Bible for Preschoolers

Bible For Preschoolers Really Can Be Easy And Memorable

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We adults really can overcomplicate things, can’t we? As moms, we find ourselves spending hours searching for the right curriculum or resources to ensure we get it all right. But when it comes to introducing the Bible at an early age, it really can be easy and memorable.

A few years ago, when my boys were preschoolers, I knew I wanted to incorporate Bible lessons at home. I tried more than a few different resources until I settled on one. I am so glad that I did too. My boys can still retell many powerful Bible stories that they learned early on. 

Are you overcomplicating Bible for preschoolers? It doesn't have to be complicated; simplicity is key when introducing the Bible at home. #homeschool #preschool #bibleforkids #biblecurriculum #preschoolbible

When I began searching for resources to teach the Bible to preschoolers, I thought of Sunday School at home. You know, Bible stories, scripture memory, and a coordinating Bible craft. But, I was overcomplicating it a little. I often have to remind myself (especially when I get caught up in thinking I need all the things to study the Bible), we just need to read it. Simple. I didn’t need anything fancy or elaborate to start introducing the Bible to my preschoolers now. 

So that’s what we did. We purchased The Jesus Storybook Bible, read one story each week, and watched the same story on video the following day (or multiple days, lol). I found reading it and then watching it was an easy way for them to learn these important Bible stories. 

On the days that we weren’t reading a Bible story or watching the DVDs, I used these easy handout sheets for the Bible verse and discussion questions to cover the story. The handouts are simple, and they ask questions to reinforce what your preschoolers have learned. Each handout coordinates with a story from The Children’s Storybook Bible and has an age-appropriate memory verse you can work on together. The curriculum handouts come in Old & New Testaments. 


We still watch the DVDs today, and my boys love them. We also added The Beginner’s Bible First 100 Bible Words. Keeping resources like these in our home has been a great way to help my younger ones learn about the Bible and not overcomplicate things. 

Bible for Preschoolers

Other Resources To Help Your Family Learn The Bible

Bible Art Lessons for the Family – As my children have grown in their faith and understanding of the Bible, we have blended in art lessons from some of our favorite Bible Stories from the Old Testament, New Testament, and The Easter Story.  Here is how you can plan an awesome home Bible study for kids. 

Bible for Preschoolers

Worship Music for Kids – If you haven’t heard of Seeds Family Worship, you will definitely want to check them out. They specialize in worship music for kids. Your children will not only have a blast listening to their music, but most of the songs are memory verse based. So your children can hide God’s Word in their hearts from learning the words to the songs. 

Bible Games – Bible Bingo, anyone? Check out all of these fun Bible Games we got to try out. 

Resources for Sharing the Gospel with Kids – If you aren’t sure about what to say when talking about salvation with children, see how easy it is to share. 

Bible Studies for Teens – My daughter and I have done some great Bible studies over the years. Here are a few of my favorites for teen girls and a few for boys too!

Devotions for Teen Boys: This is a fantastic devotional written from a mom’s perspective for teen boys. 

Christmas Games that Share the Story of Jesus – Use some of these fun games at Christmas to share the story of Christ. 

Advent for Homeschool Families – My favorite Advent resource for homeschool families here!

Creative Ways to Incorporate Faith into Your Homeschool Curriculum – Here are a few ideas to get your creative planning juices flowing. 

I hope this gives you the confidence to introduce the Bible to your preschoolers without feeling like you need ALL THE THINGS. Keep it simple and just enjoy your time with your early learners, have discussions, answers questions, and soak up the sweetness, friends! 




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