10 Places To Find The Homeschool Inspiration You Crave

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10 Places To Find The Homeschool Inspiration You Crave

We all have days and seasons when homeschooling is challenging. And for whatever reason, we may need a pick me up. We crave a little homeschool inspiration at times. We aren’t bad moms or teachers; we just need the motivation to help us keep going. That homeschool inspiration can come in many forms.

Some homeschool moms seek out quotes and scripture for that much-needed boost. If you are like me, you might also be scrolling for pretty Instagram photos or pick up a good book for homeschool parents. For some, looking at homeschool spaces can get the creative juices flowing. We are all different, and we each get recharged in different ways.

Homeschool Inspiration

Here Are 10 Places You Might Want To Look When You Crave Fresh Homeschool Inspiration

  • Books. For some of you, reading might help you gain more knowledge that will lead to inspiration. I, too, love a good book about education. There are some wonderful books about homeschooling that can give you a fresh new perspective on educating at home. I highly recommend Teaching from Rest, The Call of the Wild and Free: Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child’s Education, and The Unhurried Homeschooler: A Simple, Mercifully Short Book on Homeschooling. These are just a few super encouraging books to read when you feel weary from those seemingly mundane homeschool days. 

  • Conferences & Speakers. Some of us have the misconception that conferences are too expensive, but nowadays, there are online homeschool conferences that are super affordable to attend right from your own home. You have to think of it as more of an investment. Some conferences are just for encouragement, a blend of things, or homeschool curriculum. You can also watch for when your favorite speakers come to town or follow your favorite speakers online, but they always have something worthwhile to share, and it can open you up to a new perspective. Every time I leave a conference, I feel refreshed and full of new ideas! One of my personal favorites is the Teach Them Diligently conference for Christian Families.

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  • Video & Audio. If you can’t attend a conference, get the audio afterward, they sell them at the conference usually and online once it has ended. You can play these back when you feel like you need some inspiration or motivation. There are so many fantastic home education podcasts, vlogs, and audios available at our fingertips these days; what a tremendous advantage we have!

  • Courses and Classes. Homeschool inspiration is currently available at our fingertips now. Take advantage of online workshops, courses, and classes for homeschool parents. You can gain so many fresh ideas even if you have been homeschooling for years! If there is an area that you struggle in, I can bet there is a course or workshop out there that can help you find your get-up-and-go!

  • Teacher In-Service Days. Something I heard years ago was a light bulb moment for me. Treat ourselves like actual teachers! Crazy, right? Give your self a Teacher In-Service Day when you need to plan or catch up on prepping and grading. The kids can have a fun free day, and they won’t complain about that. Have your husband or family member watch the kids if you can, and go to the local coffee shop and catch up! Use that time to learn, watch a video, read, do whatever you need to do. You will acquire new perspectives and feel refreshed again. Even if just for an hour or two – the residual effect could last for weeks!
  • Pinterest and Instagram. I think these two can get a bad rap. We don’t have to live up to anyone else’s standards. We should be able to look at other homeschool room photos for ideas and inspiration without feeling bad. If we feel negative about someone else’s homeschool or space, there might be something deeper affecting us, and we might need to evaluate what is going on inside. With that said, I love to look at other homeschool routines, homeschool rooms, and take away fresh ideas to explore. I have gleaned so much from other incredible homeschool families!
  • Magazines. Yes! There are home educating magazines packed with encouragement for homeschool moms just like you! Take advantage of free digital issues from Homeschooling Today or subscribe to the print edition. It’s always a good day to receive your favorite homeschooling magazine unexpectedly in the mail. Another one of my favorites is from the Wild + Free!

  • Blogs. Homeschool blogs are a wonderful place to learn from. You can take away so much from the wisdom of a fellow homeschool mom. Homeschool blogs are filled with everything from homeschool curriculum, homeschool schedules, homeschool activities, homeschool hacks, and tons more. I think they are the perfect place to get the homeschool inspiration we may be searching for. Narrow it down to a few of your favorite homeschooler bloggers and subscribe to their newsletter so that you can be reminded to look at what they are up to periodically.
  • Mentors & Coaches. When you need homeschool encouragement and wisdom, find someone who has extensive experience in home education. Some homeschool moms have been homeschooling for years and offer professional homeschool coaching. Using a homeschool coach can help you narrow down curriculum with tried and true processes, offer much-needed unbias advice, and they have tons of real-life homeschool experience. Often, we lean on a fellow homeschool mom and friend that we know, but they aren’t professional mentors and the information they may provide you is only what they have personal experience with. Don’t underestimate how helpful a homeschool consultant can be to your homeschool journey. They can save you from plenty of homeschool road bumps and are affordable. Homeschool coaches, mentors, and consultants have usually helped hundreds of families and have processes in place to get you where you need to be in less time.
  • Groups. Homeschool groups are an excellent way to find community and the homeschool inspiration we crave! Whether you find your community in person or online, there are wonderful groups you can join. Sometimes the motivation we need to continue homeschooling is found in human connection. A homeschool friend online and in-person can refresh the soul. If you are seeking relationships among other homeschool moms, please join our online group here.

Homeschool Inspiration

No matter what, we should be continually learning and refreshing. It’s good for your mind and soul, momma! No matter what type of homeschool style you use – traditional, eclectic, Charlotte Mason, etc., there is room to be inspired, motivated, and continue our education as teachers!

Homeschool Inspiration

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