Entrepreneurship for Homeschool

Faith-Based Courses That Will Help Grow Grit and Focus Through Entrepreneurship

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Faith-Based Courses That Will Help Grow Grit and Focus Through Entrepreneurship

Setting and accomplishing goals at any age is not only rewarding but beneficial. I have learned so much over my life through the process of starting and running multiple businesses. From early on, I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship. The lessons we acquire from starting a small business can truly be some of the most essential life lessons you will ever gain. 

This is exactly why I think learning how to start, run, succeed and fail at being an entrepreneur is a must-do for any student at some point in their academic career. It builds character and grit equally. Failing and continuing to move forward are valuable life skills, and entrepreneurship for homeschool is one of the best ways to experience that. 

Learning entrepreneurship for homeschool is one of the best ways to experience essential life skills and grow grit! #homeschool #homeschoolelectives #entrepreneurship

My oldest daughter has witnessed me fail and succeed over her life at various times in business. Because of that, she has no fear when it comes to being an entrepreneur. At the age of seventeen, she has already had an Etsy shop and a local cupcake business. Both of which she learned so much from during her tweens! But now, she has settled into a successful Poshmark business online, thanks to another excellent resource for teens interested in e-commerce. And she also runs a local dog sitting business in the neighborhood where she makes full-time income working only part-time hours. These are accomplishments that I am proud of for her, and she wouldn’t have gotten there without a few failures. But she acquired her grit and learned these valuable lessons through starting, trying, failing, and trying again. That is the value of entrepreneurship for homeschool!

I want your children to experience this too! And it has never been so easy. Boss Club is a self-paced cross-curricular program designed for children ages 6-18. It was created by two brilliant guys, Charlie and David, who have excellent credentials for teaching entrepreneurship! You can read more about them here. Boss Club has designed self-paced courses and kits to help children experience all that being an entrepreneur offers. How awesome is that, right?

entrepreneurship for homeschool

3 Ways That Entrepreneurship for Homeschool Will Grow Your Child

  1. It takes them out of their comfort zone. If there is one thing that growing a business will do for anyone, it takes you right out of your comfort zone, where you can experience the most growth. Entrepreneurship grows you in ways you can’t imagine at any age. Your child will get the chance to learn so much about themselves in the process too! This helps build confidence, and your children will find out that they are capable of so much more than they realize. It may help your student with things like eye contact and interacting with customers or combatting shyness. Or it may cause them to hone their creative and productive skills. The possibilities are endless, and the learning lasts a lifetime. 
  2. They will experience and learn fundamental life skills. In my opinion, learning ways to generate income is a tremendous life skill. I think it is also an incredibly awesome feeling to know that you can make money on your own. Not everyone can say that is a skill they possess. For many families, an extra bit of income can make or break the monthly budget. A little extra money can pay for a class, an extracurricular, an instrument, or something you have been saving up for. 
  3. Your child will begin to forge a career path. Granted, your student might not continue this business for a lifetime, but they will start to discover their likes and dislikes regarding career ideas. For example, when my daughter ran her cupcake business in middle school, she thought baking was something that she would love to do as a business. It made sense because she had been baking and gifting cupcakes for some time. But interestingly, when she decided to bake as a professional and charge for her goods, she learned a lot about herself. As much as she enjoyed the act of baking, she disliked the pressure to decorate the cupcakes perfectly. Was she good at it? Sure. But she realized that her striving for perfectionism only stressed her out. So she learned a lot about what type of careers she might be better suited for through that experience. This is just an example of how your child can grow from entrepreneurship for homeschool. 

entrepreneurship for homeschool
A dog treat business is just one of many options to choose from Boss Club or use your own business idea!

Why Boss Club is the Perfect Fit for Learning Entrepreneurship 

  • The Boss Club founders are well-qualified teachers; you get to take a break from teaching and let them do what they do best. Your kids will get to learn from real-life successful entrepreneurs. They not only teach entrepreneurship but also share all the things they wish they had known. 
  • It’s a hands-on experience. Starting and running a business doesn’t have to be complicated when you have the right teachers and process. Your kids will be able to enjoy the course with all of its hands-on aspects of business ownership. Because it’s hands-on, the Boss Club Courses appeal to many learning styles. Creative kids and teens will love the Boss Club approach to business. 
  • They have a Christian Curriculum option! Anyone who knows me will understand how much I appreciate this, and I know many of you will too. Boss Club will help your children understand what integrity in business means and align their business mindset with the Bible. Each module ends with a spiritual application, so they always align their business values with God’s words. I can’t say enough about how happy this makes me as a homeschool mom. 
  • We are making a lasting impact. Another aspect of Boss Club that I appreciate is how they will help your student not only become an entrepreneur but help them make an impact! So, whether your child desires to serve others or improve the world, Boss Club helps them foster that idea too!
  • Flexible Courses and Kits. There are options to fit all of your homeschool or after-school needs. Boss Club has options, such as Christian vs. Secular, fast-track self-paced, homeschool or public school, and more. You can order physical business start-up kits or enjoy the curriculum online at your own pace. There is something for all ages and lifestyles. The physical business kits allow your child to choose from a dog treat, cake pop, bath bomb, fudge, and soap-making businesses. Or you can use your own business idea! Which Boss Club will walk you through how to come up with the right ideas for you. 
  • Use with your homeschool group or co-op. If you lead a homeschool group or co-op, this is a quality course you could offer as an elective or just for fun. As a longtime homeschool group leader, I wish I had known about Boss Club. We could have had a lot of fun with this course. 

entrepreneurship for homeschool

What You Can Expect With Boss Club Entrepreneurship for Homeschool 

  • Boss Club allows you to easily and flexibly integrate the course into your homeschool routine with their self-paced online courses. 
  • Learn business basics like how to set goals! Goal-setting alone is a priceless life skill, and Boss Club walks you through how to set goals. 
  • Biblical applications to business like stewardship and aligning business with the Bible. (My favorite parts!)
  • Email marketing and list building. 
  • Monitoring analytics and analyzing metrics. 
  • Case studies – your students will get to hear various case studies to learn real-life examples in entrepreneurship. 
  • Every module also has a Why This Matters aspect too! This is a vital part of helping your children not only hear the lessons but to have a grasp on why. The why matters, and I love that Boss Club gets it! 
  • Projects, lessons on hard work, and tons more!

entrepreneurship for homeschool
entrepreneurship for homeschool

The Boss Club courses are packed with so much solid information that I can’t express the value of them for your child. But I can urge you to take a look and strongly consider it! Entrepreneurship for homeschool may be one of the best investments in and for your child. 

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