Learn the Biblical Importance of Living Generously In Your Homeschool

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Learn the Biblical Importance of Living Generously In Your Homeschool

As a Christian homeschool mom, teaching Biblical and family values is essential to our lives and, of course, our homeschool. We always use experiences and daily family life to help our children align their behavior with the Bible. And as many of you know, I appreciate Christian-focused resources that reinforce what we are teaching.

As my two youngest are growing older (way too quickly, I might add), I knew we needed to re-visit generosity. Since they are eight and nine, this is a great time to help them better grasp what it means to be generous and learn about the Biblical importance of it as a family. We have dabbled in this character trait before but not extensively until recently. 

Learn the Biblical Importance of Living Generously In Your Homeschool with This Incredible 26-Week Curriculum. #homeschool #Bible

We recently got the opportunity to try the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit from Generous Family. It is exactly what we have been looking for! A fun, hands-on approach to teaching children how to be generous in all ways according to the Bible. 

The Generous Students Homeschool Edition from Generous Family is a 26-week curriculum that teaches children about the importance of living generously. It was created for kids aged 5-18, so it’s perfect for homeschool families to use together. 

Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit focuses on the 7 Ways of Living Generously. 

  • Thoughts
  • Words
  • Time
  • Money
  • Influence
  • Attention
  • Belongings

The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit covers 26 weeks through an exciting road-trip experience. Kids get to travel through the 7 Destinations of Generosity. 

Living Generously

Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit Is A Fit For All Families

You might wonder if this faith-based curriculum will also work for your homeschool family. And the easy answer is yes! 

It is open and go, so anyone can open up the Instructor’s Guide and dive right in with little to no prep at all. It is super easy to follow along and flexible as well. There is a weekly suggested breakdown to follow, but you can easily pick and choose what elements you want to incorporate each day. 

Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit is also compatible with all learning styles. It has audio, video, reading, writing, and hands-on components, so all learning styles are welcome. 

Here is a video from Generous Family that will give you an overview of the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit.  

Living Generously

What’s Included In The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit?

The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit has it all. It is perfect for the entire family to join in. Here’s what’s included:

  • Instructor’s Guide for Parents
  • Three Student Booklets
  • Generosity Hero Book
  • Stickers Sheets
  • Access to a Digital Library of Videos and Additional Resources

Living Generously

A Typical Week Of Learning To Live Generously With Kids

Even though the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum covers 26 weeks, your family might only spend 10-15 minutes each day completing the daily lessons and activities. So it’s extremely easy to incorporate into your homeschool days and Bible time at home. Or it would also be an excellent addition to your homeschool morning time basket. 

My kids were super excited to see where the road trip from Generous Family would take us each day! Each day’s activity or lesson varies, so the days aren’t mundane but exciting to look forward to. 


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Each week can be completed in 4-5 days, and it’s flexible so that you can adapt it however it fits your family’s homeschool routine best. But here is a general run-down to give you an idea of how it works. 

Day 1 – Introduction to this week’s theme, an activity in their journals, and a Bible Rest Stop. 

Day 2 – Devotional and opportunity to live out being generous in real life. 

Day 3 – Introduce a Generosity Hero and follow up with Q & A Reststop. 

Days 4 & 5 – Round out the week with your choice of videos, games, and additional stories. 

You also have a Library Stop with a theme-related book list. You can buy additional books or reserve them from your local library in advance. 

I think that your family will enjoy building generous hearts as well! If your family would like to try it, use coupon code GIVE20 for $20 OFF the kit. No Expiration. 


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