Childrens Handbells

Here’s A Fun And Affordable Way To Introduce Music

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Here’s A Fun And Affordable Way To Introduce Music

I will never forget, 6th-grade handbell choir. Yes, that’s a thing. Before I began playing an instrument independently, I had a fantastic year of playing children’s handbells in the middle school handbell choir.

I did have a short run of piano lessons at the age of 5, but handbells are perfect for cultivating an appreciation for music early on. Handbells are easy to use, and you can quickly begin playing music.

Back to the handbell choir, we had a Christmas concert and everything. I was a naturally shy child, and the handbell choir was an easy way to contribute to a group musically. When we played Christmas carols all together, it felt magical. I loved practicing and playing. The experience left me more interested in music than I was before. It was a fantastic learning opportunity.

Low and behold, I recently found out that you can get a set of children’s handbells to play at home! Say what??

Yes. So I had to try a set with the whole family. I had been dying to get my two youngest interested in playing music, and I also love the idea of something we can do as a family.


Introduce Music at Home with Children's Handbells

Children’s Handbells Are The Perfect Introduction To Music For Early Learners

Playing handbells are perfect for early learners because they help develop their fine and gross motor skills. Your children can exercise fine and gross motor skills in a few different ways with handbells, think ringing a bell, or even two simultaneously. And they don’t even have to sit still, it’s great for active kids. 

Childrens Handbells

In addition to that, learning to play an instrument or music can open up new brain pathways. There are many benefits to learning to play handbells for children early on. Most importantly, your children will cultivate a love of music. 

Children of all ages love learning to play too! That’s why children’s handbells are perfect for the whole family.

See How Easy It Is To Play Handbells Together As A Family

Speaking of a wonderful family, The Merry Bells Family created easy to follow DVDs for your family to be able to play songs together right out of the box.

Childrens Handbells

With color-coded notes dropping on your choice of computer or TV screen, playing handbells has never been easier. No one in your family needs to know how to read music. You simply ring your bell when your coordinating color drops on the black bar of the screen.

Childrens Handbells

My five and 6-year-old were playing songs right out of the box. Our whole family of 5 has been enjoying playing music together for a few weeks now. It is truly a fun family experience! Homeschool families will definitely enjoy learning and playing handbells together. 

There are so many songs to choose from too! You can get everything from patriotic music to Christmas carols and even beloved classic children’s songs.

Merry Bells offers digital downloads and printable song charts too.

Playing handbells as a family is about to be your new favorite past time! Or include it in your homeschool day as a part of your music lessons like we have.




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