Lent In Your Homeschool

Adopt A New Tradition Of Observing Lent In Your Homeschool

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Adopt A New Tradition Of Observing Lent In Your Homeschool

Lent is a deeply rooted tradition in the Christian faith, serving as a time of preparation and reflection leading up to the celebration of Easter. I didn’t grow up observing Lent, but I have always been curious to know more about the practice. 

Even though I didn’t grow up practicing any liturgical rituals, as I have gotten older, my family has embraced some new traditions, and we want to continue to learn more. Our family observes Advent in our home and homeschool each year, and it got me wondering, as Christians, why wouldn’t we want to draw nearer to God as we approach Easter just as we do for Christmas.

Well, I am thrilled because I recently got my hands on the Lenten Unit Study: Make Room from Sonlight. We plan to adopt a new tradition in our homeschool this year to observe and study Lent. 

I am so excited about embracing the Lenten season here in our homeschool because I know many of you will want to incorporate Lent into your homeschool routines, too! 

Discover tips and activities for observing Lent in your homeschool. See how easy it is to integrate Lent seamlessly into your curriculum.

Understanding Lent

In the Christian calendar, Lent is a time of reflection and preparation that begins with Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. It’s a 40-day period, not including Sundays, which echoes Jesus’s time in the wilderness.

For many, Lent is a quiet, introspective journey. It’s a time to slow down, reflect on Christ’s sacrifice, and deepen our understanding of His love.

During Lent, Christians often engage in practices such as fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. These aren’t just acts of self-denial, like giving up a favorite snack, but are ways to create space in our lives for a closer relationship with God.

Lenten season offers a chance to step back from the daily rush and focus more on our spiritual path. As we move through these 40 days, we’re preparing ourselves not only for the celebration of Easter but also for a deeper, more meaningful faith experience.

So you can see why I am so excited to use Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room in our homeschool. What a wonderful opportunity to share more about Christ and the significance of Lent with my family. 

Lent In Your Homeschool

Overview of Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room

Sonlight currently offers two Lenten Study Options. We are using Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room, and there is also a Lenten Unit Study that accompanies the book Amon’s Adventure by Arnold Ytreeide available. 

Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room is perfect for family-style homeschooling or 2nd through 8th-grade students. You can order just one unit study kit if you have multiple children and do the crafts as a family. I am using it in our homeschool with my two boys, who are currently fourth graders. 

The study includes 48 days of Lent lesson plans and material—enough to cover from Shrove Tuesday through the day before Easter. But don’t let that intimidate you; you can easily incorporate each daily lesson into your homeschool routine. The lessons aren’t overwhelming; they could even replace your current Bible time since each day includes scripture reading.

Lent In Your Homeschool

What’s Included in Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room

  • The book Make RoomA Child’s Guide To Lent And Easter by Laura Alary (This book is the perfect addition to your homeschool library!) 
  • 7 Weeks of Lent lesson plans 
  • Craft supply box
  • Daily schedules, notes, and discussion questions (I love Sonlight’s Instructor’s Guides, makes following along super easy!)
  • Family-friendly recipes and craft projects
  • Additional resources like the Spotify Lenten Playlist and Sonlight recipe cards

Lent In Your Homeschool

Weekly Themes for Lenten Season Study 

As we delve into Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room, one of the standout features is its thoughtful organization into weekly themes. Each week of the seven-week journey brings a new focus, enriching our understanding and experience of Lent. Here’s a glimpse at the enriching themes you can expect each week:

  1. Waiting for Easter and Spring
  2. Making Time to Be With God
  3. Making Space at Home
  4. Making Bread
  5. Making Soup
  6. Making Room
  7. Holy Week

Lent In Your Homeschool

Our Family’s Experience with Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room  

We decided to incorporate our Lent studies into our usual Bible time and soak it all up. And I am so glad we did! We have enjoyed everything from crafts to reading scripture together, baking, and more! My kids love any opportunity to cook or bake, and you get the chance to make things like pancakes for dinner on Shrove Tuesday. (If you are like us, you also learn what Shrove Tuesday is!) Hot Cross Cookies and Carrot Cake Bars were just a couple of the new recipes we got to try during this 7-week study about Lent. So, if your family loves to incorporate food into a unity study, you will enjoy the options in Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room.

Lent In Your Homeschool

As a homeschool mom who loves to keep my kids engaged and excited about learning, I appreciate that Sonlight included a variety of activities to make the Lenten Unit Study enjoyable for families. 

We especially enjoyed the songs and incorporating worship time into our homeschool routine. You will find a nifty little QR code that you can easily scan to listen to suggested songs from a Lenten Playlist. 

The age-appropriate discussion questions sparked so many good conversations with my boys, 8 and 9. So far, I am incredibly pleased with Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room; my expectations have been exceeded. I understand why so many homeschool families enjoy Sonlight’s philosophy on education. 

Lent In Your Homeschool

Discover the Benefits of Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room for Your Homeschool

  • Open & Go Simplicity: Hassle-free setup, making it easy to start right away.
  • Flexible Lenten Journey: Adaptable to fit your family’s unique homeschooling style.
  • User-Friendly Guide Included: Step-by-step instructions to seamlessly guide you through each day/lesson.
  • Effortlessly Integrates with Your Homeschool Routine: Designed to complement any homeschooling schedule easily.
  • Ideal for Homeschoolers Exploring Lent: A perfect resource for families seeking to deepen their understanding of this significant season.

Lent for Homeschool Families

Observe Lent In Your Homeschool 

Our family will definitely adopt observing for Lent in the future. We are learning so much and are blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy Sonlight’s Lenten Unit Study: Make Room together. I am always excited about resources that help us share more about Christ with our children. It is a delightful unit study that will impact many Christian homeschooling families. 

If you are looking for more ways to draw your family nearer to Him this Lenten season, consider incorporating Lent in your homeschool today! 

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