Exploring Nature with Children

Exploring Nature With Children The Most Simple Way

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Exploring Nature With Children The Most Simple Way

Do you want to incorporate nature into your homeschool, but wonder if you can add another thing? You know, after math, language arts, and history are complete, you don’t have the patience to teach anything else. Many homeschool parents feel the same way! But, what if I told you that the best part of your homeschool day might include exploring nature with children?

Yep. You heard that right.

There are so many benefits to exploring nature in your homeschool! And the truth is, incorporating nature studies into the week can be super simple. Especially if you have an easy open-and-go curriculum designed to help, you and your children enjoy all the beauty that God has created for us.

Exploring Nature with Children really can be simple and fun! See how easy it is to implement nature studies into your homeschool day. #nature #naturestudy #naturestudyforkids #homeschool #homeschooling

Like many of you, I used to be interested in nature study for our homeschool, but not sure how to do it. I wanted a hands-on natural approach to nature study. Not another boring textbook! Many of you can relate, I’m sure. Our homeschool is an extension of our home and lifestyle, and I really needed a nature curriculum that reflected that.

One day I stumbled upon Exploring Nature with Children…the rest is history! It was a perfect fit for our family. We have used it for a couple of years now, so I wanted to share this fantastic resource with you.

It can be hard to find a perfect fit for your homeschool and find things that all of your children can enjoy. You may be like us and have a widespread of ages in your homeschool. We use ENWC for all our children, at the time – ages 4-14. Now my kids are 5-16, and we are still enjoying it.

exploring nature with children

How Simple It Is To Incorporate Exploring Nature With Children Into Your Homeschool

Exploring Nature With Children is a full year-long nature curriculum. We are still using it because you can easily cycle through it each year. It is extremely versatile; we have naturally incorporated it into each homeschool month. But, at our own pace. It’s a no-pressure type of curriculum. So you don’t have to worry about completing it on any timeline.

I think that adds to the fun! We can use it heavily for some months and skip over some weeks or months that maybe the season wasn’t right for us. Either way, you can always pick right up where you need to. Or start in any month you want, for that matter.

It’s so flexible.

The open-and-go guide provides you a framework for what to study when. It’s a guide.

You can add things to it, or omit what you don’t want to do and save that for the next year.

I love that all of my kids can do this curriculum together too. It can be used from our backyard, on vacation, and taking field trips.

You can add family read a louds, art lessons that coincide, and even gardening from your own home.

It is a wonderful resource to add to your homeschool that won’t feel like you are schooling.

Exploring Nature With Children

What’s Included In Exploring Nature With Children?

  • A complete, year-long curriculum
  • An informative break down of how to use the curriculum
  • Booklist
  • Art study suggestions
  • Supply lists
  • Poems for memorization, copy work, dictation, or reading a loud
  • Tips for setting up a nature journal
  • Ideas for keeping a nature table
  • Weekly nature walk activities
  • Monthly and weekly themes and lesson plan ideas
  • Annual companion calendar
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We are really enjoying our most recent addition to our homeschool – a vintage printer/letterpress drawer. I love old pieces with character! Over a decade ago I owned a small antique/vintage boutique and finding interesting things like this was a full-time job for me. I loved that part of my job. I closed down my boutique when we decided to homeschool full-time. I realized I just couldn’t send my oldest away somewhere else all day. But I still love the thrill of a good vintage find and I am so happy we chose to homeschool even after all these years. This week we have been putting all of our rock treasures, shark’s teeth, and seashells all carefully inside. It now serves as the dining room table centerpiece. It’s perfect for my boys to see all their special nature finds in one spot.🐚🍃💎 Do you display all of your homeschool nature finds and special collections anywhere?

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I highly encourage you to take a look at Exploring Nature with Children, a year-long curriculum. Exploring nature with children can be done family-style and fits all learning styles. It is also an excellent way to experience science in your homeschool.

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Grab your copy of Exploring Nature with Children today and tell me in the comments if you love it as much as we do!

Exploring Nature with Children

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