Winter Wonderland Scripture Coloring Book

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Winter Wonderland Scripture Coloring Book

Grab my Winter Wonderland Scripture Coloring Book today as a gift to you. From personal experience, I know that motherhood can be challenging, making it hard to find time to study the Bible. 

The reason I want to gift you this sweet coloring book is to help you find more time with God. In the trenches of motherhood, finding time alone is rare, I know. But I found that including my children in my Bible time allows me even a short time to pray or read scripture. 

As Christian moms, we sometimes think we have to be alone to study scripture, talk to God, or pray, but we may never get there if we wait for the perfect setting. Using resources like this may help you squeeze in more Bible study time and even help you cultivate a new routine.

This coloring book may inspire your children to sit quietly, color these sweet winter pictures, and even memorize passages. I encourage you to add a little hot cocoa and a cozy blanket to help them linger longer. 

Winter Wonderland Scripture Coloring Book for Kids

What’s Inside in the Winter Wonderland Scripture Coloring Book:

11 Printable Pages – PDF Format

10 Coloring Pages

10 Scriptures – Perfect for children of all ages to memorize.


I will be praying for each one of you who receives this coloring book to get more quality time in the word with God. 








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