Faithful Foundations: 4-Week Christian Homeschool Coaching Intensive

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Faithful Foundations: 4-Week Christian Homeschool Coaching Intensive

The Faithful Foundations: 4-Week Christian Homeschool Coaching Intensive is designed to provide an in-depth, personalized coaching experience to guide you through every step of shaping and enhancing your homeschooling journey. Over four weeks, you’ll receive experienced guidance, combining the benefits of live, one-on-one Zoom sessions with the flexibility of ongoing Voxer support. This blend ensures not just learning, but also the implementation of practical strategies tailored to your family’s needs.

What’s Included in the Homeschool Coaching Intensive:

Weekly 1-Hour Zoom Meetings: Dive deep into the essential aspects of homeschooling with a weekly, hour-long Zoom session focused on a specific theme. These meetings are your opportunity to engage in real-time, face-to-face discussions, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback.

  • Week 1: Fundamentals of Home Education – Laying the groundwork for a successful homeschooling experience.
  • Week 2: Choosing Curriculum – Navigating the vast options to find what best fits your educational philosophy and your child’s needs.
  • Week 3: Planning – Crafting a structured yet flexible educational plan that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.
  • Week 4: Implementation Strategy – Turning plans into action with effective strategies for a smooth homeschooling operation.

Daily Voxer Support: Between our Zoom sessions, you’ll have direct access to me via Voxer, allowing you to seek guidance, clarification, or share updates on your progress. This continuous line of communication supports the implementation of your weekly insights and adjustments as needed. (Messages delivered Monday through Saturday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM CST will receive a same day response. All other messages will be answered the following business day.)

4-week Christian homeschool coaching intensive, for personalized guidance on curriculum, planning, and strategy with supportive Zoom and Voxer access.

Key Benefits of a Homeschool Coaching Intensive:

  • Personalized Guidance: Tailored advice and strategies that resonate with your unique homeschooling situation.
  • Accountability and Support: Regular check-ins to keep you on track and motivated throughout your four-week journey.
  • Practical Implementation: Beyond theoretical knowledge, focus on actionable steps that you can immediately apply to your homeschooling.

Embark on a transformative homeschooling journey with Faithful Foundations: 4-Week Christian Homeschool Coaching Intensive. This program is designed to provide not only information but also guidance as you actively enhance your homeschool environment. It combines weekly, in-depth Zoom sessions with daily Voxer support, ensuring personalized guidance through every step. From establishing the educational foundation and selecting the right curriculum, to planning and implementing effective strategies, this coaching experience equips you to undertake the necessary work. Remember, while I’ll guide you through each step, the journey will require effort and dedication on your part. Together, we’ll unlock the full potential of your homeschooling experience, crafting an enriching and fulfilling learning atmosphere for your entire family.

How to Schedule a Homeschool Coaching Intensive:

  1. Secure Your Spot: Initiate the process by making a payment, ensuring your dedicated day for our first 1:1 Zoom call to begin. Your payment not only reserves your date but also signifies the commencement of our collaborative homeschooling venture. 
  2. Choose a Convenient Start Date: After completing your payment, visit my personal calendar to select a day that aligns with your schedule. This date will mark the beginning of Week 1 in our Faithful Foundations: 4-Week Christian Homeschool Coaching Intensive journey together.
  3. Download the Voxer App: Before we embark on our journey, please ensure you have the Voxer app installed on your smartphone. Voxer is a free walkie-talkie messaging app that allows for real-time voice, text, and photo messages, making our communication seamless and efficient.
  4. Confirmation and Preparation: Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, you’ll get an email confirming your first zoom meeting along with my Voxer username. 

During our time together, I’m committed to working closely with you. Providing customized strategies, sharing valuable resources, and offering the personalized guidance you need to navigate your homeschooling journey successfully.

NOTE: This is a digital or virtual product. Due to the nature of personalized support all sales are final. We cannot offer refunds once a booking is confirmed. We encourage you to carefully consider your schedule and needs before making a purchase to ensure it’s the right fit for you.


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