Homeschool Math High School

This Is The Homeschool Math You Need For High School

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This Is The Homeschool Math You Need For High School

I recall having a conversation with a friend of mine, a fellow homeschool mom at the park one afternoon when our daughters were both in middle school. She expressed some concern about our girls entering the high school years, and we chatted about how we would manage. I think this is such a big concern for many homeschool parents.

We have both homeschooled from the beginning with the intent to graduate our children from our own homeschools. However, at the same time, once we saw high school approaching, we can begin to doubt ourselves again. Isn’t it funny, even though we have successfully homeschooled though middle school, just the thought of high school can be paralyzing to some parents?

One of the subjects that caused me the most anxiety when I thought about teaching in the latter years of our homeschool has always been math. I have mentioned to you all before that I felt confident homeschooling math until we got to pre-algebra. Not because I don’t know how to do it, but because I am not a good teacher of it.

Homeschool Math High School

When I Surrendered Our Homeschool Math To Mr. D

To give you a relatively accurate example of how a day of homeschool math would play out for my daughter and me –

I would try to teach a concept. She would cry.

Then I would try to show the work on our chalkboard to help bring the concept home. She would cry.

I would get super frustrated. She would cry.


But, I hear this same scenario from so many other homeschool families when it comes to homeschooling math.

As homeschool parents, we need to stop feeling like we have to be the sole teacher for every single subject. It doesn’t make us a more “authentic homeschooler.” There are just too many excellent resources at our fingertips today. Not to mention that it is healthy for our children to begin to learn from other teachers, speakers, and authority figures.

I am all about a healthy balance of guiding your teens through homeschooling with a good blend of independent options and bonding through learning together. And all of that can usually be accomplished without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. And luckily, like my friend and I discussed that very day, outsourcing high school math is available for homeschool families.

When my daughter was in middle school and our homeschool math struggles began to peak – we were introduced to Mr. D Math. This was in our pre-algebra days, and I am so thankful we found out about him. It truly changed the trajectory of our homeschool math journey.

My oldest had completed an entire year of pre-algebra in 7th grade from an extremely popular homeschool curriculum, that even had teaching videos included. By the end of the year, my daughter was still so confused about too many early algebra concepts. This is the point when I knew we had to do something serious.

I refused just to keep moving her onto the next level of math until she was solid with pre-algebra. I decided to make her retake a year of pre-algebra with Mr. D to get a firm foundation in pre-algebra before we moved into our 9th-grade curriculum with Algebra I.

It was the best choice for us. Thinking about homeschool math for high school without Mr. D. is almost inconceivable. We have completed pre-algebra and are more than halfway through Algebra I. In my humble opinion; there are no better online math classes for homeschool math in high school.

Why We Choose Mr. D Math For The High School Years

  • OUTSOURCING. I knew it was time for me to allow a professional to teach my child. After 11+ years of homeschooling, peace in our homeschool is a priority for us. No one should be frustrated, crying, or hating to learn anything in our home. If it isn’t working well and serving us all well, then I know I need to change it. If you are at a point where you know teaching your child a particular subject is causing negativity in your homeschool, you should rethink your approach or find an expert to help. Stop wasting time being unhappy and struggling. Peace in your homeschool is possible.
  • EDUCATION. We choose to home educate for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I want a quality education for my children. If I am committed to that, I need to know when to make shifts and changes. Mr. D Math is 100% the best quality you can get when it comes to an online math course for high school students. I have personally sat in on many of Mr. D’s classes, and I am always blown away by how much energy he brings to each class. He is a professional and provides a high-quality curriculum when it comes to homeschool math for high school.
  • TIME. Our children are our students for a limited amount of time. I want my children to be fully and well educated by the time I graduate them. Time, unfortunately, is not on my side when it comes to homeschooling. I realize that now, as my oldest is already in high school. Time is running out, and I need to start to focus on filling gaps, or solidifying truths and concepts before she graduates. Math is a subject that requires a teacher who knows how to teach what’s needed before the clock runs out in a sense.

Homeschool Math High School

The Benefits of Mr. D Math For High School Homeschool

  • COMMUNITY. It is no surprise that high school homeschool students can have a difficult time making connections. The reasons run the gamut, but as some homeschoolers turn into teens, it just becomes more difficult to find a wide range of homeschooling peers. Mr. D’s Online Math Courses are full of homeschool peers. And Mr. D cultivates community and fun for teens. He runs contests and challenges with prizes for the teens to enjoy. He offers the students a sense of community when you become a Mr. D student. Also, he is funny! Mr. D has a fantastic personality, and for kids who detest math, it’s an asset that he can make the class fun and far from boring!
  • EXTRA HELP. Mr. D is committed to your children “getting it” when it comes to high school math. There are multiple “help sessions” offered each week. So your child can log into online tutoring sessions and ask their questions. Extra help sessions are live, and a tutor will walk them through each problem to make sure they are understanding the course work through the week so they can stay on track. How awesome is that?!? I haven’t had to help with an algebraic equation in 2 years, y’all!
  • CURRICULUM. Mr. D Math embraces the homeschool philosophy. He wants your children to understand the math, not just pass the test. Your children can work through each week to stay on pace, at their convenience. Your child will meet once weekly for the live high school math class, and catch it on a replay the next day if you couldn’t make it or want to watch it again. Mr. D Math is flexible, as is homeschooling. Thus, making Mr. D homeschool math high school courses a natural choice for homeschoolers.

Mr. D Live Classes Vs. Self-Paced Vs. Fast-Paced

One other excellent option that Mr. D offers is the choice between the live classes that follow the typical school year schedule, a self-paced option, and a fast-paced option.

The fast-paced option is a wonderful choice if you have a student who may need to complete an entire math credit in just one semester. You still get access to the extra-help sessions and video classes, however, you will be moving through the curriculum at a more accelerated speed. This might also be a great fit if you have a child who needs to catch up or fill in some gaps somewhere.

The self-paced option does have the same curriculum, videos, and extra-help sessions offered. The only difference is that you are working at your own pace, versus joining in on weekly live sessions with the class.

MR. D Math Has A Lot To Offer Your High School Homeschooler

More than anything today, I hope you go check out Mr. D Math. It will change your homeschool for the better if you have a teen struggling with high school math, or if you are apprehensive about teaching math in the high school years. Mr. D Math is the only online math class you need to finish out high school with ease.



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