devotions for teen boys

Devotions For Teen Boys That Will Help Him Not To Compromise

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Devotions For Teen Boys That Will Help Him Not To Compromise

As my son began to enter his teenage years, I noticed that a naïve, yet invincible, attitude began to surface. I began to witness what was once a cute childlike role-playing activity in which my son was always the superhero defeating the bad guy had quickly transformed into a more concerning attitude of ‘nothing bad will ever happen to me.’ I was burdened by this naïve attitude of invincibility being displayed in his heart toward others as a young teenager.

As much as I wanted to warn him of the dangers that I could potentially see in his future, I found that his yearning for independence caused my well-intended advice to not be received as often as it once was. When my son was a boy and until he was a young teen, he and I would sit and talk almost every evening about his day, his struggles, and his dreams. At that time, I was able to take the opportunity to share my heart with him, speak truth, and encourage him.

Devotions for Teen Boys

Finding A Way To Stay Connected With My Teenage Son

Once he became a teenager, his life became busier and those talks happened less often. Having encountered these time constraints upon his busy teenage life and this newly found yearning for independence, I had to find other ways to take opportunities to speak truth into his heart. I began writing the book, My Son, If You Accept My Words. This book has given me an opportunity to speak to my son’s heart in his own timing, when he is receptive, and when he not only has the time to read, but also when he has the desire to truly ‘listen.’ In this book, I share the importance of guarding one’s own heart so that while pursuing a young man’s dream, he will not find himself later in life like Solomon compromising the truths of God’s Word. It has been a joy to listen to my son come to me and share the truths that have touched and spoken to his heart after he has completed each chapter.

Initially, I wrote My Son, If You Accept My Words for my son and for him alone. As I began writing, the Lord burdened my heart for the many other young men who are striving to be independent, yet they do not have the life experiences to make wise decisions without godly counsel. I have been led to make My Son, If You Accept My Words available to anyone who is seeking a resource for young men to study God’s Word and see the practical application of His Word in their own lives, which will hopefully help equip them to make wise decisions for their future.

May the Lord use My Son, If You Accept My Words to open the hearts and eyes of our young men to their calling to be leaders, warriors, and servants. May each young man see the need in his own life to “be…therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). It is my prayer that every young man that chooses to read this book will read it as though his own mother is speaking to him.

Practical Ideas for How You Can Use the Book at Home

  • Daily devotions for teen boys.
  • Bible study time with mom and son.
  • Poetry tea time reading with your sons.
  • Gift your son the book to read alone in quiet time with the Lord.
  • Perfect for reading on a trip, over the summer, or as an assigned homeschool read.

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By Sondra Lee

About the author
Sondra Lee is a homeschooling mother of two children. She has been blessed with the opportunity to lead a Bible devotion for the ladies in her homeschool group each month. Prior to leading these devotions, she wrote devotions for their newsletter and for sharing on social media. Lee attained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Georgia. She currently lives in Monroe, Georgia.

devotions for teen boys

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