History Bible Literature Package Homeschool Curriculum

Overcoming Boxed Curriculum Doubts: Our Experience with Sonlight’s History Bible Literature Package

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Overcoming Boxed Curriculum Doubts: Our Experience with Sonlight’s History Bible Literature Package

One of the reasons that I love homeschooling is the freedom to choose our own path, our own curriculum, and our own unique homeschool routine. I have never had good experiences forcing my kids to learn on a schedule that suffocates the fun out of education or leaves no room for exploring. Lighting a spark within our children to appreciate and enjoy learning together at home is possible. But, my past experiences with boxed or all-in-one homeschool curricula from the past, had done just that, sucked all the fun out of learning. 

We started homeschooling with a popular boxed curriculum that I won’t name here out of respect for the company and other families that love it, but our family did not enjoy it. It felt overly structured, and there was little wiggle room to explore rabbit trails or veer from the daily lessons without feeling like you were always behind. So, we eventually embraced other educational methods and choices in our homeschool curriculum. I prefer a curriculum that allows space for flexibility and enjoyable learning methods over rigidity. 

I have been reluctant to try any boxed homeschool curriculum with multiple subjects all packaged together. It has been a long time since we have used a boxed curriculum—over ten years, and I have to be honest, I was nervous about trying it again. 

Overcoming Boxed Curriculum Doubts: Our Experience with Sonlight's History Bible Literature Package

Homeschool Seasons Change, It’s Inevitable

However, Sonlight offers a wide variety of homeschool curriculum packages, and I have heard so much positive feedback about Sonlight among other homeschoolers since we began homeschooling around 2008. When the opportunity to try it in our homeschool presented itself, we were in a different season regarding our homeschooling needs, so this was the perfect time for giving a boxed curriculum a second chance, and I couldn’t wait to give it a go this time around. 

For context, our first experience with Sonlight was using the Heroes and Happenings History books from Sonlight in Kindergarten. Years later, with their Lent Unit Study: Make Room, and based on how much we enjoyed those, I was extremely hopeful that Sonlight’s History Bible Literature Program could work for my two boys. 

History Bible Literature Package Homeschool Curriculum

Different seasons call for different approaches to homeschooling or changes in homeschool curriculum; it’s normal. Our families and children are ever-changing, and their needs evolve constantly. 

As a homeschool mom, I am incredibly excited about the load that Sonlight’s History Bible Literature package takes off my plate! It is comforting to know that all the readers for history and literature are purchased and ready. The lesson plans are already laid out for a four-day-a-week homeschool routine. I am enjoying the ease of knowing so many things are already planned and purchased, and all I have to do is set it all up. 

Sonlight History Bible Literature Package C

Why We Chose Sonlight’s History Bible Literature Package

HBL stands for Sonlight’s History, Bible, and Literature homeschool curriculum packages. You can add additional subjects and educational resources, but basically, you get a complete year of History, Bible, Literature, and Language Arts all in one package. You will choose the level of readers, whether it’s 2, 3, 4, or 5. We have been learning through literature in our homeschool from the beginning, so I appreciate that Sonlight’s educational approach relies heavily on books. 

You can also choose whether you want your daily homeschool lesson plans organized into a 4-day-a-week or 5-day-a-week schedule. We have been homeschooling on a 4-day-a-week routine with a Fun Friday Loop for a while. That’s just what works best for us in this current homeschool season, so I wanted something that I could fit into our already established routine so we can continue to homeschool consistently

History Bible Literature Package C Sonlight

We decided to begin with Sonlight’s HBL C because my boys wanted to learn world history. HBL B is Intro to World History: Year 1 of 2, which covers creation through the fall of Rome. My boys have already covered that period of history, so we decided to pick up at the fall of Rome and journey through modern world history this year. 

Please know that you can jump in wherever you want to with Sonlight; don’t let the various packages intimidate you! And if you need help figuring out where to jump in and you have never used Sonlight before, there is no need to fret. You can hop on a free call with a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor, and they can help you determine the best Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Package that’s right for your family. 

