Purity Curriculum For Teens In A Sex Focused Culture

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Purity Curriculum For Teens In A Sex Focused Culture

Everywhere you turn, sex is in your face. Sadly, that is the current state of our culture. You can’t walk through the mall without seeing huge posters of practically nude models. Or watch a movie without some sexualization. Raising teens and pre-teens is hard enough without the oversexualized media choices. Purity curriculum in today’s society has to be unique because our teens are facing unique challenges. Our children are inundated with images and movies focused on sex almost daily. It’s inevitable.

Often, when we think of purity, we usually think of sex before marriage, but it goes so far beyond that. Purity for Christians also encompasses righteousness in what we choose to view, listen to, read, and more. Our teens live in a time where media is a large source of their entertainment. Movies are incredibly influential for teens and adults alike. As Christian parents, where do we tell our children to draw the line when it comes to what movies they choose to watch?

I recently heard about a new online course specifically for Christian teens, and their parents called Personal Purity Isn’t Enough: The Long-Forgotten Secret to Making Scriptural Entertainment Choices. It is eye-opening, to say the least, and I would recommend that you allow your teens to take this course if you are a Christian parent.

Purity Curriculum

Purity When It Comes To Movies

Have you ever thought about the correlation between how sexual scenes in movies are filmed, and how we as Christians are treating those actresses’, our neighbors?

Let me explain; we have always had a fairly strict rule in our house that we don’t watch films that include nudity. We believe in using caution and discernment when it comes to movies with sexual themes. I know many of you share similar viewpoints on that. However, what I hadn’t considered is how we are “supporting” some alarming practices in Hollywood when we purchase a ticket to movies or rent the video at home. Even if we choose to fast-forward past these inappropriate scenes.

Purity Curriculum

The Bible commands us to love our neighbor, and I had never considered any actor or actress on the big screen as my neighbor. We rarely put actors or celebrities into the context of our Biblical neighbor. But it’s a great place to begin as you learn how watching movies and television shows support particular behavior that is wrong on many levels during the filming process. The film industry exploits actresses for the benefit of the entertainment and consumers.

I chose to take the course Personal Purity Isn’t Enough alongside my teenage daughter initially to help teach her more about Biblical purity. But rather than teaching her, she and I learned so much together through this course.

If you think you know all there is to understand or teach your children about purity and discernment, think again. This purity curriculum was extremely informative in ways I never expected.

Purity Curriculum

What To Expect With This Purity Curriculum

  • The course is perfect for teens that are mature enough to discuss purity and cinema.
  • Each module from the purity curriculum begins with a video intro to the lesson to set the tone from the course author, Cap Stewart. Then you will listen to a concise audio lesson that will dig deeper by aligning Biblical truths with sexual themes in movies and how they are filmed or created.
  • You can also print the lecture if you prefer to read aloud with your teen student or have them read and follow along. I recommend printing it out so that you can also make notes as you study the Bible verses mentioned as well.
  • After that, you will read scriptures together that reinforce the lesson, along with questions to discuss. Lastly, you are assigned a film to watch. I enjoyed watching these movies together. It gave us a common reason to watch some movies neither of us had seen before. Then you can go back and watch Cap Stewart chat about the assigned film afterward.
  • The course is set-up in a way that humanizes the actresses and raises a lot of great questions. At the same time, Cap Stewart did a great job of making sure that all of your questions find answers and align with scripture; the further you follow the curriculum.
  • This course would be great for homeschool Bible study, high school students, small group studies, college-bound students, and family studies.

Purity Curriculum

What Will Your Student Learn About Purity?

Besides so many of the profound points I mentioned already, your student will learn to make better entertainment choices – bottom line. Rather than telling your children, “don’t watch this show because I said so.” Your children will learn how to make sure their movie and media choices pass the stumbling block test.

Your students will also learn why they should refuse to support material that backs sexual objectification. They will walk away with more tools to help them exercise wisdom in decision making. Not only that, but your teens will also get the opportunity to view multiple films that present sexual themes in the most tasteful ways possible. You are showing them examples of movies that can still be entertaining without sacrificing our moral standards.

Our kids will forever be consumers that engage with media, but we don’t want them becoming a consumer of our sex-focused culture. This course will better equip your teens with the skills they need to make good choices when it comes to choosing movies and media. I also encourage you to share this with your friends and help us get more tools like these into the hands of our Christian youth.

Visit Personal Purity Isn’t Enough: The Long-Forgotten Secret to Making Scriptural Entertainment Choices Here

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  1. Amy


    This link does not work. Where can we find this material?

    1. Hi Amy, Unfortunately the creator of the curriculum decided to stop offering the course. It was a product that I had reviewed, I do not offer the course. Thank you for stopping by, and let me know if I can help in any other way. Thank you!

  2. Kathy Henderson

    Hi I am a teacher for teen girls T church is there a curriculum about purity and sex that your recommended

    1. Hi there! A book that would be great for a Bible Study for older teen girls is Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free. You can find that one here: {aff} https://amzn.to/44lWIwW or Defined – Teen Girls’ Bible Study Book: Who God Says You Are {aff} https://amzn.to/3WiJdw1 And of course, there are a few geared toward middle school girls too, I am not sure the exact ages of your group, but I hope that gives you some ideas. Thank you for stopping by! – Courtney

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