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Solid American Government Curriculum For Your Christian Teen

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Solid American Government Curriculum For Your Christian Teen

Are you searching for a solid American Government Curriculum for your homeschooled Christian teen? Searching for a credible government curriculum can be tricky, especially if you want the best of both worlds – accurate information paired with the Christian perspective, our United States was founded upon.

It’s possible you may be experiencing the stress of searching for just the right U.S. Government curriculum for your homeschooled teen. Unfortunately, we live in a new culture that is less interested in the government our founding fathers had in mind. For that reason, I think that the American Government Curriculum from Boundary Stone is a timely find.

With the shifts and uncertainty in our current America, it is more important than ever to ensure that our children understand Basic American Government.

American Government Curriculum

We see so much misinformation being shared on the internet these days, and even on mainstream media. Now is a fantastic chance to help your Christian teen understand what our Constitution says, and why it is crucial.

I am sure, like many of you, the last thing you want to do is allow your children to leave home without an understanding of how our government should operate. My oldest is in 10th grade this year, and I felt like we needed to cover the American Government in depth. The meaty parts.

American Government Curriculum

Luckily Boundary Stone has created an in-depth self-paced online course to help your teen learn all about American Government. I recently came upon this course, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the curriculum’s quality. Basic American Government is one that I feel incredibly confident recommending to you as a fellow Christian family.

After looking over the course, I decided to take it right alongside my daughter. I too, want to brush up on my knowledge of historical politics, our history’s valuable documents, and the context in which it was all designed for us the American people. I am so glad that we made a choice to take it together, we have had some wonderful discussions stemming from this course.

American Government Curriculum

What Your Christian Teen Will Learn From The Basic American Government Curriculum From Boundary Stone

  • The Significance of the American Constitution
  • The Powers of Congress and the President
  • The Authority of the Courts
  • The Bill of Rights
  • The History and Making of our Government
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How Does The Online American Government Course Work?

The Basic American Government course includes a textbook along with a self-paced online course. Each lesson, your student will log in and read some text, watch relevant videos, and work through a corresponding print out of questions and notes.

American Government Curriculum

I appreciated the set up of the course. It was extremely easy for my daughter to log in and work through a lesson without any assistance. All the assignments and activities are clearly lined out and made it simple to complete. The only parent requirements may be checking your student’s study guide to help with corrections. Other than that, everything else grades automatically. I think that is a great benefit for parents who also work from home or have multiple children to homeschool.

American Government Curriculum

Also included in the course are fun yet mature quizzes and practice games  to help you learn and retain information. (I have to say, I really enjoyed these!) Of course, there is no requirement to take this course alongside your child. I am just a nerd like that. And since many of our high school teens are used to watching videos as they consume information, most of them will enjoy the video content.

American Government Curriculum

Your student will earn 1 full credit from The Basic American Government Course and is usually completed in about 10 months.

Boundary Stone for Homeschool Co-op

It’s worth mentioning that Boundary Stone offers bundles for co-op teachers. Most of you know that I appreciate learning together in homeschool groups or co-ops. This might be an excellent option to provide for your homeschool community if you are a homeschool group or co-op leader.

I definitely encourage you to take a serious look at Basic American Government from Boundary Stone. You can not complete this course without a solid foundation of knowledge for how our American Government was intended to work. You might even be more surprised at how far our country has deviated from our founding father’s original intent.

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They also offer an Economics Course that might be a good for for your homeschool teen. Visit Boundary Stone Today!

Boundary Stone


  1. Emily

    Thank you so much for introducing this curriculum and company to me! This is JUST what I am looking for for our homeschooling! I’m excited!!

    1. You are so welcome! It has been a wonderful and thorough Government course, and they also offer an economics course that is equally good. 😉

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