Bible Lessons for Teens

Powerful New Bible Lessons For Teens Jesus Of The Gospels

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Powerful New Bible Lessons For Teens Jesus Of The Gospels

As a Christian parent of a teen, you have probably searched for or participated in Bible studies for your child. You usually search for topical studies like the Armor of God, comparison, or gratitude, for example. All of which are fantastic topics to study. There are all sorts of topical bible studies out there worth completing. But how can we help our children really get to know Jesus? Up close and personal. Bible lessons for teens are significant tools and choosing ones that will make a lasting impact are crucial.

When we learn more about who Jesus is and how he lived – we are changed and brought closer to him. We see things differently. โค๏ธ

If we have studied all of the Biblical topics with our teens but failed to introduce them to who Jesus is, โ€ฆwe are unsuccessful. Who Jesus is and how he loved and lived is paramount. To quote scripture or parables without a deep understanding of who Jesus is could be compared to only memorizing the CliffsNotes of the Bible.

Bible Lessons for Teens

Recently, I discovered a book called The Jesus of the Gospels, by Andreas J. Kostenberger. A guide from Kregel Academic about the life and teachings of the Jesus of the Gospels. Amazingly well done, this book should be in every Christian family’s library. The Jesus of the Gospels from Kregel Academic is a reliable guide to have and use, as it draws you closer to Jesus through his life.

The author, Andreas J. Kostenberger, is a research professor of biblical theology, evangelical scholar, and homeschool dad, that has a passion for helping high school and college-aged students learn more about who Jesus is. Which makes sense, without a solid sense of who Jesus is, how can we really know him?

The Jesus of the Gospels from Kregel Academic is a textbook that allows you and your teen to dive into the four gospels and embark on a personal journey as you study Jesus. If you are a homeschool parent like myself, you can do this study right alongside your teen. Actually, I recommend it as a family study or as Bible lessons for teens in your homeschool. Either way, you will appreciate the quality content and thorough approach.

Who Is The Jesus of the Gospels For?



Although, the textbook is for college-bound teens, so definitely try and work through it before you send your teens off to college. If there is anything I want to send my teens off into the world with, it is a personal relationship with Jesus and to know who he is on an intimate level.

Homeschoolers. Grab The Jesus of the Gospels and add it to your Bible studies at home with your teens. Take time to study the life of Jesus in your homeschool.

Bible Lessons for Teens


How You Can Incorporate The Bible Lessons For Teens Into Your Homeschool

Consistency is key when it comes to creating routines that impact our homeschools and our lives, for that matter. Try and create a routine in which the Bible is a daily study like any other subject you think is imperative to your homeschool.

We cover the Bible daily, just like math or language arts. It’s an essential part of our home and homeschool routine.

Personally, I like to partake in Bible lessons with my children. It helps model for them the habits I would like to see them create in their own lives. I also think it promotes healthy discussion around these in-depth theological topics. If you can get your teen thinking, you can get them talking. I love having conversations with my teen daughter about the Bible! These are memories I will treasure forever, studying Jesus. For me, this is what homeschooling is all about.

Sit down at the kitchen table with some coffee or hot cocoa and just read, discuss, and look things up together. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

I hope that you will get yourself a copy of The Jesus of the Gospels to study at home. You will be glad you did; this is a book full of explanations, background, events, and insights, all helping you to understand Jesus and his ministry better. Let’s study the good news with our teens to help them share it more effectively!

Bible Lessons For Teens

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Bible Lessons for Teens

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