improve language arts skills

Improve Language Arts Skills for Elementary with Night Zookeeper Online

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As a homeschooling mom of two active boys, I find myself seeking more creative ways to homeschool than I did when I was homeschooling my daughter. My children are unique and have their own individual learning styles and interests, but with boys, keeping things from becoming mundane helps us all stay sane. 

We try to steer clear of too many programs that educate with screens for obvious reasons. But, I feel like some of these incredible programs get overlooked for that reason too. We were recently introduced to Night Zookeeper for homeschool, and I am so happy that I didn’t pass it up just because it is an online program. 

Night Zookeeper is a wonderful interactive writing program and just the thing we needed to encourage my boys to write for fun. They are both in elementary and are still working on building their language arts skills. The interactive writing games from Night Zookeeper are precisely what we needed to excite them and build confidence in their writing. 

Most of the time, it’s not that my boys don’t know what to write; but they get tired of writing by hand. So by allowing them to use a computer or iPad to use Night Zookeeper, we have been able to improve language arts skills easily in our homeschool! Not only their language arts skills but also their willingness to write. Now that my boys have used Night Zookeeper, they are excited to write independently and eager to do their writing each day. 

The interactive writing games from Night Zookeeper are precisely what we needed to improve language arts skills for my kids. #languagearts #languageartsskills #homeschoollanguagearts #homeschoolelementary

3 Reasons Night Zookeeper Works So Well for Homeschoolers

  1. Night Zookeeper is Interactive – Language arts can be a tricky subject for kids to love. Most kids struggle with language arts because the curriculum feels boring to them. With Night Zookeeper, your child is learning so much that they don’t even realize it because they are having so much fun. Night Zookeeper has interactive games, challenges, and creative writing assignments. 
  2. Night Zookeeper is More Than Just a Writing Program – You can feel good about using Night Zookeeper’s online curriculum in your homeschool. When your child begins using Night Zookeeper, they will gain more knowledge of grammar, punctuation, writing, vocabulary, reading, and spelling! It covers so much more than creative writing. 
  3. Night Zookeeper is a Great Help to Parents – As a long-time homeschooling parent, I know first-hand that there are seasons that require more of me in the homeschool. There are also seasons when I need to have more open-and-go curriculum options or subjects that can be more hands-off when it comes to teaching. Your student can completely navigate Night Zookeeper, and you, the parent, will have a dashboard where you can check your student’s progress anytime. 

improve language art skills

Night Zookeeper can be used alone as a language arts curriculum, or you can use it as a supplemental activity. Either way, it’s extremely easy to jump right in and begin. The Night Zookeeper program is perfect for elementary students ages 6-12. 

What Can You Expect from Night Zookeeper?

  • Age-specific writing challenges such as sentence writing challenges and other challenges that build vocabulary, spelling, reading, grammar, and punctuation skills
  • Engaging quizzes that earn points
  • Writing goals based on your child’s progress
  • Your child will be prompted to edit their work 
  • Personalized feedback from writing tutors
  • Children can comment and give feedback on one another’s work (this is optional but also a great way to help your kids learn to encourage others)
  • Weekly writing lessons from Night Zookeeper tutors
  • Reading comprehension practice
  • Writing rewards
  • Writing competitions
  • Creative drawing and writing challenges
  • And lots more!

Improve Language Arts Skills

Night Zookeeper is an excellent fit for homeschooling language arts. Besides all of the wonderful things they offer, it’s completely affordable too!

improve language arts skills

Improve Language Arts Skills with Night Zookeeper

I highly recommend Night Zookeeper if you have a reluctant writer or if you are in a season of homeschooling where you need help teaching language arts. Night Zookeeper requires very little effort from me as the homeschool mom while helping my boys to improve language arts skills. 

I know so many parents, including myself, are careful about too much screen time. Many of us don’t want to choose a curriculum that is based online. However, if you can make the exception to give Night Zookeeper a try, you will see that it’s too beneficial to pass up. Another option might be to allow your children access to Night Zookeeper as something fun to do or once you have completed your other subjects for the day. However you choose to limit their screen time, you will be pleased with all that your children can learn in such a short amount of time with Night Zookeeper

improve language arts skills

My boys have enjoyed the creative Night Zookeeper experience so much! They don’t see it as doing their homeschool lessons; they think of it more as fun screen time. Their writing skills are improving, and they are eager to write and continue moving forward with the Night Zookeeper challenges and activities each day. It’s been a positive experience for us, and I think it can be for your family too!

Improve Language Arts Skills

Start a 7-Day Trial with Night Zookeeper and see what you think for yourself. PLUS if you use the link below you can SAVE 50% OFF an annual subscription!

improve language arts skills

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