It’s Time to Explore the Biblical Significance of the Negev with artza

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It’s Time to Explore the Biblical Significance of the Negev with artza

Studying the Bible doesn’t have to be boring! Many of us grew up in churches that may have assisted in sucking the life out of Bible study. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Of course, I think that Bible study should be taken seriously, but there are ways to study the Bible that can open up many fascinating topics and trails to explore. 

If there is anything that I want to instill in my children, it is a personal relationship with the Lord. Beyond all academics and worldly successes, I want my children to know and follow Jesus.

So I am intentional about what tools and resources I use to show them how exciting it is to study and learn more about the Bible. 

That brings me to artza boxes; many of you know how much I love these immersive boxes! Our family has been using them to teach Biblical geography, support the Holy Land and bless others for a couple of years now. 

The latest artza box is all about Negev, and I am thrilled to give you a few ideas of how your family can use one of these boxes to learn more about the Bible and its history at home. Because studying God and His word CAN be exciting! And if you are like me, you want your family to enjoy learning more about the Bible. 

Your family can explore the Negev in The Holy Land from home; geography, Hebrew language, recipes, artisan-made gifts, and more in each box. #subscriptionbox #artza #christiangifts

What is the Negev in the Bible? 

The name Negev (or Negeb) derives from the Hebrew root נגב, “dry land.” It is a desert that is located in southern Israel. The Negev desert is mentioned during Abraham’s life through the time Israel wandered in the wilderness. Abraham lived in the Negev for a while after he left Egypt. Here is more background for the meaning of the Negev in the Bible.

Mention of the Negev desert can be found in the following Bible verses:

  • Genesis 12:4-9; 20:1; 24:62
  • Deuteronomy 1:19, 46
  • Numbers 13:17-20
  • Joshua 10:40; 11:16; 12:8, 15; 19:1-9
  • Judges 1:9
  • 1 Samuel 27:5-7
  • 1 Samuel 30:1

Here is a breakdown of each verse and more on the significance of the Negev in the Bible.

Here is a list of Bible verses containing the Negev.


Ideas for learning more about the Negev together at home:

artza boxes have been an excellent tool and starting point for opening up all types of explorations for us. You can research and explore particular places in Israel, their climate, animals native to the area, and much more. 

We have had the pleasure of diving into Nazareth, Jerusalem, Galilee, Judea, Bethlehem, the Golan Heights, and more. Some places we would have never thought to explore without the help of artza boxes. 


Each box is filled with artisan-made goods, and each quarter varies, so you are pleasantly surprised with each box. Here are just a few of the incredible items we have received in past artza boxes:

  • spices with authentic recipes from Israel (This is a great opportunity to make a dish or recipe together as a family from the areas that you are learning about. Excellent addition to your hands-on learning activities.) 
  • games and puzzles – perfect for learning the Hebrew language and more about the Bible. 
  • bath salts and handcrafted soaps
  • jams
  • olive wood ornaments and crosses
  • clay dishes
  • candles
  • chocolates 
  • teas
  • artwork
  • coloring books
  • ceramics
  • Hebrew language – you get a phrase, word, or scripture each quarter in Hebrew. (This is a fantastic way to expose your children to the language.)


Since a new box delivers each quarter, you have the perfect amount of time to explore and fully dive into each one. We have been introduced to new places, food, language, art, and so much more just by opening an artza box


Want to try an artza box for your family?

I hope this gives you just a few ideas of how you can explore The Holy Land from home with your family too. I have included a few pictures to show you everything you get inside the Negev box this quarter. We have never been disappointed with a box; each one is unique, with different items and ideas to explore. There is still time to order The Negev box!

Because my family loves the artza boxes so much, I want your family to try one too! Please use my coupon code at checkout and experience on for yourself. 

Or, better yet, give one as a gift to any family member or friend you think might benefit from learning more about the Negev and The Holy Land. 

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