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5 Wonderful Gifts That Will Continue To Give Beyond Christmas

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5 Wonderful Gifts That Will Continue To Give Beyond Christmas

Christmas shopping for our loved ones can be a challenge. Of course, we want our recipients to be pleased with our choices. I have mentioned before how important it is to be mindful of what we give our children, family, and friends. It’s easy to grab something that we think our children or family will enjoy, but we can do better by giving gifts that continue to give back even after the Christmas decorations have been put away. 


Here are five gift ideas that will continue to give beyond Christmas. 

Don't just gift anything to your family and others, be mindful and give gifts that will continue to give beyond Christmas. #christmasgifts #giftideasforchristmas #giftgiving

An Art and Nature Membership

This is one of my favorite suggestions for families with children or homeschool families. If you are like me and tend to find yourself indoors more than you should, this is a great gift to get your family outside and explore God’s beautiful nature. Your kids will learn so much too! For an entire year, your family (or the family that you gift) can enjoy all types of ideas for getting out in nature. 

If you have followed me long, you know that I agree art and nature go well together. And if that doesn’t sound like enough, this nature membership is perfectly paired with an accompanying art membership. You can get access to over 800+ different art lessons. Your children will never run out of things to draw with Nana; nature, science, history, music, literature, famous artists, and so much more are all included in this incredible bundle. It’s the perfect example of a gift that will continue to give all year. 

Gifts that will continue to give

An Artza Box or Subscription

I am a huge advocate for resources that help us learn more about the Bible and draw us nearer to God. That is why gifting an artza box is a fantastic gift for believers and non-believers alike. You are automatically immersed in Biblical history the moment that you open an artza box. It is hard not to learn more about Jesus and the places he visited while he walked the earth. 

Arzta boxes make great gifts for family and friends that want to experience Israel and follow the footsteps of Jesus. (The Christmas box is always my favorite, they never disappoint. ) They are also excellent resources that you can use in your homeschool to create Biblical studies around or explore with your children. 

Visit artza and use coupon code Courtney20 and get 20% OFF 

gifts that continue to give

An Annual Pass

Another practical gift idea is an annual pass to a park or museum that you know your recipients will get plenty of use out of. We got an annual pass to a local park one year, and it more than paid for itself that year. In addition, it was an economical outing option to take the kids all year long. 

Art or history museums are good choices, or anywhere you know your family (or the family you are gifting) will enjoy spending a lot of time through the year. Nature preserves are also a fantastic choice for outdoorsy families or U.S. Park passes. If you choose a nature preserve or park annual pass, make sure you grab nature curriculum too!

gifts that continue to give

Gift Cards 

Don’t think that gift cards are too impersonal. A gift card helps a family that can’t fully afford to purchase something they desire, and every little bit may help. As long as you put some thought into where they would like a gift card and choose one that would benefit the family, it’s a smart choice that will likely be appreciated. 

Even something as simple as a Chick-fil-A gift card for families that can’t afford to dine out might be more appreciated than you think. 

gifts that continue to give

Lessons or Subscription Boxes

Do you know a child that would love lessons of some type? Art lessons, music lessons, martial arts, baking, you name it. Lessons of any kind are an excellent choice to help children educate themselves and foster an interest that they might have. Especially if the family may not be able to afford it, they would be so blessed by a gift certificate or prepaid lessons to learn something new or of interest. 

And if transportation is a concern, there are plenty of options for various lessons online. My kids have loved taking virtual martial arts classes from Dojo Go! There are also many online options for singing classes, piano, or art. The possibilities are endless! 

Subscription boxes are another cool option for kids. Tinker boxes, stem boxes, entrepreneurship boxes, cooking boxes, and many more to choose from. But these monthly boxes offer learning a skill, various lessons, and more all in a monthly box. 

One of our favorite boxes are from I’m The Chef Too! They have cooking boxes that are perfect for homeschoolers because they combine cooking, math, reading, and science all in one activity. The I’m The Chef Too! boxes will continue to give way beyond Christmas well into the homeschool year. 

I’m The Chef Too! offers all types of exciting STEM experiences, we chose the

Erupting Volcano Cakes Kit and it did not disappoint. My boys absolutely loved this one, and we plan to order more. You can see all the different kit options here

5 Wonderful Gifts That Will Continue To Give Beyond Christmas

5 Wonderful Gifts That Will Continue to Give Beyond Christmas

5 Wonderful Gifts That Will Continue To Give Beyond Christmas

I hope this gives you just a bit of inspiration to give gifts that will continue to give long after the holidays are over.


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