Christmas Planning

How To Have A Peaceful & Reflective Advent for Christian Homeschool Families

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How To Have A Peaceful & Reflective Advent for Christian Homeschool Families

Is it me, or does it feel like Christmas comes on way too fast? You know, we are bopping along through the fall and enjoying our pumpkin lattes, then whoop, Christmas is just a few weeks away! Christmas planning ends up being more like a rush of quick decisions, and the next thing we know, the day has come and gone. 

I don’t want it to be like that, and I know you don’t either. The better alternative is peaceful Christmas planning and lots of time with Jesus. We all know that, yet somehow we spend year after year repeating the former. 

Let me say this first; it’s ok to get help. If you are like me, you feel the need to carry the load and do it all. It’s like I purposely can make things way more complicated than necessary. Can you relate? 

So here is my plea to you, friends – take the help! And today, that is precisely what I am offering you! Hear me out. 

Why spend another holiday rushing and frantic? The better alternative is peaceful Christmas planning and lots of time with Jesus.

When I had my third and last baby, I was offered a meal train after bringing him home. I didn’t want to burden anyone or seem like I was taking too much help, so I declined. I had just had a baby 14 months before my last one, and I didn’t want to seem greedy, I guess. As I am retelling this story, it sounds pretty silly, I know. 

Now that I am a little older and wiser, I realize that it can benefit everyone around us when we take the extra help, no matter how big or small. I thought I was selfish somehow if I accepted the meal train, but imagine how it would have taken a load off of me with two babies at home. Not to mention, my husband and oldest child probably would have loved a few extra home-cooked meals during that time. 

I complicated things for no reason at all. I am blaming that one on the baby brain! But seriously, there is help even when it comes to planning for Christmas. 

And if the truth be told, once we have gotten through Thanksgiving, we really could use some time recharging and refreshing as moms. Our bodies and souls want to slow down and savor the season, not rush through it. 

Back To Christmas Planning For Moms

So if, like me, you want a slow and peaceful holiday season for your family. I encourage you to try A Homespun Hallelujah. 

It’s a beautiful Advent specifically for refreshing moms. No busy, bustling holidays for you! Instead, picture Advent reflections to recharge your soul. 

My favorite part of A Homespun Hallelujah (besides the Advent scripture reflections) is the Christmas Planner. I am an organizer at heart, and this is the easiest way to enjoy the holiday season while maintaining a sense of organization. 

Christmas Planning

Make Your Christmas More Peace Filled With A Homespun Hallelujah

Scripture Journal: You will receive an Advent scripture journal that will draw you closer to Christ daily. Enjoy guided reflection, gratitude journaling, writing out prayers, and scriptures. This is truly refreshing to your soul. 

Christmas Planning

Christmas Planner: You will love this planning process so much you will use it year after year. Yes, it’s that good. The Christmas planner includes simple steps for you to follow each day to stay on track for Christmas.

You will have a prompt for each day to everything from crafts, art, make handmade gifts, watch or listen to the Nutcracker, needlepoint, read the Christmas story in the Bible. All of your usual to-do list items are there, and some you didn’t know you needed! 

Christmas Planning

Christmas Planning

Enjoy Arts & Crafts: Much of the time, we moms are skipping out on the crafts and things our hearts desire to do. Naturally, we are doing for our children, and our passions take a backseat. But for December, you can fill your creative cup. All sorts of slowing down to enjoy what we love doing but never make the time to do it. 

Intentional Moments: Being intentional has been a focus for me for a long time. It requires a little planning, and that’s another reason I love A Homespun Hallelujah. You will have prompts for special moments with your children. (Say goodbye to mommy guilt!)

You will rest intentionally too! When is the last time you had a planner that knew you needed to rest? With A Homespun Hallelujah, you will spend time savoring the season and find yourself refreshed when the holidays are over. 

Christmas planning has never been this easy or peaceful. I strongly encourage you to take the help today. Your family will be happier for it too! 


Christmas PlanningChristmas Planning


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