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Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

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Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

Let’s talk about possibly one of the most dreaded subjects to teach for homeschool moms, MATH! Am I right? There is nothing to be ashamed of! This is a common struggle among homeschooling families. Some of us are gifted at teaching specific subjects, have more patience with particular areas of study, and some of us would like to throw the math book through the kitchen window! Kidding.

But seriously, math can be rough; especially if your student struggles. That’s where outsourcing a live tutor, an online course or distance learning can come in handy. It may be time to take the stress out of the equation (little math pun) for you and your math student!

Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

I have been compensated for my time to review this product. However, my opinions are my own and unbiased.

I say all of this because it is our current situation. I have done well in teaching my child math up until the pre-algebra levels. Not because I don’t know pre-algebra, but because I don’t teach math in the way that she can understand it easily. I teach the way I was taught, and I don’t want to learn new math methods. I am transparent when I say I made it through a little college math, and I don’t love math by any means. It is my least enjoyable subject to teach, and my oldest struggles with math as it is. So with all that said, we tried a few programs over the past few years to see what would work best with how she learns, and even with the best programs we had found, there are times when I still considered getting a math tutor.

Someone who could help her “get it” in ways that I simply can not.

Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

Now you may be thinking “I don’t want to drive my child to a tutor a couple of times a week” and I agree! I enjoy home educating, home being the operative word. Driving to another obligation can also add stress to the family schedule, but what if I told you about a math class with a live instructor that you can take from home? This math class even has “extra help” classes with a live instructor to tutor students if they still need some extra help through the week? Yes, this class exists! Mr. D Math online classes are convenient and smart additions to your homeschool.

I had the privilege of sitting in on a couple of these live online classes, and it was nothing short of amazing. As I mentioned, I have a teen who doesn’t enjoy math, and it can be a struggle at times to get her to push through a lesson or complete one at all some days. We have been toying around with switching our curriculum, and this opportunity came at the right time.

Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

Here is how it works:

  • You sign up for online classes before August (the earlier the better, they can fill up quickly) , the 1st semester begins in August and the 2nd semester ends in May.
  • Once a week your child attends the live online instructional class.
  • If there was anything, they didn’t understand you have the option of attending additional help sessions usually offered once weekly.
  • Your students will be able to login and navigate easily after you assist them with setting up the first couple of times. Then they can eventually “go to class” on their own.

Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

Benefits of Homeschooling with Mr. D Math

It is a whole new world when your homeschool student can attend a live interactive online class in math. They can see other children their age participating; which for a homeschool teen or tween, that can be motivation in itself. The teachers are incredibly nice people; they are there to help and happily assist. They want to see your children succeed and “get it.” Mr. D aka Dennis NiNoia is a comical guy that keeps the class entertaining, and far from boring for the kids. I would have never thought it possible that someone could make math seem fun, but he did a fantastic job of that. I am so pleased with what I saw that we will be enrolling. My daughter was also excited to try it out!

From a parental perspective, I also found it beneficial the way the class was set up. It efficiently prepares students for similar online courses and live classroom settings. I believe as technology progresses chatting in an online classroom setting with peers and instructors, learning to ask questions and other necessary skills are essential to your student’s skill set. These skills may seem obvious, but there are many children that are home educating and not interacting in an actual classroom setting. So this is a gentle introduction to fostering that opportunity.

Homeschool Pre-Algebra Problems Solved with Mr. D Math

My daughter enjoyed watching Mr. D, and other instructors work out problems in real time. It helped reinforce the importance of fully working the problem, and proved to her that all students are required to work it out. The live experience was genuinely refreshing, and exactly what my homeschooler needed.

If you are looking for something new because what you are using just isn’t working, or need your student to feel more in touch with an actual instructor for that extra bit of help and the motivational factor, I highly recommend this program. Mr. D Math offers online classes for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry, and Boot Camps for SAT & ACT.






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