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Language Arts Homeschool Membership – Literary Adventures Clubhouse

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Language Arts Homeschool Membership – Literary Adventures Clubhouse

I don’t know about you, but many homeschool parents struggle to find the right fit when it comes to choosing a language arts curriculum. Well, the struggle is real! I meet a lot of homeschoolers each year, and many of them feel that selecting a language arts program is just as hard as finding a math curriculum that works. That’s rough, right?

I have three kids (one recently graduated) and have been homeschooling for 15 years. I can completely identify with struggling to find a quality language arts curriculum that engages my kids. And if you have been homeschooling for a minute, you know how much your children’s engagement can make a difference in a homeschool lesson, subject, or day! 

It took me a few years to determine that I needed to create a criteria for choosing a language arts curriculum. So currently, for our family, we need a language arts program that is flexible, far from dull, and that my kids are excited about each day. 

This criteria for choosing a language arts curriculum keeps us from burning out and helps us enjoy our homeschool days. That is essential for us, and I know that is important to so many of you reading this, too. 

Well, I am happy to announce that I have found an incredibly unique take on homeschool language arts that I am bursting to share with you all. I love out-of-the-box homeschool resources that encourage a love of learning and spark interest and excitement. Literary Adventures for Kids offers an award-winning all-in-one language arts membership for homeschool families that is well worth exploring.  

Discover Literary Adventures Clubhouse: your hub for engaging homeschool language arts. A unique approach to learning and loving literature.

Literary Adventures for Kids – Award-Winning Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum 

Literary Adventures for Kids was birthed from a homeschool mom’s frustration about getting her kids excited to read. Sound familiar? Yep, many parents experience the frustration of not being able to get their kids excited to read. We don’t just want them to read; we want to cultivate an appreciation of literature and a lifelong love of learning. 

Well, Literary Adventures for Kids nailed it! They have combined all the necessary elements of an incredible language arts curriculum for homeschool families. 

Literary Adventures for Kids offers a complete language arts curriculum for children from early elementary through high school. It is perfect for the entire homeschool family! Get ready to say goodbye to boring language arts curriculum for homeschool. 

Language Arts Homeschool

Build Your Own Language Arts Curriculum with Literary Adventures for Kids Review

Let’s chat about the language arts curriculum and what Literary Adventures for Kids offers. Whether you choose a curriculum for early elementary, upper elementary, middle school, or high school – the general options are the same. 

You can choose from:

These options are a wonderful example of Literary Adventures for Kids’ flexibility. You can create the language arts experience YOU want your family to have. I love that you can hand-pick which books your child will read, but you aren’t responsible for creating the entire curriculum. Ultimately, this way, you have so much more control over planning a year of language arts curriculum.

We have chosen the Literary Adventures Clubhouse Membership for elementary. I have two boys in upper elementary, so it is an excellent value for our family because they get access to everything the membership offers. 

You will be blown away when I tell you all that your family will get access to when you join Literary Adventures Clubhouse Membership! It is the perfect investment for the homeschool year, and let me show you why! 

Language Arts Homeschool

Not Only Does Your Family Get a Complete Language Arts Curriculum With a Literary Adventures Clubhouse Membership, But You Also Get Access to the Following:

  • Access to all Elementary and Middle School Book Clubs (The library of book clubs continues to grow each month.) 
  • Monthly Live Interactive Book Club
  • Monthly Live Poetry Teatimes
  • Instructor Critiques & Feedback
  • Live Teacher Office Hours
  • Exclusive Book Club Planner
  • Quarterly Workshops
  • Nature Journal

Homeschool Language Arts Membership for Homeschool

Monthly Live Interactive Book Clubs 

The monthly live book clubs are a fantastic part of this language arts curriculum. My kids are so excited to participate and observe the live book clubs in the Literary Adventures Clubhouse Membership. Talk about a way to get your children excited to read a book! 

Think about experiencing language arts differently, exploring rabbit trails as you go, sprinkling a little magic dust here and there, and at the end of each book, they get to celebrate or party school, if you will.

The book clubs at Literary Adventures for Kids are a blast! You can bring your favorite snack, or the curriculum suggests a fun-themed snack or idea that correlates to the book they just read. 

In each live book club, the kids can interact with their peers and Dachelle, the founder of LAFK. Wearing costumes is encouraged, and fun will be had! Your teacher, Dachelle, shows up live (usually in costume) as she leads fun discussions and hosts the end of book parties.

