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Homeschool Morning Time The Easy Way

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Homeschool Morning Time The Easy Way

Do you ever feel like your homeschool could use a recharge? Something to reignite the spark or the love of learning? Maybe you have fallen into a planning rut. Or maybe you are exhausted from checking off the boxes every day. Or perhaps like me, you are just plain busy, and every spare minute counts.

You hear other homeschool families talking about their peaceful homeschool experiences, and it sounds nothing like your homeschool routine. Or maybe you see those homeschool Instagram photos and think, that can’t be real!

What if I told you that it could be real for you? A routine that incorporated a variety of well-planned resources to inspire you and your children. All while strengthening a family bond.

morning time homeschool


Delightful Morning Time Homeschool Plans that Will Save Time for Busy Moms

One of the many things that I have learned from ten years of homeschooling is that rich, deep, and beautiful education can come from places other than a textbook.ย I have learned that I can use the curriculum to serve my family and not the other way around. I also have learned that we find more peace in our homeschool when we pursue the unhurried.

Lovely is cultivated in the slow and special moments.

That is precisely why I was delighted to try a membership to The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans by Every Day Graces. It captures so many aspects of beauty that I want to incorporate in my homeschool without any effort from me. That is a powerful statement if you know me because I live to plan.

Everyday Graces Homeschool

But it would take me hours upon hours to put this together. And these days, as a work from home mom of three I have to pick and choose which efforts are worth my time. I am in a place of desiring to spend more time cultivating a love of learning in my family rather than hours stressed planning and prepping for homeschool days.

If you are in a place in your homeschool where you desire that peaceful rhythm you hear other homeschoolers talking about, I can tell you that it IS possible. What it takes to get there requires nothing more than a refreshing blend of curriculum and a shift in your mindset.

The Homeschool Garden Cultivator’s Guide (The lesson plans are visually stunning!)

What The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Membership Contains:

The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans are an affordable membership subscription that is completely preplanned for your homeschool and includes a lovely variety of learning options. (Or purchase individual seasonal or themed morning time plans)

Each four-week session consists of a weekly schedule that is open and go. Other than printing everything out beforehand and occasionally getting a few supplies here and there, you have an entire morning time curriculum ready to use.

And not just any morning time curriculum, this is well put together. As a homeschool consultant, I have reviewed and had my eyes on a lot of curricula over the last decade. The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans have been meticulously put together and are well structured. If you have been burned by purchasing morning time programs in the past that didn’t measure up, I promise that this program delivers.

Each four-week session includes the following:

  • Copy work with primary, cursive, and elementary versions so the entire family can participate. (I am a huge advocate for programs that you can include all ages. I believe that you can bond as a family in learning together.)
  • 2 poetry selections
  • 2 teatimes
  • 1 composer biography and 4 music selections
  • 1 artist biography and 4 art selections
  • 1 handicraft lesson
  • 1 art lesson
  • 1 hymn and 1 folk song with music tracks included
  • Weekly nature study you can do from your table
  • Access to a private online support group for questions and sharing the moments you will create in your homeschool.
  • Purchase options: Multiple membership choices. Or purchase morning time plans by theme or season.
Delightful Homeschool Plans that Will Save Time for Busy Moms
We made these delicious cookie dough pumpkin pops from The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans – Autumn Session 3 to enjoy over one of the suggested tea times together. They are gluten free and eggless too!

Now let’s chat about that refreshing blend of curriculum.

The Homeschool Garden Club Membership can refresh your homeschool and save you so much time.

If you are feeling burnt out with your homeschool routine, sometimes adding in something new can create an opportunity for excitement with your children.

If you feel like a failure because all you seem to be doing each day are boring worksheets and the mundane, a program like this can shake up your homeschool in such a good way.

If you haven’t had the time to incorporate poetry, artist studies, or handicrafts yet- The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans include all of those things and more. So you can feel good about adding or introducing studies and activities that broaden your children’s minds.

