Here at Grace, Grow & Edify we help new and not-so-new homeschool parents get homeschooling right by teaching them the steps to creating highly engaged children through time management, organizational strategies, and education tailored to each child’s learning style so that the entire family can embrace the homeschool experience with ease.

As a teacher, it is important always to be improving our skills, increasing our knowledge, and sometimes we may need to problem solve. And just like any teacher, we need an “in-service” day or session occasionally to refuel, learn new methods, or grow in a way that is relevant to our homeschool’s ever-changing needs.


What you can expect from our teacher in-service training sessions, are customized strategy sessions to assist you in whatever area you would like to tackle or grow through.

Once you set an appointment that is convenient for you, you will be asked to enter some information about the particular areas you would like your session tailored around.

Our expert team will research and prepare your session beforehand. We will send you a private link to a recorded zoom (phone or audio) session. You will log in the call at your scheduled time, and Courtney will strategize with you to give you tips, resources, and strategize to create a new game plan customized for you and your homeschool.
After the call, we will send you a link to your recorded call, in addition to a detailed report including any links, references, or resources we recommended during the call.

If we think you may be a good fit for any of our premium programs, we may offer them to you at the time of your call.

Once the call has ended, and you have received your resources; if you have any questions about implementation or moving forward with your customized game plan, you may email us up to 3 times to make sure we get you where you need to be.

Common Topics Strategized:

  • How to Begin Your Homeschooling Journey
  • Homeschooling Multiple Ages
  • Special Needs Homeschooling
  • Transitioning from Public School to Homeschool
  • Organization
  • Routines
  • Choosing Curriculum
  • Homeschool Reset
  • Customized to your Unique Situation





  1. Domonick

    I am excited about exploring your website and participating in your groups. I have learned so much from experienced mom’s since we began or journey. It is difficult for me to attend a hs convention because of location or timing this website is like a convention in one little neat package without the pressure of purchasing unnecessary “sure fire” tools. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you Domonick! Yes, an experienced mentor or coach is invaluable when you are starting out. I love your description of our website being a convention in one neat little package! I might use that 😉 Reach out to us anytime. Courtney

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