homeschooling U.S. geography

Homeschooling U.S. Geography for Elementary Made Easy With Literature

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Homeschooling U.S. Geography for Elementary Made Easy With Literature

We are delving into the fascinating world of homeschooling U.S. geography for elementary. Geography is easier to teach than you think, especially if you are learning through literature! We have been exploring the United States lately, and here is how we are doing it. (and loving it!)

Elementary is a fantastic time to discover all that our great U.S.A. has to offer. Everything from landforms, biomes, and ecosystems can be found in the United States, and it’s truly fascinating to explore with your children. 

We have been big fans and users of Beautiful Feet Books for years now. I have always loved how easy Beautiful Feet Books Curriculum is to use. Our family has enjoyed the Teaching Character Pack for elementary, the New Seasons Afield Nature Curriculum, and Early American History. Not one literature pack from Beautiful Feet Books has ever disappointed. If you are building a homeschool library like we are, these packs are perfect for creating a solid collection of living books. 

And, if you’re searching for a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that seamlessly integrates geography and literature, look no further. Let’s explore the exceptional value of this remarkable educational resource so you can decide if it’s right for your family. 

The U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack is a treasure trove for children aged K-3, designed to ignite their curiosity about the U.S. and foster a lifelong love for learning. Beautiful Feet Books has masterfully combined geography with literature, recognizing that stories can transport young minds to far-off places while learning important lessons about culture, geography, mapping skills, and more. 

Homeschooling U.S. Geography for elementary can be an immersive experience! Travel the 50 states with Beautiful Feet Books. #geography #homeschool

Homeschooling U.S. Geography with Beautiful Feet Books Couldn’t Be Easier

With flexible options, you can use Beautiful Feet Books U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack how it fits your family best. There are a total of 36 U.S. Geography lessons that you can break down into:

•1 lesson per week for a one-year study

•2 lessons per week for a semester unit study

U.S. Geography Curriculum Pack Includes:

  • 1 Teacher Guide (Their teacher’s guides are top-notch!)
  • 1 Map
  • 11 Incredible Books

homeschooling U.S. geography

Making Connections as we are Homeschooling U.S. Geography

Beautiful Feet Books U.S. Geography Literature Pack has many options to fit your curriculum needs. You can decide what your family wants to include. We are enjoying more than a few of them!

  • Dig Deeper – My kids are huge fans of rabbit trails! If yours are, too, your family will enjoy all of the additional website links, videos, and hands-on ideas to help you learn more about various topics. 
  • Explore Your World – If you have followed me a bit, you probably know by now that I love field trips for making real-life connections to our learning. You will find field trip suggestions you may have yet to consider in the lesson plans. 
  • Culinary Connection – Making connections to what you are learning through food is tons of fun and includes real-life skills! 
  • Maps – Elementary is a great time to introduce mapping skills and how to use a globe. 
  • Notebook – Notebooking is an excellent educational tool for your homeschool, and I love that Beautiful Feet Books U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack includes it. Your kids can easily collect their drawings, notes, research, and other activities in a spiral notebook or binder. 
  • Picture Packet – The picture packet is another fun, hands-on aspect of learning all about our 50 great states. 
  • Bible Verse Memory Work – This could be my favorite part of the entire homeschool geography curriculum! A QR code in your teacher’s guide allows you to download Bible Memory Verses that align with every other lesson. 

Again, you don’t have to use all of these resources for homeschooling U.S. geography. But you have a lot to choose from to make this geography curriculum all your own. Don’t be afraid to customize it to your family’s needs; it was created with flexibility in mind. 

Speaking of creating, fun fact, this U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack for K-3 was written by Rebecca Manor, a homeschool graduate. 

Homeschooling U.S. Geography for Elementary

What to Expect from Beautiful Feet Books U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack

Immersive Reading Experience: The pack includes an extensive collection of award-winning and quality children’s books carefully selected to represent various states across the U.S. As children journey through the pages of these beautifully illustrated tales, they will be captivated by the enchanting stories and vibrant characters that breathe life into traveling the United States. (Apples to Oregon is so much fun to read aloud with your kids and doubles as an excellent book to add to learning about apples.) And if you love book lists, there is an additional book list in the teacher’s guide with more books to add to your U.S. geography curriculum for elementary. 

Integrated Lesson Plans: To enhance the learning experience, the U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack includes thoughtfully crafted lesson plans that seamlessly blend geography, history, and (earth & nature) science. The teacher’s guides provide parents with instructions on integrating each book into a cohesive curriculum. The lesson plans cover a wide range of topics, including map skills, vocabulary development, and hands-on activities that bring the stories to life.

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Hands-on Learning: Besides the captivating literature, the U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack features supplemental resources to engage children in hands-on learning. From maps and atlases to the accompanying picture packet, these materials encourage children to actively participate and deepen their understanding of the world around them. Whether they’re making a recipe to make a culinary connection or taking a suggested field trip that coincides with your latest lesson, these activities make geography tangible and unforgettable.

Flexible and Adaptable: One of the standout qualities of the U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack is its flexibility. The curriculum can be easily tailored to suit various learning styles and schedules. Whether you’re a Charlotte Mason homeschooler or an eclectic homeschool family, the pack provides the necessary tools to adapt the curriculum to your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that children can fully immerse themselves in the wonders of U.S. Geography, no matter their learning style or home education method. Plus, if you have children close together in age as I do, you will enjoy saving time by using this homeschool curriculum family-style. 

Homeschooling U.S. Geography for Elementary

Will Beautiful Feet Books’ Homeschool Curriculum Work for Your Family?

Beautiful Feet Books Homeschool Curriculum works well for all ages and all learning styles. 

Beautiful Feet Books offers history, science, U.S., and world geography homeschool curriculum for all ages and learning through literature packs for the whole family. 

Their homeschool curriculum also blends well with all home-educating methods. If you are intrigued by the Charlotte Mason homeschool philosophy, you will especially enjoy trying Beautiful Feet Books. 

homeschooling U.S. geography

Make Homeschooling U.S. Geography an Immersive Experience

Beautiful Feet Books’ U.S. Geography Through Literature Pack for K-3 is a remarkable educational resource that seamlessly weaves together geography, literature, and hands-on learning. It effortlessly sparks children’s curiosity, transports them to different places, and fosters a deeper understanding of our beautiful nation. With its engaging books, comprehensive lesson plans, and supplementary resources, this pack for homeschooling U.S. Geography is an invaluable asset for parents and educators seeking to cultivate a love for geography in young learners. 

Embrace the adventure and embark on a journey through literature that will leave a lasting impression on children’s hearts and minds. You can join the Beautiful Feet Books email list to stay connected here

Beautiful Feet Books has history, science, U.S. and world geography, and various learning through literature packs for ALL AGES! See all they have to offer here. You can even see sample pages and download the scope and sequence to learn more. 

Take advantage of FREE Shipping if this is your 1st order with Beautiful Feet Books using coupon code IgniteWonder. Homeschooling U.S. Geography for elementary can be an immersive experience! Travel the 50 states with Beautiful Feet Books. 


Homeschooling U.S. Geography for elementary can be an immersive experience! Travel the 50 states with Beautiful Feet Books. #geography #homeschool


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