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A New Creative Bible Study Resource That You and Your Family Will Love

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A New Creative Bible Study Resource That You and Your Family Will Love

Nothing melts my heart more than meshing our natural God-given creativity with learning about God’s word. It is such a natural fit, isn’t it? But the old-school mom in me cringes at the thought of my kids marking up their Bibles. I know it might sound terrible. I want to encourage my children to dig deep into studying God’s word while also secretly worrying my younger children will mark up their Bibles too haphazardly. 

I have always loved to highlight and write notes in my Bible, so when I heard about SPIRAL BIBLE™, I was intrigued by the idea of a Bible that you could use for serious Bible Study and getting creative. I love the concept of allowing my children to study and be creative with their Bibles simultaneously because our family loves to add creativity to every subject in our homeschool. And SPIRAL BIBLE™ has options for kids that pair perfectly with Bible Study for our homeschools. 

Not only does SPIRAL BIBLE™ offer options for kids, but as your children get a bit older, you can move right into the complete SPIRAL BIBLE™ line. These Bibles are fantastic resources to add to your homeschool for Bible studies and your existing curriculum. 

A Bible study resource that combines our natural God-given creativity with learning more about God's word for all ages. #biblestudy #bible #bibleresources #kidsbible #biblejournaling

We have enjoyed these so much that I had to share them with all of you. Your family will love adding these to your homeschools and homes too. My naturally artistic teen daughter enjoyed being able to create while reading and studying the Bible. And my two elementary-aged boys also seemed more engaged as I read the Bible aloud, and they could color the beautiful illustrations and create while listening. 


SPIRAL BIBLE™ are Bibles that are spiral bound and lay flat, allowing you room to make notes and providing space for you to study while being creative; however that looks for you. 

The SPIRAL BIBLE™ is well-made and durable, so you can take it anywhere and use it however it fits you best. We love the flexibility you get from this Bible, and I think it would be perfect for taking along to Bible study or anywhere for that matter. 

The fact that the SPIRAL BIBLE™ lays completely flat is a game changer for making notes, journaling, and coloring in your Bible. 

SPIRAL BIBLE™ comes in both King James Version and the American Standard Version. However, if you decide on the children’s SPIRAL BIBLE™, you will receive the BBE or Basic English version. The Basic English Version makes it easier for elementary-aged children to understand. 

Bible Study Resource

The SPIRAL BIBLE™ is a Versatile Bible Study Resource for Anyone

The SPIRAL BIBLE™ is available for adults, children, and groups to dig into God’s word. You can study with your family at home or create a Bible study group for moms or teens. I think the SPIRAL BIBLE™ would be an excellent Bible study resource for homeschool groups that offer a group study for teens or parents. 

Or if you are already involved in a Bible study of a particular book of the Bible, grab a SPIRAL BIBLE™ to enhance your time in the word. 

Bible Study Resource

If you already follow a Bible curriculum, you can still add SPIRAL BIBLE™ as an additional Bible study resource. 

There is almost no limit to what you can use to create and make notes. Use your favorite colored pencils, highlighters, Bible pens, crayons, or pens to color, draw, highlight, and make notes. I would add that markers are probably not the best for the Children’s Bibles, the paper is 50# nice and thick, but markers might be a bit too much and bleed through, so I recommend sticking with crayons or colored pencils for coloring the illustrations and getting super creative. 

Oh, and if you like different color cover options, the New Testament Bible from SPIRAL BIBLE™, for example, can currently be ordered in floral, pink, or black. Giving these as gifts would be so much fun, too, with the various cover options.  

FREE Bible Reading Plans from SPIRAL BIBLE™

Another great Bible study resource from SPIRAL BIBLE™ that you must take advantage of is the FREE Bible reading plans. Last year what kept me on track to complete reading the Bible within a year was a structured Bible reading plan to help me stay accountable and on track. So I definitely recommend downloading the FREE Bible reading plan to help you stay on track. 

Bible Study Resource

Why Use SPIRAL BIBLE™ as a Bible Study Resource? 

There is nothing wrong with using a traditional Bible. I have many and use different ones for various reasons. Still, SPIRAL BIBLE™ aligns with research that tells us taking notes helps us to comprehend and recall the information we are studying better, making SPIRAL BIBLE™ an incredibly powerful Bible study resource. 

Engaging with God’s word only enhances your connection and ability to study His word. So if you are already a notetaker by nature, the SPIRAL BIBLE™ is perfect for you. If you aren’t a notetaker yet, I encourage you to study His word using one and see if it doesn’t uplevel your Bible study game. 

Bible Study Resource

SPIRAL BIBLE™ knows that studying His word with a pen and highlighter in hand only increases your mental focus and helps you better organize your thoughts as you learn. And we also know from research that note-taking increases memory retention and boosts reading comprehension. Just another reason to add these amazing Bible study resources to your daily Bible routine. 

So whether you decide on these for you, your children, or a group, I know you will love the SPIRAL BIBLE™. They also make beautiful keepsake Bibles once you have worked through them and made beautiful notes, highlights, and creations of God’s word. 


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