Sibling Conflict Resolution

Reclaim Your Peace With This Sibling Conflict Resolution

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Reclaim Your Peace With This Sibling Conflict Resolution

I sip my cold coffee as I watch my two youngest boys rolling on the ground, fighting again. It’s another typical day in our home. My husband isn’t here, and my voice is inaudible because of all the yelling between the boys. I continue to say stop, and it’s as if no one can hear me at all. I might as well not say anything, but as my frustration grows, I yell at the top of my lungs. Now everyone is crying, and my good old friend mommy guilt is back. I realized at that moment; I was desperate for a sibling conflict resolution plan.

A mom to three kids, I witness a lot of arguments, physical fights, and unkind attitudes. What am I doing wrong is a question I toss around in my head often. I had to get real about what was happening in our home regularly once my boys were almost 5 and 6. They have crossed the threshold of that’s cute and funny to that’s unacceptable.

My husband also gently pointed out to me that I was avoiding disciplining them. He was right, I was picking my battles with them because I knew it would cause more chaos, and I lacked the energy to sustain the disciplinary action.

I would avoid it or sweep it under the rug so we could move on with the day. Unless, of course, it was something I had to address immediately, like a sucker punch or a child throwing a complete fit. This is hard for me to admit because I am a perfectionist by nature. But the sibling conflict had gotten so out of hand in our home, and I was just placing a band-aid on each encounter, maybe subconsciously hoping it would all just go away.

But the truth is, I had work to do. Can you relate?

Sibling Conflict Resolution

I recently discovered The Sibling Relationship Lab by Lynna Sutherland. It is such an excellent resource for Christian families. I am crazy excited to share it with you! Honestly, I wish I had this resource when my kids were born so that I could have prepared for what was to come.

I think that as Christian moms, it can be hard to admit when we need help with our parenting. And as a homeschool mom, I was desperate for help. We are at home with our kids all day long. I adore my children, but I also rarely get a break. I am not at all complaining. I know it is a privilege for me to be able to raise my kids at home. However, I also need quality tools to help me do that to the best of my ability. We all want to parent well, and the right tools can help us get there.

One aspect of parenting well is navigating sibling conflict Biblically. The Sibling Relationship Lab aligns with the Bible and provides practical tools to help you reclaim peace within your home if, like me, you have let things get a bit out of hand.

How Can The Sibling Relationship Lab Help You With Sibling Conflict Resolution?

Lynna Sutherland is an expert at sibling conflict. I know that may sound odd, but seriously, she has eight children. So she knows a thing or two about sibling squabbles that can create chaos in your day. She is also a fellow homeschool momma, so she knows 1st hand what it’s like to be at home all day with her children while trying to homeschool, be a good homemaker, wife, and work from home. Like all of us, she is a busy momma. Also, like all of us, she is a Christian mom who understands we need a plan for conquering sibling issues that interrupt and sometimes ruin the entire day.

The Sibling Relationship Lab can help to better equip you as a parent. There is no shame in educating ourselves and acquiring tools that can help us to serve our families well. Most of us never received training in sibling conflict. For that matter, most of us weren’t aware of how bad sibling conflict can actually get.

Why Getting A Handle On Sibling Conflict Is Essential To The Health Of Your Home

Is it the tail wagging the dog here? My husband asks me this question occasionally. Many days when he gets home, I am exhausted. The sibling conflict has ruled our days, and I admit, the tail wagged me all day long. I allowed it. But after I began using The Sibling Relationship Lab, I could turn things around and get a handle on what was going on.
Why wasn’t I able to do that before? I didn’t know-how. I needed a plan.

Without a plan or course of action, you will be like I was. Putting a band-aid on situation after situation, but never really solving anything. Or, allowing the tail to wag you like crazy. There was no resolution to our in-home sibling conflict. I lacked the right resources.

I am not saying that the Bible is not an adequate resource; of course, it is. But with The Sibling Relationship Lab, I have a plan of practical action I can take each day to help me steer this boat toward peace rather than contributing to the never-ending conflict.

If we don’t begin to take action and align our plans with God’s word, chaos will continue in our homes. This is exactly why I need the framework that The Sibling Relationship Lab offers.

Sibling Conflict Resolution

What To Expect When You Join The Sibling Relationship Lab

Self-Paced Course

The Sibling Relationship Lab has a fantastic course called Sibling Opposition Solution or S.O.S. The lessons are short easy to digest, audios, videos, or text (your choice) that you can move through quickly.

The course will begin by walking you through a shift in your mommy mindset so that you can first to see things a bit more clearly. This was so refreshing for me! Lynna does a beautiful job of coming alongside you and gently helping you align your parenting mindset with the Bible.

As you work through each lesson, you will have a simple yet effective activity to continue to help you align your thoughts and parenting mindset with Biblical points. Many of my parenting struggles and even apprehensions dissolved as I listened to Lynna speak. It is beneficial to hear someone clarify all the conflicting parenting advice we hear today. Because all that we need to focus on is parenting the way God intended us to.

The S.O.S. course can be completed in a day or two if you set aside some time, or spread it out over weeks. I couldn’t wait; once I got started, I wanted to keep pressing forward. There is a wealth of information in the course. Either way, it is self-paced so that you can work through it at your convenience.

If you want additional accountability, sign up for the S.O.S. sprint. You will receive an email after you purchase the course to receive a reminder each day, right into your inbox that will help you complete one lesson each day. You will get the weekends off, and keep the course at the forefront of your mind with these helpful reminders. This is a great way to work through all of the content with ease.

Workshops & Live Chats

Besides the S.O.S course that you can work through, you will also have access to previous workshops with all sorts of parenting topics. Topics such as; Biblical Decision Making for Parents, Deescalating Emotions, Lying, and lots of other workshops packed with excellent parenting information.

All of the content within The Sibling Relationship Lab is Christian. You will not find Lynna sharing willy nilly opinions or worldly views. Only Biblically focused parenting support and help for you and your family.

Your best option is to sign up for the membership so that you also get access to the monthly Lab Chats. Each month you get access to a live workshop to continue your education and support with Biblical parenting. You also will have a chance to get your questions answered live after each monthly chat.

Can’t make the monthly Lab Chat? No worries, they are accessible inside your dashboard to access anytime.

Additional Resources

In addition to the full self-paced course and workshops, you get more resources to help you succeed in building better sibling relationships at home—resources like journaling pages, mini-posters, workshop handouts, and The Sibling Strengthener 5 Step Plan E-Book.

Devotions for Sibling Conflict Resolution

You can also find devotions for strengthening sibling relationships at The Relationship Lab. These are separate from the course or the course and membership option. However, you can get low-prep family-style devotions for all of your kids, teens included. I think these are fantastic to add to your weekly homeschool routine! Check out the devotions here.

Sibling Conflict Resolution

I highly recommend grabbing the membership if you can. With all of Lynna’s help and the ongoing resources provided, you can turn your sibling conflict around! Sibling conflict resolution is waiting for you inside the doors of The Sibling Relationship Lab.

Reclaim Your Peace Today!

Sibling Relationship Lab

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