Practical Christmas Gifts for your kids

Tips for Choosing Practical Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

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Tips for Choosing Practical Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

At the beginning of each new year, I find myself already getting rid of post-Christmas toy clutter. Toy clutter consists of cheap toys my children were gifted that didn’t hold up or toys that weren’t the hit we thought they would be. It is such a waste of money. No disrespect to the buyer; we are all guilty of this. But, if you also want to be more intentional with the gifts you buy for your children this year, we need to change how we consume. 

We live in a consumer-based world, and all types of toys are competing for our buying attention at Christmas time. Most toys made nowadays aren’t made to last. The quality isn’t the best, with so many items mass manufactured outside of the U.S.A. It’s wasteful, and unfortunately, it affects many families at Christmas. Most family members have good intentions, but we can all plan how and what we buy better. We mean well, but grabbing a quick toy or gift without knowing whether it is durable or desired could be a waste of our money. 

I am sure some of you can relate. I have bought my teenager pricey sweaters that she just had to have one Christmas; by the next, we have already donated them. It’s the same with toys my younger children receive; my boys have received gifts that were easily broke and in the trash by the day’s end. It’s terribly wasteful, and there has to be a more responsible way to buy and give gifts. 

So a few years ago, our family decided we would be more practical when choosing Christmas gifts for our children. Anything that we can do to cut down on post-holiday toy clutter, we want to do. We want to be intentional about the gifts we give our children and even try to manage better the gifts they are given from others. 

Here is a little inspiration to shop smart this year for practical Christmas gifts for your kids so you can feel good about what you give.  #christmasgiftsforkids #christmasshopping #practicalchristmasgifts

How to Intentionally Choose a Practical Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

Here are a few ideas that may help you to create a new level of gift-giving in your home too!

  • Set standards. Create a set of general gift-buying standards that you and your family can adhere to. For example, you may want to steer clear of toys made of plastic or gifts that you know won’t hold up past a few months of play. Plan your Christmas gift-buying standards before you head out shopping. 
  • Budget. Create a budget and stick to it. This will also help you to choose gifts that might make the most impact or get the most play rather than just picking anything you think they might like. You can still give meaningful and desirable gifts without breaking the bank. 
  • Make lists. Allow your children to make a traditional Christmas list or wish list, but have them choose a few things they want and a few they need. We explain to our children that even though we allow them to make a wish list for Christmas gifts, this does not guarantee they will receive everything they ask for. 
  • Use wisdom. Ask God to give you wisdom when choosing practical Christmas gifts for your kids. Please don’t go into debt to surprise your kids or to clear their wish lists. Think long-term when you are planning to shop for the holidays; very few gifts are worth incurring debt or putting your family in a tight financial situation. The holiday heritage your family creates carries more importance than any gift you can give. 

Practical Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids


Memberships to museums, clubs, or classes are perfect all year long! I love gifts such as annual park passes and gifts that continue to give back. I also love the idea of gifting an audible membership or something similar as a family gift. Homeschool families or families with children can really benefit from a gift like that. 

If you are gifting a homeschool family, an example of a practical gift might be an annual membership for an art course the entire family could use or a membership to an online book club. Enrichment resources, classes, and memberships make an excellent choice for homeschool families. 


Subscription boxes make great practical Christmas gifts for kids too! Cooking, reading, tinkering, crafting, entrepreneurship, no matter what your child is into, there is probably a monthly subscription box available. Subscription boxes are also fantastic because you can foster a new interest that your child may love. Or you can add something new to your weekly homeschool routine with a new monthly subscription. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great gift that you know will be used well since they are as good as cash. Choose wisely when deciding where to purchase a gift card for your gift recipient. Think about places they frequent or that they have wanted to try. Or have they been asking for something in particular? Get them a gift card to use toward the purchase. 

Also, keep in mind that gift cards are excellent gifts for blessing other family members or friends that may be in need. Gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, and healthy food options are smart choices for young adults and families. 

If you want more gift ideas that will continue to give way beyond Christmas, I have a great top 5 list here

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to shop smart this year for practical gifts you can feel good about giving. 

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