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Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Online Art Curriculum For Homeschoolers

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Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Online Art Curriculum For Homeschoolers

Do you know what I hear from homeschool families way too often? That they are skipping art! Gasp with a capital G. After 12+ years of homeschooling, I have found art to be an essential part of a healthy homeschool. So if you are skipping art in your homeschool – give me just a couple of minutes to try to convince you not to. Plus, let me show you an art curriculum that you can seamlessly blend into your homeschool.

Art is an essential part of a healthy homeschool! But, you do need the right art curriculum to make the most of it. THIS one fits the bill! #artcurriculum


Why Do Most Homeschoolers Skip Art?

If you are wondering how I know this, I have had the privilege of coaching many homeschool families over the years. The number one subject that homeschool parents tell me they usually skip or rarely do in their homeschool is art. 

I find this fascinating because we have found that to keep my kids, and myself from burning out after homeschooling for so long – we have to add fun and art! 

However, I do understand and have personally experienced a lack of motivation or inspiration when it comes to homeschooling. We can all get tired of the mundane day after day same ol’ homeschool routine. It happens to everyone at some point, especially if you are still in the checking off the boxes phase

Now I don’t mean that we don’t all have boxes to check off or curriculum to complete. But if you obsessively believe that you must complete every single worksheet, every page of a textbook, and allow yourself to be ruled by your curriculum rather than the other way around – there is a better way!

I do mean that kids need to be creative, learning can be fun, and not all education comes from a textbook. Unfortunately, it took me too long to understand that. That is exactly why I help other homeschool families; your homeschool can be so much more than just checking off the boxes.  

Why Should You Start Adding Art To Your Homeschool?

  • Fun: As I mentioned before, education can be fun, so if your family isn’t experiencing enjoyment or excitement while learning, you may need to try something new like adding hands-on activities such as art. Your kids will be more willing to participate in home education if they see opportunities for fun. Sadly, many parents think it can’t really be educational if there is fun involved – and that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
  • Solidify a Lesson: Have you ever noticed when your child has an impactful or exciting experience, they remember it more? Boring lessons your kids will tend to forget but add art, and your child has something to remember. And you can add art to just about any lesson. 
  • Creativity: Our kids love to express themselves and get creative! They crave an outlet to exercise their creative side, and art allows them to do that in the homeschool. This makes for happier students! 
  • Avoid Burnout: This goes for parents and children that are educating at home. Nobody enjoys boring, no one. If your children are frustrated with homeschooling or stall to get started every day, you might not be cultivating a love of learning. I can say this because I have been guilty of it. Involve activities in the homeschool that qualify as education and are enjoyable for everyone at the same time. 
  • Affordable: Of all the art options available to homeschoolers, chalk pastel art is the most affordable. Yep. All you need to get started are a simple set of chalk pastels and copy or construction paper. So you can begin with minimal supplies. 
  • Family-Friendly: The entire family can join in! Yes. It’s true. I can combine my elementary-aged children and my high-school student while we use You ARE An Artist’s art curriculum. Combining all of my kids for a subject is a huge time saver for me, and we can incorporate nature, literature, holidays, poetry tea time, and lots more together! 

An Online Art Curriculum That Seamlessly Blends Into Your Homeschool 

I can’t cover them all, but here is just a taste of what you can add to your homeschool with You ARE An Artist. There are courses that coincide with just about anything you are learning! And most of the art courses also have companion workbooks with teaching resources right at your fingertips. The art curriculum from You ARE An Artist is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like homeschooling too! Don’t ask me how I know. 

You ARE An Artist’s Course Offerings:


History – Ancient, Medieval, American, Modern


The Games

Holidays & Celebrations (The Slice of Celebration Cake art lesson is perfect for birthdays.)


Summer Camp

World & American Landmarks

Maps for Geography


Poetry Tea Time

Art for Preschool 

Famous Artists







Literature (Some of the photos in the post are from our Secret Garden art lesson from You ARE An Artist.) 

See the extensive course list here

How You Can Easily Add This Art Curriculum To Your Homeschool 

I can’t take credit for what I am about to tell you, but it’s the easiest way to integrate art into practically anything you are learning in your homeschool. You ARE An Artist Clubhouse is an online art membership that will change the way you homeschool. 

With a clubhouse membership, you will get access to over 700+ art lessons. You can get a year’s worth of homeschool art lessons for your entire family for about the same cost as a week of summer art camp for one child. Think about that! Such a good investment for your homeschool. 

Once you grab a membership, you can easily plan how to incorporate art into your homeschool with all of the fantastic resources that You ARE An Artist has to offer. 

They make it so easy to add art to just about anything you are learning in your homeschool. Plus, most of their I Drew It Then I Knew It art courses have companion workbooks that include planners, book lists, fast fact sheets, biographies or overviews of the topics, and so much more. 

So what does that mean for you? Less time hunting down resources for lessons! Just about everything you need to plan a lesson can be found in one spot.

Homeschool Art

Additional Ideas For Adding Art (Fun) To Your Homeschool 

  • Fun Fridays – Choose a day of the week that your kids can look forward to, and use it as a motivator. For example, if they complete all of the homeschool work for the week, then have an art session on Fridays. 
  • Poetry Tea Times – Poetry tea time is a wonderful way to incorporate books, poetry, and art into your homeschool. It is still educational, and your kids will love it. We use poetry tea time with art often; it is also a great way to blend fine arts into your homeschool. Not to mention you can add life skills, allow your kids to help bake a treat for poetry tea time and have everyone practice their table manners together. 
  • Holiday Art Celebrations – We celebrate just about everything in our homeschool with art. You can see an entire list here of all the opportunities you have through each homeschool year to celebrate with art too!

Join the fun at!

Important Information About Membership with

You ARE An Artist continues to add new art lessons each week to the 700+ current lessons. In addition, they are creating more companion workbooks, live events, and supplemental resources; the value of the membership is increasing, and the price will reflect that soon too. 

But I wanted to make sure you guys knew that now is the time to join! (If you are a current member, you will not see a price increase. In addition, if you are an existing member, now is a great time to upgrade to the Clubhouse Complete if you haven’t already.)

I hope this gives you a reason to think twice before skipping art in your homeschool. And I also hope to encourage you to grab your membership to the clubhouse today! 

If you have ANY questions about membership with You ARE An Artist – feel free to drop a comment here in the post, reach out to me on social media, or contact me directly. I would love to help your family get started with chalk pastels in your homeschool; it has done wonders for us. 

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