Handbells for Homeschool

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Handbells For Homeschool Too

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Handbells For Homeschool Too


About a year ago, we got an opportunity to try a set of handbells as a family. At the time, I thought it would be a great way to introduce music to my younger children. My oldest had played violin in elementary, so I knew she was familiar with notes and music. But I wanted my younger two to experience music. However, I wasn’t ready to commit to driving them back and forth for music lessons. 

I did a little research and realized that handbells would be a fantastic resource for introducing them to music. It is also another way for them to get active on days that we are stuck inside. But here is the exciting thing, our whole family has come to love using handbells. We have enjoyed them so much that I have added them to our fun Friday homeschool loop schedule

I will be honest; we aren’t that good! But we sure do have a blast every time we pull out our handbells. We were delighted to receive another set from Merry Bells because now we have more bells to play. Playing handbells together has become one of our favorite family past times, and I am so excited to share with you because I think your family might enjoy them too. Especially for your homeschool. 

Here are three reasons why you should use handbells for homeschool too! Handbells are perfect for getting the wiggles out while learning. #handbells #homeschool #homeschoolmusic #musicforkids

Here Are 3 Reasons To Include Handbells In Your Homeschool 

Handbells Are Perfect For Special Days

Holidays and special days are the perfect time to use handbells for homeschool! Over our many years of homeschooling, I have found that we need to incorporate fun in our homeschool to keep things from being boring! So we mix up our days with hands-on activities like homeschool art, science experiments, and music. 

As we gear up for the holidays, we play our handbells in our homeschool more often. My two youngest love to practice too! We like to start practicing in the fall so that hopefully, we can play a few holiday songs together reasonably well by Christmas. 

But since Merry Bells has so many holiday tunes to choose from, you can play handbells in your homeschool for various holidays and occasions. It might even be neat to allow your kids to put on a recital or show for family members that may visit during the holidays. 

Here is a video of our family practicing some holiday jingles. Keyword, practicing! lol

Handbells Help Get the Wiggles Out

By using handbells for homeschool, you can quickly get the wiggles out of the way before a lesson begins by playing a song or two. Handbells are an excellent resource for using hand/eye coordination, gross and motor skills, and including movement in your homeschool days. 

Because there is no clean-up or setup, you can incorporate your handbells into any homeschool day or week. Unlike some crafts or other activities, handbells only require you to pop in a DVD and choose your song to play. That’s it! And another reason that they are a great addition to your homeschool, they are an easy activity that kids love. 

Hand Bells for Homeschool

We might use them to turn a lousy homeschool day around or even on days when I don’t feel like homeschooling. Because they are educational, help develop auditory skills, and improve memory – I can feel good about allowing my children to play! So, yes, it counts as homeschool! 

Learning to play the handbells for homeschool counts as music class. Your children will learn to follow the notes as they drop onto the screen on time. They can learn to read notes and music by beginning with handbells too. 

handbells for homeschool

Handbells Are An Affordable Family Activity

Like many of you, I love using activities in our homeschool and at home that are affordable. You can buy one set of handbells for your homeschool and get a lot of mileage out of it. With so many songs to play, your family will get hours and hours of fun from one or more of the DVDs you can get. 

Now that we have added another set of handbells to our home, we can invite family to play along with us too! It is so easy to play preschoolers to grandparents can all join in together, no matter the occasion. Merry Bells might also be great for getting together with your homeschool group or a few friends. 

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Watch families trying out Merry Bells for the first time!

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