for making your high school homeschool electives fun while pursuing the passions and interests of your teens. Tell me in the comments what you have used and loved for high school electives.

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