The Home Education Road Map Workbook

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The Home Education Road Map Workbook

Use our Home Education Road Map to set up your new homeschool with the right foundational steps.

Or if you feel like your homeschool needs a realignment use our Home Education Workbook to get you back on track for homeschooling success.

Our Home Education Road Map Workbook Assists You with the Following:

Create Your Mission Statement

Define Your Child’s Learning Style

Learn About Homeschool Philosophies and Choose One

Use Our “Ask the Principal” Workbook Page to Get on the Same Page with Your Principal About Homeschooling

Use Our Student Evaluation Sheet Annually or Each Semester to Determine Shifts and Areas of Focus in Your Homeschool

Use the Curriculum Planning Sheet to Brainstorm and Plan Curricula Choices Annually or Each Semester

Our Daily Homeschool Planner Will Help You Plan Each Day with Ease

  • Verse for Today
  • Schedule
  • To-Do List
  • Today’s Lessons
  • Daily Meal Plan
  • Chores
  • Work To-Do
  • I Need to Remember
  • Good Deed
  • Track Reading Time, Creative Activities, and PE
  • All on one simple sheet!

Thematic Planner – Perfect for Planning Monthly Learning Themes for Preschoolers or Littles

This workbook is created to use as a tool for your homeschool. Use annually or each semester to keep your homeschool organized and on track!







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