History Bible Literature Package Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

A Glimpse of What’s Included in Sonlight’s HBL C Package:

  • History: Sonlight’s approach to history is literature-based, so I was so excited about the line-up of core or book spines and the history read-alouds used for HBL-C. I won’t list them all out here, but you can see in the photo unboxing that there are so many fantastic living books you can dive into all in one year! You get timeline stickers, and your family can keep up with a complete history timeline, too. 
  • Geography: You will receive an Audio Memory Geography Songs CD Kit, which is a fun way to incorporate learning more about geography for elementary students. I also love that geography is included in this package; I see how homeschool families love the convenience of having all of these subjects meshed into one curriculum. It sure does make my job as a homeschool mom easier! 
  • Bible: You get a Bible for your student, a CD with scripture to sing the word, and the book Talking with Your Kids about Jesus by Natasha Crain. I was also impressed with the section in your daily homeschool plans for the parents required Bible reading. A required Biblical daily reading for me, the homeschool mom, tells me a lot about Sonlight’s heart for the Christian homeschool parent. 
  • Language Arts: The Language Arts Instructor’s Guide from Sonlight is incredibly helpful if you need solid guidance for teaching spelling, grammar, and language arts at home. You will get an instructor’s guide customized to the 4-day or 5-day program of your choosing. 
  • Readers: Grade 4 Readers Instructor Guide, which includes the 4-day reading schedule and study guide. You also receive all the readers for which level you choose; remember that if you choose the 5-day-a-week plan, you will receive more readers. 

History Bible Literature Package C Readers Sonlight

See the complete package and everything that’s included here.

Sonlight History Bible Literature Package HBL C

Would Sonlight’s History Bible Literature Packages Work for Your Family?

Sonlight is a literature-based homeschool curriculum company, so if your family enjoys learning at home, appreciates a Christian perspective on education, and loves literature – the short answer is yes!

Sonlight’s curriculum packages are great for families who want to enjoy the learning and teaching parts, with less emphasis on searching out the right books, spending hours planning lessons, and creating a homeschool routine that you can efficiently complete in 4 to 5 days a week (and stick to!).

They collect all the resources and plan out the lessons for you so you can enjoy your summer with your kids! You get everything you need in one box so you can begin your homeschool year fully prepared. I could get used to this, y’all!

History Bible Literature Package Sonlight C

What This Mom Thinks About Boxed Homeschool Curriculum After Trying Sonlight:

I might actually do it again! It was a peaceful, easy feeling to know that Sonlight’s HBL C Package had done most of the heavy lifting for me. I got to jump right in and teach and learn alongside my boys! 

Remember how I was a bit reluctant to try a boxed curriculum because of my previous experience with a boxed homeschool curriculum that sucked the fun out of our homeschool…well, that was not the case with Sonlight at all! They clearly understand the homeschool lifestyle; the 4-day-a-week schedule was just enough academic work without feeling like the schedule was too demanding to keep up with. 

Sonlight Homeschool Package History Bible Literature

I enjoyed the layout of the 4-day-a-week homeschool schedule with Sonlight. Having a daily plan to follow that I didn’t have to create was refreshing! 

History Bible Literature Package C-Instructor's Guide

As I get older or have more on my plate, the more decision fatigue I can reduce, the better. And it was nice knowing that I didn’t have to pre-read any of the readers; Sonlight only includes quality literature in its packages, so you can feel good about the material your kids will be reading independently. 

Sonlight History Bible Literature Package

My kids loved having so many books to look forward to! Having stacks of books here at the beginning of the semester helped them get excited about all the readers they would dive into. I love it when they are excited to read! 

There is so much to say about Sonlight’s HBL C Homeschool Curriculum Package, but you should check it out yourself! You can also save big with Sonlight Sales. Check out the latest deals from Sonlight here.

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