Homeschool Planning For Advent

Homeschool Planning For Advent Now Will Make For An Awesome Year

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Homeschool Planning For Advent Now Will Make For An Awesome Year

Ok, please hear me out on this one momma! I learned the hard way, and I hope to save you from the ultimate homeschool burnout. The past few years, I stumbled upon a beautiful fix to ending your homeschool semester – Advent. Homeschool planning for Advent now will save your sanity come December.

If you are anything like I was, I would plan our entire homeschool year and forget to plan ahead for rest. Yes, you can plan a break that will leave you well-rested at the end of a semester instead of heading back into January, like a zombie.

In years past, we would homeschool along with the public school schedule. You know, nine months out of the year and a typical summer. What has worked so much better is schooling year-round with ample downtime planned in for the year. We take December and July off and homeschool 4-5 days a week throughout the year.

We start in August, and by the time we get to the end of November, we are ready for a nice break. That is where Advent comes in! A glorious month of refilling my cup, spending time with God, and reflecting on the season’s true meaning.

My kids also enjoy that month filled with hands-on crafts, slow-paced days, poetry tea times, and more. We are still educating ourselves, but we set aside some of our regular curriculum options to focus on Advent.

Taking December off to focus on Advent has so many benefits for the health of our homeschool.

Don't wait until November and then have to scramble for Advent plans! Plan now, along with your other curriculum and be ready for Advent this year! #advent #christmasinjuly #homeschoolplanning #homeschooladvent

Benefits To Planning Now For Advent In Your Homeschool

โ€ข We all get a much-needed break from the regular home education routine. We love our curriculum, don’t get me wrong – but we need some time to recharge and get back to homeschooling in January with excitement, not dread. Everyone, even the best home educators, will tell you that rest and focusing on the family is one of the wonderful benefits of homeschooling. So we exercise that right!

โ€ข Besides a little break from the usual routine, it also gives me extra time to revamp my homeschool plans for the remainder of the year. I can shift things around if need be, prepare for the upcoming semester, and make sure we go into January well-planned for smoother days.

Everyday Graces Homeschool

โ€ข I don’t want to miss the season! If you try to homeschool through the holiday season, you know, it’s rushed and busy. I don’t like to look back on holidays and see how we rushed around or tried to cram in our educational work before Christmas week. Busyness and Advent can’t co-exist. I would rather spend as much time as we can celebrating the birth of Christ.

โ€ข As a home educator, I need the spiritual rejuvenation before heading back into January. It’s so good for my spirit to spend this time with God and family to finish out our second semester refreshed and not the mean mom.

You may be wondering what our Advent month looks like in our homeschool.

We enjoy Advent each day of December with scripture journaling, hot tea, cookie making, reading the Bible, and focusing on Jesus and family. A curriculum specifically designed to enjoy Advent! My kids are still learning, but we are connecting as a family while focusing on Christ. I know as a Christian mom, this is something you will love as much as I do.

I have an incredible resource that makes me look like I planned Advent like a pro! No kidding. I use A Gentle Advent pre-planned packages from Everyday Graces Homeschool and I take a big break from homeschool planning. Everything is lined out for you. I know you can appreciate that!

Everyday Graces Homeschool

Advent Homeschool Curriculum Your Whole Family Will Love

What’s Included In This Delightful Homeschool Advent Plan?

A Simple Schedule to Follow (No planning!)
Printable Advent Calendar
Scripture Copywork – For mom, primary, cursive, and elementary versions.
Scripture Journal
Art Lessons
Composer Studies
Artist Studies
Family Activity Ideas
Nature Study
Hymn and Folk Songs
Private Group for Additional Support

The course is a collection of printables, audios, videos, and access anywhere – anytime!

Homeschool Planning For Advent

The best part…you get lifetime access! Yep. So you can use it year after year.

It’s a no-pressure Advent; you can follow the schedule to a T or if you don’t get around to everything this time around you still have next year. It is a quality curriculum where the homeschool planning for Advent is all done for you.

So as you are buying up your curriculum for the new homeschool year, I highly encourage you to add this one to your shopping cart. Plan a new tradition with your family now for a refreshing and encouraging Advent with Christ.

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Homeschool Planning for Advent

New and available for Pre-Order! A Gentle Advent – Further Up, Further In! Geared towards middle school and high school with a wonderful reading list, poetry, art, music, handicrafts, recipes and more. With the focus on the coming Advent of Jesus is King. We are so excited about this one! Take a peek here.ย 

Homeschool Planning For Advent

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