Often textbooks and standard curriculum can seem stiff and boring. By using The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans, your children will be more engaged. The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans include hands-on learning and age-appropriate activities your children are more inclined to participate in and enjoy the topics covered.

Making sure that our children have access to arts, culture, and music can increase creativity and help children developmentally too!

Delightful Homeschool Plans that Will Save Time for Busy Moms

The “Morning” Time Homeschool Struggle

Flexibility is vital in homeschooling. The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans are an excellent way to boost creativity and engagement in the morning. However, sometimes the season you are in may not allow your family time specifically in the morning to enjoy this. I have a super simple solution. Enjoy The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans when it works best for your family.

There is no reason not to enjoy this delightful membership. Please do not let “morning” keep you from it. You can use it in the afternoons, over lunch, or in the evenings. Homeschool is all about embracing flexibility. Use what timeframe works best for your unique family. It is better to create consistency in the use of the curriculum rather than it has to be executed at the same time every day.

We chose to use it in the afternoons some days as more of a treat to finishing up core subjects. That way we could enjoy afternoon treats, hot cocoa, and spend as much time as we wanted on it. The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans allowed us to expand on the studies in the afternoon. We could look up more information or bunny trail off into learning more about any particular area that may have interested us that day.

Delightful Homeschool Plans that Will Save Time for Busy Moms
My youngest learners love the nature study time. #Inquisitive

Morning Time with Preschoolers

I hear from other homeschooling moms that they aren’t in a season to do a morning time routine because they have little children. From experience, I can tell you that it is all about the setup. As we use The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans, I have a three and four-year-old. It sounds crazy to some, but I let them sit right alongside us listening to poetry or studying nature.

I print off an additional copy work page for each of them, and they love it. They are allowed to color on theirs or try to trace the letters, and it works. Or some days I may have play dough in from of them, or a snack to enjoy as we listen to the music from the study.

More than anything, this is creating bonding time for the family. All ages can sit in and participate. There are plenty of things that younger children can gain from sitting in on The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans. It creates a habit and slowly trains them to know what to expect.

Delightful Homeschool Plans that Will Save Time for Busy Moms
A bit of copy work for my oldest.

Shift Your Homeschool Mindset

If you are tired of checking off the boxes like I was, or you feel like you are becoming a slave to your curriculum; I encourage you to try something that may be different from your usual curriculum choices. Something that may help you spend more time cultivating a love of learning and pursue a quality education for your children.

Our time as mothers and teachers is precious. We have to learn to prioritize in order to maximize our time. I will use myself as a prime example. I weigh out whether or not 4-6 hours of prepping and planning a month’s worth of lessons comparable to a product like this is worth say an average of $20. Is my time worth more than $4 an hour? Is your time worth more than that? If I can purchase the morning time plans for an average of $17-25 for a month’s worth of quality curriculum and activities thus saving 4-6 hours to spend with my children, that is a no-brainer for me. And if I am being honest, it would probably require way more than 4-6 hours to put something of this level together.

Many moms also pride themselves in not spending much on homeschool curriculum, and I have always thought that this is a misaligned way of thinking. I am willing to pay when it comes to the education of my child. Knowledge is a priority to me as a teacher and to my husband and myself as parents. When it comes to our children’s minds and futures, I will make sacrifices elsewhere to make sure my children have the best possible education that I can give. Luckily The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans are incredibly affordable making it possible for all homeschool families to purchase them.

Delightful Homeschool Plans that Will Save Time for Busy Moms

I want to put interesting topics, ideas, and information in front of my children and watch them be inquisitive on their own. That is homeschooling. Igniting that fire inside of them to know more.

The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans do exactly that.

Not all curriculum is created equal. The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans are a superior educational product.

The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans do more than educate; they support family togetherness through a love of learning.

Don’t wait. I highly encourage you to give it a try today! Start cultivating a homeschool that you & your children love and enjoy. Start saving your precious time.


Everyday Graces Homeschool

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