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Christian Homeschool Science That Is The Full Package

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Christian Homeschool Science That Is The Full Package

Homeschool science curriculum, it’s no fun to shop for if you don’t love teaching it. Even worse, science can get left out of the homeschool routine. Just because we aren’t passionate about teaching a subject, or confident for that matter – doesn’t mean we can wish it away. Teaching science is essential. 

So what’s a homeschool mom to do? Over the many years that we have homeschooled, I have come to love outsourcing the subjects that I am less confident about teaching or lack passion for. 

However, with that said, as a Christian homeschool mom, when it comes to outsourcing homeschool science, I have two requirements. 

  1. That the homeschool science curriculum we choose teaches from the creation perspective. 
  2. That the teacher is passionate and knowledgeable about science. 

Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum

That is where College Prep Science comes in. I always jump at the chance to use and share College Prep Science resources with you. Because if there are two things I am sure of, Greg Landry dedicates himself to teaching homeschoolers science not only from a Christian perspective but also thoroughly. 

Here Are Just A Few Reasons You May Want To Consider Outsourcing Your Family’s Homeschool Science Curriculum:

  • If you dread teaching science as a subject, it may be the right time to hand it over to College Prep Science. From experience, I can tell you that it is better to have a teacher excited about sharing the subject matter with your children than one who may lack spark. When Greg Landry shares any curriculum from College Prep Science with your children, you can feel his passion through the computer screen. That’s the kind of attitude that ignites curiosity in your child and makes the outsourcing worth it. He is also a homeschool dad, so you’ve got to love that. 
  • When you often struggle to teach homeschool science. We all have natural gifts, and mine is not teaching science. I know many of you will relate to this, so rather than struggle through each lesson, let the professionals step in and help you. You can use that extra time towards something else that is more beneficial to your family or homeschool. 
  • When you realize that you are not consistently homeschooling science, you may want to outsource it. If you know that your kids should be learning science each week, but you find yourself skipping it or procrastinate completing it – this is probably a good sign that you might be better off outsourcing it. 

Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum

Our children could be missing out on the fascinating subject of science. As parents, we may need to evaluate and decide to use a quality science curriculum like College Prep Science.  

Why Christian Homeschool Parents Can Appreciate College Prep Science

Self-Paced Courses

We recently had a great time learning from College Science Prep’s Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology course. It is entirely self-paced, and I know parents like myself will appreciate that. 

I like the flexibility of being able to access the course on our schedule. That eliminates stress and also allows for my children to work at their own comfortable pace. 

Live Classes & Labs

Besides the comprehensive online self-paced option like Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology, your family can also use College Science Prep for live classes online. 

If self-paced isn’t your first choice, no worries, your students can attend real-time live classes in all areas of science. College Science Prep offers live courses online such as Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and more. You can see a line up of all the course offerings here. 

Or you can read more about the 2-day science labs they offer that can cover an entire credit here. Yep! Sounds incredible, right?

Christian Perspective

You will rest easy knowing that Greg Landry is teaching your students with a Christian perspective in mind. What’s more mind-blowing, Mr. Landry prays with your students. I was blown away as I watched the intro to their Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology course as Greg Landry began orientation with prayer. It is extremely rare to find teachers praying with your family like that. I know that is a true testament to his character. 

Christian Homeschool Science

Ease of Use 

If you love organized materials and simplistic resources, you will appreciate how the self-paced courses from College Science Prep are set up. Once you log in, you can easily access your study guides, classes, and content all in one convenient place. Mr. Landry refers to it as your homeroom, and it’s all well organized. 

Christian Homeschool Science


College Science Prep courses are thorough; for example – Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology class #1 is dedicated to note-taking, studying, and test-taking. Rather than diving into the classes, Greg Landry sets your children up for success by helping them understand what’s expected of them in the course. Teaching our children how to take notes properly and the best methods for quizzes and tests are excellent resources for children.  


There are limited materials needed for most of College Science Prep’s online classes. Once you are inside your homeroom, you will get an orientation, the study guide, and classes. Besides purchasing the course, you probably have the additional materials needed in your homeschool – a notebook and colored pencils. 

Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum

To learn more or if you are looking into a science curriculum for grades 4th through 12th, definitely visit College Science Prep today. They are a fantastic provider of all types of science curriculum for Christian families. 

Grab Science Freebies for Homeschool Moms from College Science Prep Here.


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