Homeschool Morning Time

Homeschool Morning Time Might Be Your New Favorite Time Too

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Homeschool Morning Time Might Be Your New Favorite Time Too

We are huge fans of homeschool morning time, and I think if you stick around a minute or two, you might become a fan too! We have been implementing homeschool morning time sessions for a few years now. I think it’s a fantastic way to save time when it comes to homeschooling, especially if you want to combine your children of different ages. 

We have used morning time at various points of our homeschooling high school journey and elementary. My children enjoy it immensely and homeschool morning time has exposed us to many new things. 

Like many of you, I am a busy homeschool mom. So creating my own homeschool morning time plans isn’t a feasible option for me. But I still want to share rich literature and quality learning resources with my children. That is why we have been loyal to the curated homeschool morning time plans at Every Day Graces Homeschool. 

We have enjoyed so many wonderful morning time sessions over the years, and I want to share them with other families so they know what a blessing these plans can be for their homeschools. 

By implementing a homeschool morning time routine in your homeschool, you can cover more ground in a shorter period of time! #homeschool #morningtime #homeschoolmorningtime

Why Morning Time? 

Homeschool morning time is a great way to start the day, or sometimes we use our morning time to celebrate the end of a homeschool day. So if the term morning time is intimidating to you or you think you can’t commit to it in the mornings – that’s ok! Homeschool morning time can be implemented at any time of the day; it’s flexible, which is another reason we love it. 

Another reason homeschooling morning time can work so well is that you can combine learning activities and subjects in a more manageable amount of time. Even better, you can combine your children of all ages. I am a big advocate for family-style homeschooling wherever we have an opportunity. It saves me time, and my children enjoy learning together over the same theme.

Homeschool Morning Time

What Does Homeschool Morning Time Cover?

Homeschool morning time sessions range from 4-6 weeks each. And each morning time session is unique, but generally, we include the following:

  • Quality Classic Literature
  • Hymns
  • Handicrafts
  • Geography
  • Poetry 
  • Tea Time
  • Fine Arts: Artist or composer biographies along with art and music to study. 
  • Copywork: Options of primary, cursive, and an option for older students or moms. 
  • Memory Work: Prayer, scripture memory, and poetry memory work are 
  • Art: Lessons vary from acrylic painting or watercolors. 
  • Nature Study
  • Shakespeare
  • Additional Recommended Reading/Resources

Homeschool Morning Time

With each session, everything is intertwined with a central book or theme. This brings me to the classic children’s book, The Wind in the Willows! I was obsessed with this book as a child, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with my children now.

The Wind in the Willows Homeschool Morning Time 

If you aren’t familiar with The Wind in the Willows, it is a classic children’s book published in 1908 by British author Kenneth Grahame. The main characters are four anthropomorphized animals, a mole, a rat, a toad, and a badger living in the Edwardian era. The book is based on stories Grahame told his son at bedtime. 

The Wind in the Willows is a charming book full of wit, wonder, and sophistication of the Edwardian period. It is a wonderful book, especially for elementary, since it includes much on the changing of seasons and the interesting life of animals. The nature study in this session is tons of fun, too; you can expand on it if your kids are interested. 

Homeschool Morning Time

Charlotte Mason Style Homeschooling for the Win!

The Wind in the Willows morning time plans will help you learn alongside your children in a relaxed yet meaningful way. I love that we are learning together and enjoying it. These morning time plans are created in a Charlotte Mason style, so you can rest assured that they are balanced, whole, and of the best quality. 

My children stay engaged during morning time because the Charlotte Mason method varies the schedule each day. This helps your kids from becoming bored and uninterested. It’s quite clever; each day’s activities are a little different than before. Your kids will look forward to what you do each because it is exciting and new. 

Homeschool Morning Time

Morning time is truly a delightful way to homeschool with your family. Within a matter of four weeks, you will complete The Wind in the Willows read-aloud, learn all about Scottish composer Sir Alexander Mackenzie and his music, do an art project, dive into the sculptor Auguste Rodin and his artworks, learn beautiful hymns, dabble in Shakespeare’s King Lear, do some memorization, practice handwriting with copy work, enjoy tea time with poetry, craft a basket with your own hands, explore geography, embark on a fascinating nature study, and more. That sounds like a productive homeschooling month to me!

If you would like to give homeschool morning time a try, grab this sample session of Legendary Swords today. You won’t be disappointed. And, if you plan to read The Hobbit this year, you have to add the morning time plans to go with it too! 


Homeschool Morning Time



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