brand new printable planner with 100+ PAGES
for planning just about every aspect of your life in 2018
Ready to Make 2018 Your Year?
Finally Get Organized? 
Join Me, and Plan with Intention! 
If you have followed my blog or purchased any of my courses and products; you know by now that I am a huge fan of intention.

When I coach homeschool moms, we work closely together on intentionally creating their ideal homeschools.

The same system holds true for planning your life. Be intentional, and make it happen!

I also am a huge fan an advocate of growth! Not perfection, growth. In every single aspect of my life, I want to see continual growth.

That's how I can measurably see that I am progressing, and moving forward towards my life goals.

I want to share our new Intentional Growth Planner with YOU!

I used to feel regret about not doing all the things I wanted to do, not following through with ideas that could be great had I implemented them.

What changed?

One day I decided I would be intentional in every area, homeschool, homemaking, and my work. I began to see all those areas grow, not overnight; but the more I committed to seeing all my plans come to fruition...they did!

I want this for you! Do you know how many moms I talk to each week that are unhappy with their schedules, routines, and the general flow of their households? Almost every single one!

That makes me sad, and it does NOT need to be that way.

Today I am offering not just a planner, but my services as well.

I have created a fast track session to compliment this planner. You can take it or leave it, but when you purchase the planner, you will also have the option to add on a strategy session where we can chat about how to start getting organized. (Organization, it's my specialty!) 

We will chat about what areas you struggle in when it comes to getting organized; I will create a fast-track plan to move you forward and start intentionally planning for areas of your life, homeschool, and yourself to GROW as a homeschool mom!
     Here are the details...Eeeeek! This is so exciting!
Pages Included:

Beautifully Designed Cover Page 
Personal Information Page 
Year at a Glance 2018 + 2019  
4 Pages of Yearly Planning for 2018 
2018 Goal Page 
2018 Bucket List  
Monthly Calendars - January - December 2018
Monthly Planning - Each Month's Goals, Priorities, and Important Dates Pages
Monthly Undated Budget Page
Monthly Undated Bill Pay Checklist Page 
Monthly Undated Habit Tracker Page
Each Month in Review Journal Pages 
Weekly Planner Page
Weekly Goal Setting Page 
Weekly Meal Planner Page 
Weekly Journal Page 
Daily Planner Page 
Morning Routine Page 
Activities Schedule / Planner Page 
Shopping List Page
To Do List Page 
Read Me Page 
Watch Me Page 
Try Me Page 
Blank List Page 
Things That Make Me Happy Page 
Reasons I Am Awesome Page 
Things I Am Good At Page 
Things I Could Be Better At Page 
Notes Page 
Journal Page  
Doodle Page 
Brain Dump Page 
 10 Positivity and Quote Pages 
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