Our Favorite Homeschool Poetry Tea Time Resources Through The Years

Our Favorite Homeschool Poetry Tea Time Resources Through The Years

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Our Favorite Homeschool Poetry Tea Time Resources Through The Years

Poetry tea time is one of my absolute favorite things to do with my kids! I have grown to love it more than I ever thought possible. We have used plenty of resources through the years, too, and I thought collecting them all here for you would be a fantastic resource. 

Homeschool poetry tea time is a beautiful example of how you can integrate learning and lifestyle. You can keep it simple or fancy, but the impact is still profound. 

We can intertwine various subjects, have deep discussions, get creative, and learn much while sipping a beverage and nibbling a snack. Kids love poetry tea time, and if you give it a chance, you can too! 

Look at our favorite quality homeschool poetry tea time resources that will enrich your home and homeschools. #homeschool #poetryteatime


Here is a list of subjects and ideas you can incorporate into any homeschool tea time; it’s not just for poetry.

Here are some of my favorite resources for poetry tea time inspiration, ideas, and even done-for-you plans:


I was a huge fan and follower of chalkpastel.com long before I became a contributor. So, as a contributor of YOU ARE AN ARTiST and long-time user, I know firsthand how many incredible resources there are inside the Clubhouse at YOU ARE AN ARTiST. It is a treasure trove of opportunities to gather your kids of all ages around the table and be creative together. And, of course, add tea and snacks. 

Homeschool Poetry Tea Time

My family has enjoyed contributing to tea time ideas for years, and some of my all-time favorites are documented there for you to see. We have enjoyed homeschool poetry tea time with Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, Tasha Tudor, and more. We have celebrated favorite books over tea time, such as Pride & Prejudice, Charlotte’s Web, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Little House on the Prairie, and many more. 

Homeschool Poetry Tea Time with Art

If you want simple (and affordable) opportunities for your children to get creative in your homeschool while learning all the while, you definitely want to consider YOU ARE AN ARTiST.

Homeschool Fine Arts

Literary Adventures for Kids 

I have been a long-time fan of Literary Adventures for Kids, too! LAFK adds a little magic dust to reading with book clubs, virtual poetry tea times, and a different approach to language arts. 

We have enjoyed Poetry and a Movie for High School in years past and loved it. We also got to dive into the Where the Red Fern Grows Book Club recently, and it was such a refreshing way to explore books and language arts. I highly recommend taking a look at all they have to offer at Literary Adventures for Kids!

Homeschool Poetry Tea Time

Our current favorite course at LAKK is the Poetry Teatime Poet Edition Volume 2. As a busy homeschool mom, I appreciate that the kids meet virtually once a month. Focusing on one poet monthly and then meeting to discuss them is perfect for elementary. My boys have enjoyed the virtual aspect, too! They get to see other kids enjoying teatime, chatting about poets, and sharing their own creative poems. (Don’t worry; if you have a shy or reserved child, you don’t have to share unless you want to.) It’s a wonderful way to connect with fellow homeschooled children and learn about poetry! 

Homeschool Poetry Tea Time LAFK

Homeschool Mastery Academy 

Full disclosure: I am the creator of The Homeschool Enrichment Collection, so I may be a little biased toward this one! 😉 But The Homeschool Enrichment Collection is an affordable monthly membership that includes themed poetry tea time ideas each month. You can easily put together a relaxed poetry tea time with resources to cover from inside the collection. We provide book lists, poetry, tea time ideas, creative writing prompts, printable activities, a monthly calendar filled with opportunities to have fun in your homeschool, and lots more. 

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection


I would be honored if you took a look! We have gotten a lot of great feedback, and parents love that we collect all the resources for them so that they have more time to cultivate a love of learning at home instead of wasting hours scouring the internet for curated educational resources all around the same theme.

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection gives you access to the My Eclectic Poetry Tea Time Planner! Homeschool Mastery Academy also has The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Poetry Tea Time to help you enjoy poetry tea time at home. Plus inside The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Poetry Tea Time you can watch our Poetry Teatime Simplified Workshop – FREE.  Hosted by yours truly. 


A Few of Our Favorite Poetry Tea Time Books for Your Homeschool




I adore resources that are rich in beauty and education yet make mom’s life easier! All the homeschool poetry tea time resources I mentioned are high-quality products that will enrich your home and homeschools. 

If you have questions about any of these resources for poetry teatime, please drop me a comment. I would love to hear from you! I check and respond to my blog comments daily. 



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