The Best Trash Truck Toys and Activities for Playful Preschoolers

The Best Trash Truck Toys and Activities for Playful Preschoolers

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So this is a funny topic. Do you have a garbage truck obsessed toddler or preschooler? I have 2 of them! And when Friday morning gets here, they are overcome with excitement as they hear the “trash trucks” in the distance.

Since my boys are so interested in garbage trucks, I decided to foster it. Today I want to share all our favorite trash truck themed toys and books. You could even turn this into a full unit study for your preschoolers.

The Best Trash Truck Toys and Activities for Playful Preschoolers

The Best Trash Truck Toys and Activities for Playful Preschoolers

I have had the best success in our homeschool with my two preschoolers by exploring subjects they already have an interest in. I encourage you to have fun with what may seem like a silly subject to some. As long as your children are engaged and having a lot of hands-on fun at this age, you can’t go wrong.

We started by purchasing garbage trucks for both of my boys. They each got a different truck because there weren’t two identical trash trucks available at the time we decided to purchase. We put these garbage trucks to the test, seriously.  My boys can be pretty rough on toys.

This garbage truck was my favorite hands down. It is durable. My kids have played hard with this truck, and it is still in excellent condition. I love that the sounds are authentic and there is a garbage can that lifts and dumps into the garbage truck.

They can pretend to play garbage collector for hours with their trash trucks. I adore watching their imaginations at work!

Bruder Toys Man Side Loading Garbage Truck Orange

And the runner up.

Dickie Toys Action Series Garbage Truck

On to more fun stuff. This show is so stinking cute! You see what I did there? Ok, seriously it’s a show about a garbage truck and all sorts of other trucks and service vehicles. For little boys, this is a clear winner. And it’s FREE with Amazon Prime. I previously mentioned my love for our Amazon Prime Membership and all of the benefits you get with it here. If you haven’t yet, definitely consider getting a membership.

Can You Dig It? / Dirty, The Garbage Truck

We even got t-shirts. I know, these kids are OBSESSED! But these are adorable, and they have sizes as small as 2T with all different color options.

I Heart Love Garbage Truck Little Boy’s Kids Tee Shirt 5/6T-Green


We love these PJs

Leveret Kids & Toddler Pajamas Garbage Truck Boys 2 Piece Pjs Set 100% Cotton

These coloring books are great.

Coloring Garbage Trucks: Garbage Truck Coloring Book

Oh, and they have these super cute books too!

Buster the Little Garbage Truck

I Stink!

Curious George Discovers Recycling (science storybook)

There are so many ways you can expand on learning about trash or recycling at home. Let your preschoolers or little ones help where they can. Here are just a few simple ideas.

Ideas for Learning About Recycling or Trash for Preschoolers

  • You can make a “match” game by putting plastics or like things together. Set up a few bins or paper bags with pictures on them or a sample recycle item on the front for easy identification. Then let the kids sort recyclables and trash. Think plastic bottles, paper & magazines, or cardboard. These are easy items to find and safe for children as long as you monitor their play.
  • Pretend play garbage collector. Give your preschooler all of your safe trash and make a cardboard bin for collection and let them have a go at it.
  • You could visit a recycling center in your area for a field trip.
  • Use environmental print pictures for trash collection days or recycling day on your pocket calendar.
  • Let them take their trucks out into the sand, snow, or dirt and just play.

Here is a FREE Printable I have created for you to use with your preschoolers at home.


Garbage Truck Obsessed |Toddlers & Trash | Free Printable


Hope you have a stinking good time!


  1. Haha! Yes! I have two little garbage truck watchers too! Thanks for the great resources! <3

  2. Sharon Doyle

    My little guy has become crazy about the garbage truck too. He will be fast asleep, jump up and say “Mommy, the garbage truck is here. Let’s go see.” They are only little for such a short time so we jump up, run outside in our pjs to see the garbage truck.

    1. So funny Sharon! Yep, we had similar trash truck mania here as well. Not as fun for mommy when it’s freezing outside though! haha

  3. Jennifer

    OMG I am so happy to have found this and know i am not alone! My twins are OBSESSED with Garbage – one more than the other! Thank you for sharing all of this!

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