Homeschool Science Kit

Super Simple and Flexible Homeschool Science Kits for All Ages

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Super Simple and Flexible Homeschool Science Kits for All Ages

Science, it’s a love it or hate it subject for so many. I remember having well-intentioned yet incredibly dull science teachers in public school growing up. I’ve never enjoyed science, and with each class, my love for science never grew. I don’t mean that to be an insult because public school and homeschool teachers can both teach in a way that has our students dying from boredom. 

But when a teacher presents a subject, class, or concept in a manner that has their students napping, nobody wins. When that happens, we teachers are guilty of not cultivating a love of learning. 

That desire to learn and know more is precisely what we need to inspire our learners. And if we are honest, what fun is it for us as teachers to sit through a lesson where we are all bored and wishing it was over anyway? 

That’s just no way to learn or teach! So, how can we help make science exciting at home? Better yet, how can we have fun with science at home? Homeschool science kits might be just what you need!

I have been guilty of holding a snoozefest of a lesson before, but luckily Home Science Tools has come to the rescue. We recently got the opportunity to try out their line of homeschool science kits called Science Unlocked. And I can’t wait to share the exciting details with you all. They are pretty awesome!

Hands-on homeschool science kits for kids of all ages! You will love how flexible they are and can be added to any curriculum. #homeschool #homeschoolscience #sciencekits

Why Use A Homeschool Science Kit?

Like I mentioned above, these science kits will help you teach a lesson or new concept without sucking the life from the class. Your child will love that they can learn something new and dive all in!

If you find yourself skipping science, you will definitely love these kits. With no prep required ahead of time, you really can open and teach with Science Unlocked right out of the box. 

Are you the mom who can never find all of the supplies when you need them? Or maybe you forget to buy the supplies you need in advance? No worries with Science Unlocked! Everything you need is right inside your kit!

Hey planner mom, I see you! There are plenty of Science Unlocked kits available with all types of options like physics, chemistry, biology, and earth & space. So you can plan to fit the best kits to coincide with whatever you may be learning about. 

Homeschool Science Kits

Who Would Benefit From Homeschool Science Kits?

  • These homeschool science kits are perfect for all ages! With three different age or skill levels to choose from, you can make sure your child is challenged age-appropriately. You can choose from levels Wonder, Accelerate, and Launch. There are Science Unlocked kits that cover grades K-12th. 
  • Do you prefer family-style learning when it comes to science experiments? The Science Unlocked kits work well for small groups too! We have done a few where we all worked through a kit as a family. The youngest children can help with specific tasks and benefit from watching the whole lesson or experiment. I think family-style learning is a great way to do science experiments, which is a big time-saver for homeschool moms too! 
  • Families that prefer to learn and work on one concept or topic for a while will also love the flexibility of Science Unlocked. I love how you can purchase whichever kit you want to dive into, and there is no time limit. If you zip through it in a month, great, or if you’re going to linger in that topic for longer, you can do that too. They are super flexible and easy to adapt to any homeschool curriculum or routine
  • Parents working on helping their students do more independent work in their homeschools will appreciate the kits. Depending on your student’s age, you can allow your older children to work through a kit at their own pace and independently. I let my 10th-grade student complete kits independently, and I check her workbook for errors afterward. However, most of us in the house are nearby to watch all of the experiment excitement anyways. 
  • Children who crave a hands-on approach to learning will certainly enjoy Science Unlocked. Since each kit has everything you need to get started immediately inside, your kids can dive right in with all of these exciting hands-on lessons.

Homeschool Science Kits

What Will You Receive With Your Science Unlocked Kit?

Each homeschool science kit comes complete with a teacher’s manual and a student workbook. You will also receive every item you need to complete each experiment in just one box. You don’t need to purchase anything additional! I love that, because there is nothing worse than not having all the supplies you need for a lesson. 

The teacher’s guide has a fantastic and super simple guide you can follow. It includes the amount of time each activity will take, so if you want to break it down into smaller chunks, you can. I found this extremely helpful when planning out your homeschool days and week ahead. 

Homeschool Science Kits

The student workbook is awesome too! There is just enough material that the lesson is driven home without overkill. The lessons are concise yet interesting enough to keep your student excited about what they are learning. There is a good balance of hands-on learning mixed with workbook assignments so that your kids don’t feel overwhelmed by a textbook-only approach. 

Homeschool Science Kits

Homeschool Science Kits Recap

I hope you will take a few minutes to look at the line of homeschool science kits from Homeschool Science Tools today! They are an excellent fit for any homeschool because of the flexibility to adapt it to your homeschool however you prefer. 

Homeschool Science Kits

Don’t forget to grab these freebies from Home Science Tools. 

Homeschool Science

UPDATE: New Science Unlocked Kits Have Been Added 

We are thrilled to get the chance to try another Science Unlocked Kit from Home Science Tools. We recently have been diving into What Goes Around Earth and Space Kit on the Accelerate level for students 3rd-7th grade. It covers the earth’s water cycles, and we have turned salt water into fresh water and experimented with erosion.

Homeschool Science Kits - Science Unlocked

My boys have really enjoyed this one so far! There are plenty of new kits to check out, so make sure you take a look if you haven’t recently. 

Science Unlocked What Goes Around

Lastly, this is for my fellow homeschool mommas! You must gift your homeschool mom friends, or yourself this beaker coffee (or tea) mug. It is too cute and perfect for homeschool days that need that extra caffeine boost. They also make sweet gifts for the kids, mine think it’s so much fun to drink hot cocoa out of! 

Homeschool Science Kits and Beaker Mug for Mom




  1. Jen Dodrill

    This is a great idea! Especially for moms like me who aren’t really “gifted” in science. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy Sloan

    I love that this eliminates the need to go around collecting all the random odds and ends we never seem to have when the time comes to do an experiment. 🙂

  3. Mia

    Thanks for this! Too bad i dont think this is available in my country. We are on online classes since all schools here are on lock down so i am looking for an “afterschool” program that they can do at home.

    But this is such a nice kit to help cultivate the love of science in children

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