You will get plenty of ideas about how you and your family can celebrate at the live book club with Literary Adventures for Kids or on your own. Ideas to celebrate every single book, even ideas on how you could decorate! How cool is that? 

Live Book Clubs for Homeschool Language Arts

Monthly Live Poetry Teatimes

Another reason I love the Literary Adventures Clubhouse Membership is for the live poetry teatimes. If you have followed our homeschool journey, you may have noticed I am a poetry teatime nerd! I love poetry teatime and have been doing it with my kids since they were preschoolers. Literary Adventures for Kids is one of my favorite resources for homeschool poetry teatime. (Years ago my oldest went through their Poetry & a Movie Course for High School and loved it!) 

We have enjoyed some exciting poetry tea times live, and we get access to the replays for the book clubs and teatimes we can’t attend live. My kids love to watch the replays, too! They’re almost as fun as the live events. But you don’t have to worry about committing to every live event; you will get a link to the replay afterward and can watch at your convenience. 

The poetry teatimes are monthly, and you know which poets you will study at the beginning of the homeschool year. This is perfect for aligning your studies or supplemental resources for each poet. There are also some themed teatimes, like spring! 

Homeschool Poetry Tea Time with Literary Adventures for Kids

For example, this homeschool year, we had this impressive line-up of poets to study and live poetry teatimes: (Each homeschool year will vary.)

  • August: Beatrix Potter 
  • September: Paul Fleishman 
  • October: Julia Donaldson 
  • November: Roald Dahl 
  • December: Robert Frost 
  • January: J.R.R. Tolkien 
  • February: A.A. Milne 
  • March: Robert Louis Stevenson 
  • April: Shakespeare May: Dr. Seuss

You will get email reminders of these events so you can add them to your calendar each month. Your kids will look forward to the live events! It’s also a great way to participate in super-safe online socialization with their peers. If you live in an area where it’s hard to make homeschool connections, this is a wonderful alternative so your kids can be around other homeschoolers. Or if you are in a season where you can’t get out and socialize in person, this is a good way for your kids to get social. 

Homeschool Poetry Tea Time

Live Teacher Office Hours

Live teacher office hours are another rarity in this homeschool language arts curriculum. But Literary Adventures for Kids offers support for families all homeschool year long. If there is something you need help understanding or need more clarity on how to adapt the program to fit your homeschooling needs – just connect during teacher office hours. It’s that easy. I don’t know many other homeschool curriculum programs offering that personalized touch. 

Literary Adventures Clubhouse Homeschool Language Arts Membership


Complete Language Arts Curriculum With a Literary Adventures Clubhouse Membership

You might be wondering, but what about grammar, vocabulary, and writing – all of the important stuff? Well, of course, that’s in the membership too! It is a complete language arts curriculum for homeschool. But the approach may be different than what you are used to. Literary Adventures for Kids makes all that is usually dull, fun and exciting! 

In each book club, you get reading, vocabulary, writing, and grammar assignments for each lesson. Each lesson will consist of chapter reading assignments, vocabulary taken from the book, a copywork suggestion, journal entry ideas, and a grammar focus for the month. However, the approach is more natural and practically applied since the vocabulary, copywork, and more are all tied to the book they are currently immersed in. 

Everything you need to access in each book club or course is neatly arranged in your online dashboard. You also can print out your weekly lesson plans to keep track of your progress each day. I enjoy that the instructions are easy to follow, flexible enough to fit our weekly homeschool routine, and not at all overwhelming. 

Wonder Book Club Language Arts Homeschool

Is a Language Arts Homeschool Membership from Literary Adventures for Kids Right for Your Family?

If you are looking for a different approach to language arts, I highly recommend looking into LAFK! You and your children can tackle language arts with less fuss and frustration. Language arts can actually be enjoyable for your family. You might need to shift your approach, and that’s exactly where Literary Adventures for Kids comes in. 

Literary Adventures for Kids…

  • Literary Adventures for Kids is designed to align with multi-sensory learning styles.
  • Literary Adventures for Kids offers language arts curriculum for children pre-k through high school.
  • Literary Adventures for Kids is an award-winning homeschool curriculum with excellent reviews from Cathy Duffy.  
  • Literary Adventures for Kids is affordable for homeschool families. You will get so much value out of a membership with LAFK if you have multiple children. 
  • The language arts curriculum from Literary Adventures for Kids is an immersive experience that will transform how you teach and learn about literature. 

Literary Adventures for Kids Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

Don’t spend another year dreading language arts or struggling through the homeschool year when you can experience books sprinkled with magic dust from Literary Adventures for Kids!


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