Israel Subscription Boxes

Visit The Holy Land With Carefully Curated Israel Subscription Boxes

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Visit The Holy Land With Carefully Curated Israel Subscription Boxes

Are you ready to take a virtual trip to Israel? A virtual trip that you can touch and smell? It’s possible to take a mini trip to Israel without ever leaving your home. An Israel subscription box is the only thing you need to immerse yourself in culture, history and have a hands-on experience. So if you long to travel to the Holy Land but the timing isn’t right, an Artza box is the next best thing. 

Our family has come to love Artza boxes! These Israel subscription boxes follow the life of Christ through the footsteps Jesus walked on Earth. With carefully curated Artisan crafts, foods, and interesting finds. From Bethlehem to Jerusalem to Galilee to the Judean Desert, you can taste, touch, see and smell your way through. 

Are you ready to take a virtual trip to Israel? Immerse yourself in rich culture & history with an Israel subscription box from Artza! #artza #artzabox #israel #giftideas #subscriptionboxes

What’s Inside An Artza Israel Subscription Box?

This is our second box from Artza; our first was the Bethlehem subscription box. When I wrote about the Bethlehem box, I mentioned how these would be a great addition to your homeschool curriculum. Full of history and exciting things to learn about in each box, they are like a mini field trip for the family to explore together. 

Israel History

Inside each Israel subscription box from Artza, you will receive a beautiful print of the chosen Holy Land destination along with scripture, history, postcards, and new Hebrew words or phrases to learn. 

We were thrilled to receive our Galilee box! It has a wonderful recipe for hummus with a new seasoning we are getting ready to try. We eat a lot of hummus around here, so we were happy to see a recipe inside the Galilee box. I love that each box is so different; you might be tasting sweets in one and making hummus from another. You never know what new things you will get to taste and try. 

We also received some olive oil (eeeek so excited to try this), handmade soap, handcrafted candles, and so much more in the Galilee box. An Israel subscription box will keep you busy with something new each quarter. Many of the items curated inside the box have a lovely card that tells you about the artisan business. We also enjoy reading up on each of the artisans. You get to read their background, and many have incredible stories. We have even found products that we have loved and continue to reorder beyond the boxes. Supporting these local businesses is something that our family enjoys. 

Our family also likes to gift items from our boxes to others. If we receive something in one of our boxes that we know a family member or friend might appreciate, we will gift it to them. So they make excellent gift items too! Or better yet, give a subscription to someone who has a strong desire to visit the Holy Land. 


Reasons To Sign Up For An Artza Subscription:

  • Explore The Holy Land without ever leaving home. 
  • Introduce your family to The Holy Land’s history and culture. 
  • Find new Artisan products to enjoy. 
  • Support Artisans and businesses in Israel. 
  • Try new things! 
  • Gift a friend or family member. 
  • Collect specially curated crafts. 
  • Learn more about the places that Jesus walked and lived while on Earth. 

I hope this gives you a peek into an Artza subscription box; it really is The Holy Land, Delivered. USE COUPON CODE COURTNEY20 for 20%OFF Your First Box!    

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