Poetry for High School

This Awesome Curriculum Makes Poetry For High School Cool

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This Awesome Curriculum Makes Poetry For High School Cool

“Ugh, that’s so boring!” You have surely never heard this from your teen while discussing poetry. Or have you? Poetry is often a hit-or-miss part of language arts. Some students adore it while others loathe it. Suppose you have a student that leans toward the latter, no worries. We found a curriculum that makes high school poetry pretty darn cool!

Like many of you, I have a teen who thinks poetry is boring. And the literature lover in me just hates that! Can you relate? There are so many beautiful and inspiring things about poetry that our teens really should explore. But unfortunately, they have already written poetry off for whatever reason.

Maybe they had a previous class or teacher that presented poetry in an incredibly dull way. Or perhaps they have yet to hear a poem that inspires them or touches their heart. But poetry doesn’t have to be boring or uncool, even if it’s not your favorite subject.

Worried about teaching poetry for high school? We have an online resource that actually makes learning poetry pretty cool and easy to teach! #homeschool #languagearts #highschool

I will never forget the moment I was hooked on poetry or literature, for that matter. I had an outstanding 7th-grade English teacher. We studied Edgar Allen Poe that year, and I still remember sitting at my desk as she read The Raven. It was in the way she read it. She piqued our interest and entertained us through the words and alliteration of the poem. She took us down an exciting learning path that day, and it stuck with me forever. The Raven isn’t exactly my favorite poem, although Edgar Allen Poe was a thrilling poet to study.

But that teacher opened the door to my curiosity about the poem, the poet, and literature. That is priceless when a teacher, curriculum, or both can inspire you to want to learn and hear more. That is really all you need to set off on a course of learning!

Recently I was introduced to Poetry and a Movie by Literary Adventures for Kids. It was exactly what we needed to present poetry in a different light for my teen. You know, make it cool! With Poetry and a Movie, you can expose your student to poetry like never before.

Why Is It Important For Our Teens To Study Poetry?

When we allow our students to study poetry for high school, they can better understand literature as a whole. And maybe even fall in love with it, as I did.

I could never define in whole what poetry is, but I can give you a quick summary. Poetry is literature that follows a distinctive style or rhythm. Poems appeal to our senses, emotions, and even visualization. Poetry can touch all of your sensibilities and evoke so many emotional responses. You are missing out if you study literature without devoting some time to poetry.

By introducing our teens to poetry and spending time studying it, we are exposing our children to more. Poetry explores language, reading, vocabulary, grammar, and imagination. It is too lovely not to explore. As parents, poetry is a must-stop destination if you want to expose your children to the beautiful world of literature.

Poetry for High School

Why Poetry and a Movie for High School?

Poetry and a Movie is different from any other language arts curriculum for teens. You won’t find anything like it. Literary Adventures for Kids does an excellent job of combining poetry, movies, grammar, vocabulary, and discussion to make poetry cool.

Our teens are growing up in a world that looks quite different than the one you and I were living in at 15, 16, or 17 years old. They are consuming more media, and unfortunately, some are consuming fewer books. Poetry and a Movie incorporates acclaimed movies and ties poetry together for a modern way of learning or understanding poetry. An approach that our teens can relate to! With a fun combination of books, Ted Talks, video clips, and other resources to help present ideas in a more modern framework.

This is not a course that your student will whine or complain their way through. Your high school students will see this course as a new and exciting way to study language arts!

Poetry for High School

Is Poetry and a Movie Right for Your Family?

  • Poetry and a Movie is a complete one-year language arts curriculum. You will cover writing poems and essays, grammar, vocabulary, and other literary components. You can rest assured that poetry for high school and all necessary language arts elements are covered.
  • Grades 7th through 12th are perfect candidates for Poetry and a Movie.
  • This is a fantastic option for you to outsource a homeschool course online. Luckily, Poetry and a Movie requires no prep. After you get your supplies set up, there is little for mom to do other than monitor work progress. Your teen can learn to navigate this poetry course independently for high school, leaving more time for you to teach other children.
  • Are you intimidated by the thought of teaching poetry? If so, that is an excellent reason to use Poetry and a Movie; let the experts do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • If your family leans toward a literature-based homeschool, you will appreciate Poetry and a Movie. Literary Adventures for Kids created the course, and they fully know the importance of teaching literature and take it seriously while presenting it in a fun and memorable way.
  • Our family loves to watch a good quality movie together! I found a nice perk of using Poetry and a Movie for high school is that my teen and I get to watch the movies together. Good quality movies that I don’t have to worry about the content. Nothing better than a reason to sit with your teens and squeeze in some quality family time while watching movies that convey good messages.
  • If your teen is a multi-sensory learner, they will love the blend of media, print, and visual resources. We found that this course fits well into our eclectic homeschool.

Go Check Out This Poetry for High School Online Course Today!

Full Year of Language Arts Curriculum – Covering grammar, poetry, poet studies, highly acclaimed movies, literature, vocabulary, writing, poetry tea time, and more! Your high school teen will thank you for something a little different this year.

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