The Ultimate High School Fine Arts for Homeschool Curriculum

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The Ultimate High School Fine Arts for Homeschool Curriculum

Is finding the right fit for high school fine arts a bit more challenging than you expected? If so, I can relate. It was for our family, too. The high school fine arts for homeschool programs are either overly stuffy and complicated, or there isn’t a huge selection of fine arts curriculum to choose from. 

Well, I was extremely blessed to have been led to YOU ARE AN ARTiST’s Fine Arts Program for High School. For context, I was working and creating content for ChalkPastel.com, and they acquired a fine arts curriculum that I had the privilege of working on. At the time, my daughter was in high school and we got to use it in our homeschool. 

I was so excited to be able to use their fine arts program for high school, because I got to see how well it was designed and assist YOU ARE AN ARTiST in updating the layout and look of the curriculum. Of all the high school fine arts for homeschool options, this one is hands down my favorite. Not to mention, it is the most comprehensive fine arts curriculum without being completely dry and dull! I’ve had the opportunity to review and contribute to various homeschool curricula over the past seven years, giving me valuable insights into their effectiveness and relevance.

If you are looking for an affordable, comprehensive, and flexible high school fine arts for homeschool curriculum - look no further!

Let’s explore how you can add engaging fine arts study to your high school curriculum because it doesn’t have to be complicated!

If you have a high school student, you will likely need a fine arts credit. Here are some creative ideas for earning a credit in high school for fine arts. In addition to all the creative ideas you will find there, I recommend using a spine or a resource to serve as the backbone of your fine arts curriculum. YOU ARE AN ARTiST offers an incredible fine arts option for high school grades 9-12. (They also provide the same incredible fine arts curriculum for elementary and middle school.) 


5 Compelling Reasons Why Fine Arts Matter for Parents of High School Students:

  1. Creativity and Self-Expression: Fine arts encourage students to explore their creativity and express themselves uniquely. This fosters individuality and self-discovery, which are essential for personal growth and development during the formative teenage years.
  2. Cultural Awareness and Appreciation: Studying fine arts exposes students to different cultures, traditions, and historical periods, fostering an appreciation for diversity and global perspectives. 
  3. Academic Achievement: Research has shown that involvement in fine arts correlates with improved academic performance. 
  4. Career and College Readiness: Fine arts education prepares students for various career paths and higher education opportunities. 
  5. Life-long Enjoyment and Enrichment: Introducing high school students to fine arts can cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the arts. 

Family Style Fine Arts for Homeschool

YOU ARE AN ARTiST offers a multi-layered, integrated approach to high school art and music appreciation for:

  • High school students
  • Students that require a fine arts credit
  • Families that enjoy family-style learning 
  • Multi-sensory learners
  • Families that enjoy the Charlotte Mason approach to learning


Here’s why students enjoy YOU ARE AN ARTiST’s Fine Arts Curriculum for High School:

Your students will experience fine arts in various ways to expose them to multi-sensory opportunities while learning. This approach is fantastic for all types of learners because it appeals to hands-on, auditory, visual, linguistic, and multimodal learning styles. Each week, your student will be encouraged to read, listen, write, observe, and record their findings. 

My daughter enjoyed incorporating fine arts into our homeschool curriculum because it never got boring. Each week, we explored new composers, musical pieces, artwork, videos, and more. 

It is perfectly designed with high school in mind. My daughter got experience writing papers on famous composers, learning new drawing techniques, observing important historical artworks by some of the masters of art, and, of course, her favorite part—creating colorful chalk pastel art from the classics with Nana. 


What Makes This Fine Arts Curriculum for High School Different?

Way before we embarked on a fine arts journey in our homeschool with YOU, ARE AN ARTiST, we were long-time users of their chalk pastel art membership. And I already knew that ChalkPastel.com had a heart for home and family. They encourage family bonding through learning together, and so do I! 

Like many Christian homeschool families, they know family togetherness is just as important as academics. I have always admired how gracious they are about helping our children enjoy learning, exploring, and creating at home. We have celebrated with art many times over the years in our homeschool!

Your family will enjoy the flexibility of their fine arts curriculum for homeschooling. You can easily adapt the lessons to fit your homeschool routine, and the layout is simple enough for your high school student to use independently, too. 


What to Expect When You Sign Up for the Fine Arts Membership:

  • 300+ Art Lessons 
  • Art and Music Appreciation Planner
  • Visual Art Credit Tracker and Planner
  • Listening Log for Composers
  • Grades 9-12 Fine Arts Curriculum Organized in an Open-and-Go Style PDF 
  • Suggestions for further study
  • Recommended Resources

This is an affordable option for art and fine arts in high school because you only need minimal art supplies to enjoy this art curriculum. All you need is a starter set of chalk pastels, construction paper, and access to the membership. That’s all! There is no expensive, overwhelming list of art supplies.


High School Fine Arts for Homeschool Curriculum from YOU ARE AN ARTIST Grade Level Plans:

9th Grade Fine Arts for Homeschool










9th Grade – Ancient Art Appreciation

10th Grade Fine Arts for Homeschool










10th Grade – Renaissance And Baroque

11th Grade Fine Arts for Homeschool










11th Grade – Neoclassicism To Post-Impressionism

12th Grade Fine Arts for Homeschool










12th Grade – Fauvism To Pop Art


The complete membership offers the best value for a homeschool family, but you can also shop fine arts curriculum a la carte.

If you are looking for an affordable, comprehensive, and flexible high school fine arts for homeschool – look no further! I promise you will not be disappointed. 



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